45 Genius Problem-Solvers On Amazon For Anyone Who Feels Like A Mess

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For, me, laundry detergent can be a big problem. The powdered kind tends to get over everything, and the liquid kind dribbles all over the bottle every time you pour. And while pods are less mess, the jugs they come in are still pretty bulky, which is a pain if I have to lug it to the laundromat. Enter laundry strips — they're paper-thin and involve zero mess. (A true victory.) Those laundry strips are just one of the brilliant problem-solving products on Amazon that I'm about to introduce you to.

All of these clever little inventions are designed to make life feel a little less messy and chaotic. I mean, you probably already have enough on your plate just keeping up with work, family, friends, and figuring out what to cook for your next meal. (Hey — it's fine if you end up ordering pizza again.) And finding products that help streamline the rest of your life is necessary, so you can concentrate on the important stuff (the aforementioned work, family, friends, and pizza).

So if you're at your wit's end juggling messy laundry detergent and your mother's umpteenth phone call of the day, scroll through for genius products that'll make it feel like you've got your life together.

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