44 Things That Are Super Popular On Amazon Because They Make People Feel Better

Whenever you're trying to get through a bad day, having soothing items around to boost your spirits can make all the difference in the world. I mean, let's face it: When your wellness isn't given the proper attention, it can send your whole world out of whack. Thanks to the internet, it's now easier than ever to research and access comforting and popular Amazon products that'll help you feel better. They're the things you'll want to reach for when you need a pick-me-up.

Whether you're overwhelmed, achy, or tired, there are products out there that'll make a big difference in your mood. To help you sift through the internet, I've complied a list of items that are totally dedicated to self-care. And just so you know, it has a little bit of everything (from a massage roller that'll knead tired muscles to a plant-growing kit that'll bring new life into your home). There's also a loose leaf tea set that'll bring peace to your mornings, along with a weighted blanket that'll keep you feeling snug.

Finding ways to incorporate feel-good products into your daily routine is key — and no matter what your mood is, these super popular products are sure to make you feel better.


This Soothing Ice Roller For Your Face And Eyes

This ice roller will make your face and eyes feel totally refreshed. After freezing the roller, it can be used as a daily calming tool — but it can also relax skin that has been irritated by the sun. Thanks to its icy touch, it can even help rejuvenate tired eyes while removing unwanted puffiness.


The Aromatherapy Diffuser That Comes With 10 Essential Oils

Bring peace, zen, and great scents to your home or office using this aromatherapy diffuser and essential oil set. It comes as a bundle with 10 different oils that'll relax your mind, body, and soul — and it features 14 different light combinations that you can fully customize to your liking. The timer settings and automatic shut-off function are much-needed safety features that'll provide additional comfort.


These Activated Charcoal Sponges For Your Shower

You'll immediately feel refreshed as you exfoliate with these activated bamboo charcoal sponges. They're organic and hypoallergenic, which makes them useful for sensitive skin types. The chemical-free selections expand when they're wet and can be hung in your shower for easy access whenever you need them.


A Personal Coffee Maker That Comes With A Travel Mug

You can make personal beverages with the help of this one-person coffee maker. It features a permanent filter — which eliminates the use of paper filters — and comes with a well-insulated travel mug that's sized to accommodate most cup holders. Perfect for anyone who's constantly running around, this device is easy to set up and transport. All you have to is plug it in and start using it.


This Heating Pad That's Large Enough To Cover More Body Parts

You can relieve pain and sore muscles with this oversized electric heating pad. The device heats up within seconds, and it's made with soft fibers that help comfort your body with the coziest touch. It also features three temperature controls so you can relax in the ambiance of your desired settings.


The Foot Cream That Soothes And Heals Rough, Dry Feet

Soothe and repair cracked heels and feet with this healing foot cream. Perfect for use at bedtime and after showering, it works to create a protective layer to trap and retain moisture to soften and rejuvenate dry skin. Reviewers have written that it's quite miraculous, working to reveal softer soles in just days.


This Wearable Acupressure Device That Helps Relieve Headaches

Combat tension, headaches, and migraines with this wearable acupressure device. It works by placing pressure on the LI4 acupressure point on your hand to manage certain pains, per the brand. This product comes in a pack of two, and it's a great holistic alternative to traditional medicine.


These Curtain String Lights That Bring Calmness To Your Home

These twinkle star curtain string lights will transform your home in an instant. They come with eight different settings and work by plugging directly into your power outlet. Their waterproof design makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use — and they're super calming.


A Cold Massage Roller That Soothes Tired, Achy Muscles

Relieve pain and encourage post-workout muscle recovery with this cold massage roller. It reduces inflammation while simultaneously improving blood circulation and flexibility. Great for everyday use, the device's metal roller ball can be removed from the base and placed in the freezer — and it's designed to stay cold for up to six hours at a time.


This Organic Coconut Oil That Has Tons Of Uses

Great for skin, hair, and nails, this organic fractionated coconut oil can help moisturize and nourish dry skin. It's lightweight, mild, and all-natural — and it can be mixed with essential oils. And thanks to its non-greasy formula, it can be absorbed on contact.


A Handheld Massager That Brings Relief To Different Body Parts

Give yourself a deep-tissue massage in the comfort of your own home with this powerful handheld massager. The therapeutic tool is designed with three intensity levels and attachments to recreate different massage styles. It also helps relieves stress and improve blood circulation.


These Scented Candles That Are Made To Remind You Of Home

Never feel homesick again with these scented candles that were made to honor your home base. With various scents named after each state (all 50 of them), these candles have the ability to burn for up to 80 hours each. Each option was also hand-poured and made with natural soy wax.


A Glowing Alarm Clock That Simulates The Sunrise

Wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed with this sunrise simulation alarm clock. The device is user-friendly and features a gentle light that gradually increases before the alarm goes off (just like the sun). The large LED time display optimizes readability while a built-in USB port lets you charge your phone as you sleep.


