46 Fun Products On Amazon Prime Under-$11


Let's face it: lately, things have been pretty meh lately. Tense. Overwhelming. So given all the stress afoot in today's world, isn't it about time you treated yourself? Yep. And you can do so without breaking the bank, too — if you indulge in these fun products on Amazon Prime under $11.

Yes, the products on this list are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face — take this tea infuser that's llama-shaped, for example. If you enjoy a brisk cup, why not add a whimsical animal to your tea service? And he's functional, too: that little guy provides darn good water circulation to give you the perfect cup every time.

Like the llama, you'll also find offbeat solutions to spark joy within your daily routine — or you'll find more affordable versions of well-known, best-selling products like this spiralizer that comes in for under $10, and practically begs for you to work more veggies into your everyday meals.

All told, you could buy everything on this list for about what it would cost to score two pairs of high-end designer denims. Which is better retail therapy, a big haul, or a pair of jeans? In the words of my personal guide to life, Iris Apfel, "More is more, and less is a bore." Go forth and shop, y'all!


The Cable Biters That Protect Your Electronics Cables From Wear

A whole cornucopia of these colorful critters just stands at the ready to protect your expensive charging cables from undue wear and tear. Made from durable PVC, the animals slip on over the cable, then slide up to grab on to the edge of the device, providing the cable with reinforcement at the stress point. An entire zoo is available (including pandas, lions, turtles, and more), including eight different four-pack selections up for the choosing.


These Squeeze Bottles Mean You Can Take Your Favorite Dressings — And Much More — With You On The Go

TSA-compliant and made from 100 percent food-grade, BPA-free silicone, these squeeze bottles are perfect for salad dressings and other condiments, but are also excellent for repurposing into your toiletries kit to carry shampoo, body wash and other liquids. With leak-proof valves, you won't find goo all over your handbag, carry-on, or lunch bag, but the spout also squirts out just the right amount of unguent — whether it's for your salad or your hair!


This Party Game Combines Wacky Rules With Zany Commands In An Icebreaker That's Just North Of NSFW

Everybody loves a good party game — and this one adds bizarre challenges and nonsensical sabotages to the traditional rules of Go Fish to create a wickedly fun experience. Suitable for up to six players, all of whom are strongly recommended to bring their sense of humor to the game, it's slightly naughty and oh-so-fun. Expansion packs are available, too, once you've worked through the basic deck.


Is That A Llama In Your Teacup, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

What could be better than a proud mammal to stand at attention while steeping your tea? This llama tea infuser is made from food-safe, BPA-free silicone — and designed by the creatives at Fred & Friends. Fill your llama with the loose tea of your choice, then leave him to steep as desired. One complete, simply discard the tea leaves, and this llama — unlike his counterpart out in the barn — is dishwasher-safe.


This Charcoal Mask Peels Off And Takes All Your Skin's Impurities Right Along With It

Charcoal is everywhere right now, and for good reason: It's a great natural detoxifier, and this mask is no exception. It extracts impurities and removes toxins from deep in the skin — and is also enriched with natural botanical extracts to moisturize and improve circulation. Peel it off, and dead skin is removed, leaving behind a glowing complexion free from excess oils and dirt.


The Cute Little Dip Bowls That Are Fun For Party Time And Anytime

Options are always good, and these clip-on bowls give you the option to feast on different sauces and dips with your meal or with appetizers — without just letting it slosh around all over your plate. Each holds 1/3 of a cup, and with a set of eight, they're perfect for entertaining, too.


This Little Holder Is A Cheap And Cheerful Way To Accessorize Your Phone

If you're not familiar with this phone accessory, get ready — because when you've seen the PopSocket once, you'll suddenly start seeing them everywhere. The gadget attaches simply and easily to the back of your device with a gummy adhesive that does allow for repositioning; once on, it gives you a good grip on your phone, while also serving as a great little hands-free stand for viewing in either landscape or portrait mode. Bonus: There are SO MANY designs available. Basically, if you can think it, you can find it on a PopSocket.


