44 Clever Inventions On Amazon That Would Make Inspector Gadget Jealous

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Good old Inspector Gadget. Has there ever been a cooler guy in an overcoat? Truly ahead of his time, the zany '80s cartoon character was always coming up with ridiculously futuristic gadgets and bizarre technical gizmos to help him in his crime-busting capers.

At the time, however, he couldn’t have predicted that half of the things he was inventing would one day become part of everyday life. Yet loads of the clever inventions on Amazon originated in Inspector Gadget’s cool lab. Beyond that, some of the most basic technology of our era was first thought up by the quirky police investigator — things like laptops, Bluetooth, and smartwatches. Even Siri was an idea previously put forth by the forward-thinking Inspector Gadget.

Yet even being as brilliant as he was, there were plenty of things we have today that the Gadget didn’t think of. Things like remote-control doorbells, tactical hair clips, voice-controlled light bulbs, or umbrellas with flashlights in the base. Many of these products would have made our favorite inspector absolutely green with envy. I mean, can you imagine what he would have done with a pen that worked as a secret voice recorder, or a paracord bracelet equipped with flints and a compass? The internet is overflowing with brilliant products on Amazon like these that would make him jealous beyond belief.

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