This Intricate Adult Coloring Book Set That Will Help You Relax

Bring calming creativity to your world with this pack of adult coloring books. The set features more than 100 images of animals, shapes, and sceneries on thick, bleed-proof paper that can handle crayons, markers, pens, and more. While purchasing this set, you'll also receive access to the company's coloring club that'll give you weekly bonus coloring sheets.


These Face Masks That Are Infused With Aloe And Cucumber

Treat your skin to soothing moments with these aloe sheet masks. Backed with cooling cucumber extracts, this formula can calm, restore, and heal skin that has been overexposed to elements (such as the sun and wind). To use one of them, simply unfold a single sheet and gently spread it over your face for 10 to 20 minutes. Then, remove the mask when the serum is fully absorbed.


A Lamp That Mimics The Sun's Rays To Help Boost Your Mood

Whether you're experiencing darker seasons or windowless office spaces, this light therapy lamp will help boost your mood. Designed to mimic a sunny day, it shines natural-looking light to make you feel more focused and positive. It's safe and UV-free, and it can adjust to three different brightness levels to suit your needs.


This Rose Quartz Roller Set That Vibrates To Massage Your Skin

This vibrating facial roller and massager set features two genuine rose quartz attachments that work together to smooth and soothe tired skin. The larger roller tool features a long handle and gently strokes the face to stimulate circulation and relaxation, while the accompanying under-eye press can be held firmly agains the skin to eliminate unwanted puffiness while minimizing the appearance of dark shadows.


The Hyaluronic Acid That Adds Moisture To Your Complexion

Moisturize and renew your complexion by using this hyaluronic acid serum. The formula is designed to boost collagen production while simultaneously hydrating your skin with every application. According to the brand, it's safe for all skin types and currently boasts over 1,300 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A Shampoo Brush That Cleanses And Massages Your Scalp

Give yourself an awesome scalp massage with this easy-to-use shampoo brush. Made with silicone bristles, it helps deep-clean your scalp while stimulating increasing blood flow to that area — and it's ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The tool is available in three color selections, and it's a great addition to any shampoo routine.


This Small Tool That Massages Your Hands And Fingers

This finger massager works to increase circulation and soothe joint pain. It has dual-action massagers: One side features two rollers that apply pressure to individual fingers, while the other has a roller that massages your hands. There's also a guide included that offers tips and exercises that you can follow.


A Roll-On Essential Oil Stick That Helps Prevent Headaches

Sized to fit in your pocket, this migraine roll-on stick stops headaches in their tracks. It's formulated with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils in conjunction with fractionated coconut oil. You can place it on your temples, forehead, or the back of neck when you feel a headache coming on.


This Box Of Organic Loose Leaf Tea Drops That Dissolve In Hot Water

Tea lovers are sure to find comfort in this box of uniquely shaped loose leaf tea pods. It comes with eight organic tea drops that'll dissolve in your cup — and there are four flavors total (which include raw sugar). This kit is super simple to use and even comes in a party pack with individually wrapped drops.


A Water-Resistant Portable Speaker With Over 45,000 Reviews

Unwind to the sound of your favorite tunes with this portable Bluetooth speaker. It features a 100-foot Bluetooth range and comes with enhanced bass and volume features for quality sound projection. Great for relaxing by the pool or in the bath or shower, this speaker is durable enough to resist sprays and splashes of moisture without causing major damage.


This Natural Magnesium Oil With Calming Properties

Bring peace to your mind, body, and soul with this natural, elemental magnesium oil, which boasts a ton of helpful uses. By spritzing some onto your skin, you'll be able to aid pain and discomfort on contact. It'll also help you relax you and achieve a deeper sleep every night, all while relieving stress.


The Contoured Sleep Mask That's Made With Memory Foam

Block out unwanted light and distractions with this contoured sleep mask. Made with memory foam and a comfortable elastic band, it fits around your head and face snugly and comfortably. The rounded edge does a great job at achieving total darkness, and it also relieves the feeling of pressure on your eyes as you rest.


An Acupressure Mat That Alleviates Tension And Stress

You should feel an immediate reduction in tension while relaxing on this acupressure mat and pillow set. It's designed with thousands of acupressure points to help relieve pain and improve your overall blood circulation. Lined with thick cotton and filled with eco-foam, this duo comes in an assortment of colors for your liking.


This Heating Pad That's Made To Warm Up Your Chilly Feet

Made of cozy flannel, this large heating pad is meant to warm up your chilly feet with an enclosed pouch — and it's great to use while lounging on your sofa or bed. Three different heating levels allow you to adjust the unit to your desired level of comfort, and it has the ability to heat up in just seconds.


A Back Scratcher That Can Handle Hard-To-Reach Places

Put annoying, hard-to-reach itches to a halt with this flexible back scratcher. Using it will provide you with automatic relief, and it can also pull double-duty as an exfoliator for your skin. This tool features two easy-grip handles to help you reach those tough spots, and it's compact enough to take with you when you travel.