The Grip Strengtheners That Also Help Relieve Stress And Anxiety

For anyone with hand strength deficiencies or burdened by arthritis or other troubling diseases, these grip strengtheners provide a terrific workout — but they're also great for fidgeters and they make great stress balls, too. Crafted from BPA- and latex-free rubber, they're durable and provide progressive resistance for working your grip to build joint, tendon, and muscle strength.


These Molds Add A Little Fun To Your Morning By Producing Emoji Pancakes

Crafted from 100 percent food-grade silicone that's BPA-free and heat-resistant, these emoji molds not only make delightfully funny pancakes, but you can also use them to whip up a smiley emoji fried egg, as well. They're so versatile that you can even use them as a cookie cutter for rolled-dough cookies. Non-stick and flexible, they're also easy to clean, since they're top-rack dishwasher-safe.


This Ergonomic Massager Is An Inexpensive Way To Relieve Foot Pain

Foot pain can ruin your whole day — whether you're an elite athlete or just working in a job that keeps you on your feet all day or night. Tell that pain goodbye with this foot roller that's designed to conform to the arch of the foot, thus providing more effective pain relief. Approximately the size of a smartphone, it leverages the principles of reflexology with nubs to stimulate acupressure points to soothe pain and boost circulation.


The Inexpensive Tool That Takes Your Cake And Cookie Decoration Game Up To A Whole New Level

You, too, can ace your cakes or look like one smart cookie with this dessert decorating kit. The easy-to-use trigger design makes creating beautiful designs including stars, flowers, rosettes, and more both fast and simple. The set comes with four decorating tips, a fill tip, and two couplers, and it's also suitable for use with most other standard Wilton tips.


The Backscratcher That's So Good You'll Be Glad You're Getting Five Of Them

Get that itch that's right in the middle of your back with this pack of backscratchers that's so good you can't just have one. The stainless steel bear claw extends out up to 22 inches to get just the right spot, then folds back down to a compact 8 inches to throw in your backpack or glove compartment. It's fitted with a curved grip for easy handling, too.


The Silicone Egg Cups That Make Poaching A Breeze

Poaching eggs can be a big mess, but not with these brilliant cups: They make brunch a cinch and turn out neatly poached eggs every time. Made from heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone, these cups hold the egg upright in the water, and, when sprayed with oil beforehand, the egg will slide right out when done. They're suitable for use in the InstantPot, too, as well as in the microwave.


These Booties Deliver An Exfoliating Treatment That's Completely Hands-Off

Say goodbye to dry, chapped heels with these booties that are filled with a unique foot cream: wear them while you're relaxing on the couch, then wait a few days. The dead skin of your heels will start to peel off, revealing the soft skin underneath. Made without salicylic acid and other harsh ingredients, this peel is gentle yet effective, and a terrific way to keep your feet healthy and looking fresh.


This Inflatable Ice Bar Can Make An Elegant Table Inside Or Out

Perfect for tailgates, picnics, and poolside, as well as indoor events like buffets or open houses, this inflatable cold bar keeps food and beverages on ice wherever it's needed. Simply inflate, fill with ice, and serve — no need to worry about leaks — and when the party's over, it collapses down quickly to for easy storage. "Perfectly perfect," says one reviewer, who gives it five stars. It can even float in the pool.


A Genius Scalp Massager That Stimulates Circulation And Provides A Relaxing Feeling

Cats love these, too — but your cat may not get much time with this massager after you've felt the magic it works on your scalp. Made with durable stainless steel wires capped with acrylic beads, use a plunging motion to move the wires along the scalp and produce a circulation-boosting massage that's deeply relaxing. Suitable for any head size, it's great for use before turning in for the night, and a terrific stress reliever.


