44 Brilliant Old-Fashioned Gifts People Used To Give That We Should Bring Back

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Ah, the good old days: when shopping meant choosing between two or maybe three products and almost always returning home with a quality gadget. Competition and technological advances have given shoppers way more choices, but sometimes you crave brilliant old-fashioned gifts people used to give that we should bring back.

Classic devices, beauty products, accessories, and self-care products that have stood the test of time provide a certain level of comfort. After all, if a popular multi-purpose lip balm that smells like roses and comes in a charming tin worked wonders for your grandma, there's little doubt it will do the same for you. But this list doesn't just include old-fashioned items that will stoke your sense of nostalgia — every product on this list stands alone as effective, interesting, and one of the absolute best products in its category.

On this list, you'll find everything from a sweet tea set (with a modern nestling design) to spiffy tie clips, a vintage turntable for all of those records you own, and a cold cream balm that has been hydrating dry skin since 1926. Take a trip down memory lane, but also feel confident that everything you purchase has real-time benefits.

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