This RFID-Blocking Wallet That's Made With Vegan Leather

Give yourself a peace of mind while traveling with this RFID-blocking wallet, which is constructed with vegan leather. It features 18 card slots along with two zippered pockets for cash and other items. It also comes in over 40 different colors (seriously), so you have tons of shades to choose from.


A Drawing Board That Lets You Create Peaceful Images

Practice the art of relaxation and painting with the help of this Buddah Board. It's super easy to set up and use: Simply fill the stand with water and use the included bamboo brush to create different drawings that'll evaporate within minutes. When the slate is clean, you can start again.


These Amber Light Bulbs That Are Filled With Himalayan Salt

Having a soothing ambiance can make all the difference in the world, which is why these Himalayan salt light bulbs a great additions to any home or office. The energy-saving LED lights are filled with salt chunks, and they work with all types of fixtures. When lit, they give off an amber glow that's sure to bring inner peace and comfort to your space.


An Aromatherapy Lotion With Eucalyptus And Spearmint Scents

Allow your senses to take control with this aromatherapy stress relief lotion from Bath & Body Works. It's formulated with the scent of eucalyptus and spearmint to relax and calm your mind whenever it's applied. The product comes in a 6.5-ounce bottle, and it's also a great moisturizer for your skin.


A Plant-Growing Kit That Will Bring New Life To Your Home

Easily grow your own indoor plants with this cactus and succulent starter kit. It comes with four seed packets, four burlap pots, four potting soil discs, a pair of shears, four bamboo plant markers, and a gift box that doubles as an indoor planter pot. The whole set is will help you bring calming plant life into your dwelling space.


The Gel Separates That Stretch Your Toes While Relieving Pain

Relieve tired, achy feet with this gel toe separator and stretcher set. The package offers a pair of stretchers that are made from BPA-free gel, and they feature gem-like accents between each toe. Each structure is designed to soothe the soreness from bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, and other pains.


This Memory Foam Seat Cushion That's Lined With Cooling Gel

Made with high-density memory foam and a gel lining, this seat cushion is designed to reduce pressure on your tailbone while providing cool relief. It comes with a washable velour cover that has a nonslip bottom — and the entire cushion helps improve posture and overall comfort. Designed with a convenient handle, the portable pillow is great for your office, car, or home.


A Weighted Blanket That Will Comfort You Throughout The Night

Get the gentle feeling of being hugged with this weighted blanket. Made from soft, natural cotton, it's both breathable and heavy. The blanket comes in various colors and weights to suit personal preferences for anyone who's looking for extra comfort as they relax.


These Organic Lip Balms That Come In Flavors Like Beeswax And Vanilla

Keep your lips soft and smooth with this pack of organic lip balms. The kit features six different flavors (like Beeswax, Mint Burst, and Citrus), and each of which is free of parabens and phthalates. They've never been tested on animals, and they're all small enough to fit into your bag or pocket. One Amazon customer wrote, "Love them. Smooth and great flavors."


A Meme-Inspired Party Game That Will Keep You Laughing For Hours

They say laughter is good for the soul, and this party game will certainly help you with that. To play, you compete with your friends and family to create hilarious memes until one person is eventually crowned as the winner. This one's strictly for the adults — but it's still a great time.


A Portable Charger That Has You Covered While You're Traveling

In my opinion, having an uncharged phone is one of the most annoying inconveniences. Thank goodness this portable battery charger is here to change that. It's small enough to fit in your bag or pocket, and it features a built-in flashlight that would be extremely helpful in case of an emergency. Plus, a micro USB cable is included with the purchase so you can charge the unit as needed.


This Set Of Reusable Cotton Bags For Food Shopping

These reusable cotton bags come in a set of five, and they're strong, durable, and designed to carry up to 40 pounds each. Made to be easily tossed in the washer, these eco-friendly bags come in a variety of colors and can easily be carried in your purse on your way to the grocery store.


The Set Of Dice That Helps Mix Up Your Yoga Sessions

You can mix up your fitness routine with this fun set of Yoga Dice. In just a few rolls, you'll find new potential pose combinations that'll prevent your daily yoga sessions from becoming redundant. The set currently has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon — and one person wrote, "These little dice are great when you need a little variety and are getting tired of doing the same old routine."


A White Noise Machine With 24 Different Sound Settings

Tune out distracting background sound and soothe your mind with this white noise machine. It gives you 24 modes to choose from — including white noises and nature clips — all while helping you get a restful sleep every night. The subtle light also provides easy vision, and the whole device is small enough to fit into your bag for easy overnight travel.


These WiFi Smart Plugs That You Can Activate With Your Voice

You can control your devices from practically anywhere in the world with these WiFi smart plugs. They're made to easily pair with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice activation, but they can also be set on a schedule and altered by using a specific phone app. That way, you never have to walk into a dark house again.


The Bamboo Blanket That Keeps You Cool At Night

This blanket is ideal for hot sleepers, because it's made with bamboo microfiber to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. The soft, yet thin fabric comes in an array of colors — and you can choose between two different sizes.

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