These Bath Bombs Provide A Luxurious, Relaxing Escape For Less

Bath bombs are super-hot right now — and this sampler is packed with six special aromatherapeutic blends, each formulated to deliver a unique bathing experience. Crafted with Epsom and Dead Sea salts to whisk away toxins as well as natural clays packed with nutrient-rich minerals, they fizz away the stress and leave behind cleansed and moisturized skin. The varieties include "wellness," and "zen" to provide different experiences, but all have virgin shea butter and vitamin E.


A Set Of Silicone Molds That's So Versatile, You'll Be Making Everything From Ice To Candies To Soap

Candies, soaps, muffins, ice cubes — the things you can make with these molds are practically limitless. Crafted from 100 percent food-grade silicone that's BPA- and PVC-free, the glory is in the fine details each incorporates: like the fish scales or the tentacles on the squid. Ultra-durable, the molds are also microwave-, oven-, and freezer-safe, and easy to clean, too — just throw in the dishwasher!.


The Slicer That Turns Veggies Of All Kinds Into Fun-To-Eat Noodles

Enjoy pasta made from zucchinis, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, and so much more, thanks to this spiralizer that's the granddaddy of them all. This device functions essentially like an oversized pencil sharpener, so it's easy to use — plus, it's engineered with heat-treated stainless steel handles, making it durable, dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean. It comes with a vegetable peeler, a cleaning brush, and a recipe book to get your imagination going.


This Facial Scrubber Is Affordable And Effective

While brushes like this are typically $50 or more, this facial brush is much less — but it's still made with medical-grade silicone that's naturally antibacterial. It also provides a gentle face cleaning, exfoliation, and massage, with five cleaning intensities to suit your needs and preferences. Rechargeable via USB cable, its small size and light weight make it the ideal travel companion, too.


An Earbud Holder That Solves The Problem Of Those Tangled Wires

The solution for tangled, twisted earbud wires is simple: It's this holder, made of premium-quality, durable silicone. It stores your earbuds in the interior pocket, allowing you to wrap the cord around the case with ease. Then, simply flip the lip down over the cord, and your earbuds are stored securely — with no chance of any cord tangling. It's available in six colors, too.


The K-Beauty Mask That Uses Bubbles To Detox Your Skin

Enjoy the effervescent, revitalizing cleansing that only a carbonated clay mask can deliver. Formulated with kaolin clay and carbonic acid, it foams as you spread it on your skin, completely engulfing your face in bubbles after three to five minutes to exfoliate and deep clean. Post-treatment, skin is glowing and fresh — with boosted circulation thanks to this unique bubble mask.


The Innovative Ramen Cooker You Can Put In The Microwave

Get delicious ramen in half the time with these cookers that eliminate the hassle — and enable you to go straight from microwave to table. They feature a patented reservoir design that ensures even heat distribution. BPA-free and easy to remove from the microwave, one reviewer raves: "Sturdy, easy to use, and just the right size for heating up all kinds of things in the microwave, including leftover pasta, tofu, rice, oatmeal, lasagna, soups...a lot of foods easily fit in this bowl and the serving size is just right."


The Headband That Adds A Little Fun Into Your Beauty Routine

Inject a little note of whimsy into your beauty routine with this hair band and its cute cat ears. The thick terrycloth band holds back your hair and keeps it securely away from your face during makeup application, while showering, as you apply a sheet mask — anytime you need it out of your face. An elastic band makes it suitable for most head sizes.


The Razors You'll Wonder How You Got Along Without

I discovered these razors thanks to a Bustle colleague and I legit have not been without them since. They're classified as eyebrow razors, and they're indeed the perfect tool for maintaining your brows in between trips to the salon — and a big money-saver, too, since they can really extend the time between waxing or a salon visit. My secret, though, is that I use them to get rid of the unwanted peach fuzz wherever it grows on my face — which works as a microdermabrasion treatment, so makeup goes on smoother and products sink in much more quickly.


A Foot Massager That Gives You A Good Scrub While You Shower

Hop in the shower for a soothing, exfoliating massage from this foot scrubber at the end of a long day. With more than 1,000 flexible bristles in varying lengths, they clean all the hard-to-reach areas between your toes and around your heels — all while delivering a relaxing spa-like treatment that boosts circulation and releases stress. Made from premium PVC, the scrubber attaches to your bathing surface with non-slip suction cups for safety.


These Cute Little Guys Will Really Give You A Hand In The Kitchen

Made from FDA-approved silicone, these kitchen accessories serve so many purposes. Sure, they can lift the edge of a pot to prevent boil-overs, but they also can serve as stands for chopsticks, and can even hold your smartphone in either landscape or portrait mode for hands-free viewing. With a set of six, you'll find a use for them in every room of the house.


A Stress Reliever That's Also Incredibly Cute

If you're looking for something to keep your wandering digits active, how about this keychain that's shaped like a pod of edamame, and features a cute little bean peeking out whenever you squeeze. Attach to a lanyard, a backpack, or, of course, your key ring — and give the other two to your fiddliest friends.


This Wall-Mounted Magnetic Holder Keeps Keys Where You Can Find Them

If you're looking for something to keep your wandering digits active, how about this keychain that's shaped like a pod of edamame, and features a cute little bean peeking out whenever you squeeze. Attach to a lanyard, a backpack, or, of course, your key ring — and give the other two to your fiddliest friends.


A Pair Of Gloves For Cleaning Everything You Can Get Your Hands On

Safe on any surface, these gloves are crafted from a microfiber that traps dirt, dust, allergens and pet hair like a magnet, making them great for so many uses inside. Scratch- and lint-free, they're also incredible for industrial-type cleaning, including both the inside and outside cars and trucks: Basically, these gloves excel at shiny surfaces like chrome and glass to keep them lint-, scratch, and swirl-free.


The Kitchen Tool That Will Make Getting To Your Avocado Toast Easier

This is the best, simplest, all-in-one avocado tool on the market today. It's actually four tools in one: The safety blade cuts through the skin, and can also be used to slice or cube the flesh of the fruit. The unique pitting tool enables you to grab the pit safely with its teeth, twist to agitate, then remove. The scoop then allows you to remove the flesh once you've sliced or cubed it. It cleans easily, too: It's top-rack dishwasher-safe.


A Hot/Cold Mask That Provides The Ultimate In Relaxation

Versatile and convenient, this eye mask is filled with gel beads that can be either heated in the microwave or put in the freezer and chilled. Warm, it can be used to assuage dry eyes, to open pores before a beauty treatment, to relieve anxiety, and as a precursor to a good night's sleep. Cold application can assist in naturally shrinking pores, calming acne-prone skin, and relieving migraines and other headaches.


These Kitchen Cutters Make All Kinds Of Food So Cute

Here's one instance where playing with your food is totally encouraged: These cutters make all kinds of foods, from vegetables to cheeses, so much cuter and more appetizing. Naturally, cutting crudité into various shapes is a great party trick to have up your sleeve, but making one regular-sized PB&J sandwich into several stars makes them go down much faster.


The Moisturizing Gloves That Will Smooth And Hydrate Your Hands

These masks are a great way to pamper your hands — because spa night doesn't have to be all about deep-conditioning your hair or painting your nails. The collagen-based, amino-acid nourishment is packed into the gloves — just put them on and massage the product into your hands. Wear them for 20 to 30 minutes, then remove and pat off the excess. Your hands will be soft and smooth, with skin that's hydrated, nourished, and moisturized.


This Water Bottle Has A Fruit-Infusing Core Built Right In

Amp up your hydration routine with this water bottle that features an infusion basket — so you can flavor your water with delicious fruits or herbs. It's durable, shatterproof, and completely BPA-free, with silicone seals and a click-lock lid to ensure a leak-proof experience. The dual removable lid system makes cleaning and filling the bottle super easy, and it's perfect for use on-the-go, with its convenient carrying handle and ergonomic design that fits most car cup holders.


This Australian Cure-All Is A Secret Of Supermodels

Thanks to Amazon Prime, this popular miracle cream from Australia — that's certainly a trade secret of Aussie supermodels — can be at your door the day after tomorrow. This ointment works on everything from bruises and burns to pimples, mosquito bites, and hemorrhoids. Basically, if it's on your skin and it's bothering you, try smearing some of this on the troubled spots: it's made with gentle papaya extracts.


A Set Of Resistance Bands Can Make All The Difference When You're Working Out On The Go

Add 30 minutes and four latex bands into your home workout — and you have an unparalleled full body workout anywhere. This resistance band set is made from eco-friendly latex that's ultra-durable, and the bands vary in the amount of resistance offered, so you can customize your workout to your ability. Perfect for hitting the road, they pack easily in the included mini storage and travel bag, so they're ready to go when you are.


This Frother Will Whisk You Right Through Coffee Beverages, Cocktail Hour, And Desserts

Beat your local barista at their own game and save some money with this handheld frother. Battery operated, it turns cream or milk into frothy foam in just seconds, great for making your favorite coffee or designer tea drinks at home. Amaze your friends at cocktail hour, too, with fancy frothed cocktails like a gin fizz or a pisco sour.


A Banana Slicer That Has Thousands Of Reviews

With over 5,700 reviews, why don't you have this banana slicer already? It's fun, you're not going to lop your finger off with this plastic gadget, and you're going to get nice, even slices — which will look equally harmonious atop an ice cream sundae or on your bowl of granola. I know which one I'm pulling for.


A Planner That Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Plan and accomplish all your daily tasks with this productivity journal. Each day's entry includes space for your top three tasks, plus, you'll have the opportunity to craft a daily affirmation for yourself — and jot down a list of to-dos. Interspersed throughout the book are motivational quotes to keep you going, and serve as guideposts along the way.


The Pitcher That Easily And Quickly Portions Perfect Pancakes And Muffins

Be like Goldilocks and get your muffin and pancake measurements just right with this pitcher dispenser that features a squeeze handle to give you one-handed control over the perfect pour. Cakes, crepes, waffles — any battered food is fair game for this dispenser that's constructed from sturdy plastic, and clearly marked with both cup and milliliter measurements.


The Kit That Turns Any Small Fresh Citrus Into A Refreshing Spritzer For Your Food

Why get messy when you need lemon, lime, or orange juice for a recipe when you could use this sprayer set instead? Simply insert one of the green nozzles into your citrus fruit of choice (thin-skinned fruits recommended), twist slightly, and then squirt to your heart's content. Wonderful for dressing salads, fish, chicken, and much more. A few squirts in your water or cocktail will also be a great hit. Need more juice? Use the stainless steel reamer and you'll be sorted in a hurry.


A Facial Mister That's A Great Size To Keep With You All The Time

For staying cool on a hot day or keeping your skin hydrated in the harsh dryness of winter, there's nothing better than a facial mister. This handy portable mister charges via USB and will provide an automatic, ongoing stream of personal mist that's ideal in a climate-controlled office, airplane, or hotel room, or wait for you to trigger it for a quick boost of hydration. Pocket-sized, it's easy to slip into your purse, backpack or other carry-on, too.


The Handy Bowls For When Your Recipe Needs Just A Pinch

Made from 100 percent heat- and odor-resistant flexible silicone, these bowls are the perfect size for storing small quantities of ingredients — spices, herbs, and the like — then they pinch together to pour out easily when you're ready to combine them into your recipe. Microwave- and dishwasher- safe, they're also great for serving condiments.


The Relief Of A Massage Is Right In The Palm Of Your Hand With This Gadget

Lightweight and portable, this little massager is just what you need to get the kinks out at the end of a long, hard day. Styled with an irresistible frog-like appearance, it features an ergonomic design that places less pressure on your hand and wrists while in use — and the four nodules are designed to deliver pressure while the unit provides vibrations that ease pain. Cordless and battery-operated, it's easy to manipulate and get to those hard-to-reach areas like the crook of your neck.

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