47 Of The Quirkiest Best-Sellers On Amazon Prime


If there's one thing I appreciate more than weird AF products, it's getting them shipped to my house quickly. As someone who writes about the quirkiest bestsellers on Amazon all the time, there's a special place in my heart for stuff that I can also get my hands on fast with free two-day shipping using Amazon Prime.

Prime saves me from more than just buyer's remorse. Using it is a great way to shop for gifts (especially at the last minute), try out new things, and stay on top of the latest trends.

Another perk? If you're not already signed up for Prime, you can actually try it out for free right now with a 30-day trial. You don't even have to be an Olympic-level shopper like me to put it to good use, since Amazon Prime comes with all kinds of amazing perks, like access to Prime Originals, free Kindle books, and so much more.

Ready to get your hands on some of the strangest, most popular stuff that people are buying through Amazon Prime now? Here's all the really funky stuff that could be changing your life in just a couple days if you use the service.

A Travel Pillow That Looks Just Like A Turtle Neck

Trtl Pillow, $30, Amazon

Chances are, you've never seen a travel pillow that looks like this one. Designed to keep your head upright, the pillow is ergonomically structured to help you get better rest during trips. Unlike other pillows that can actually leave your neck feeling sore after you wake up, this fleece option delivers extra cushioning, so you'll feel more refreshed than ever.


This Special Container That'll Keep Your Herbs Fresh

Cuisipro Herb Keeper, $22, Amazon

You don't have to have a green thumb to keep your favorite herbs and veggies fresh. With this nifty herb keeper, you can stash all kinds of things — from rosemary and thyme to celery and asparagus — and preserve their rich flavor and crisp texture. It's built to fit large quantities of herbs, and comes with a removable tray so you can hold hydrate stems while the leaves stay out of the water (and thus never get soggy).


A Better Way To Hydrate Your Skin

O Naturals Watermelon & Vitamin C Face Mask, $10, Amazon

For dry skin that needs a little refreshment, this watermelon and vitamin C-infused mask is such a treat. Your skin will feel juicy and hydrated after every use, and since this mask is also formulated with moringa seed oil, you'll get a healthy dose of antioxidants and proteins every time you try it too. This mask is also completely free of parabens, petroleum, and sulfates, so it's gentle on sensitive skin.


This Weird But Brilliant Little Device To Help With Your Posture

Upright GO Posture Trainer and Corrector, $80, Amazon

Struggling with backaches or other signs of discomfort because you're always sitting, typing, or stuck doing repetitive body movements? This strapless posture corrector can come to the rescue. Designed to be worn on your upper back, this piece of wearable tech delivers super-precise feedback, and can remind you to sit or stand up throughout the day in case it's something you tend to forget. You can also monitor progress via an app and improve your posture over time. "Very sturdy and discrete. I forget to remove and accidentally wore it while showering and it continues to work," wrote one reviewer. Others say that not only is this device easy to use, but it stays in place throughout the day, so you can continue to live an active lifestyle but still enjoy its many benefits.


This Light Bulb That'll Work With Amazon Alexa

LIFX (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb, $60, Amazon

Not only can this light bulb be paired with Amazon Alexa, it can also change shades, dim, and even adjust to different colors all through voice control. It's easy to set up and comes with built-in WiFi, and if you don't have Alexa, no worries, since it also works with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.


A Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Odors In Your Fridge

NonScents Refrigerator Deodorizer, $11, Amazon

You don't want your fridge smelling like last week's leftovers, and with this innovative deodorizing system, it won't. This compact container can last for up to six months and uses patented technology to get rid of stinky, unwanted odors fast in either your fridge or freezer. Reviewers say it's more effective than baking soda, and helps get rid of excess moisture that can lead to mildew and mold growth. For fresh produce, this is awesome, since it helps food last longer.


This Portable Espresso Machine For Your Favorite Brew On-The-Go

Wacaco Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine, $50, Amazon

Mornings can be hectic enough as it is without having to wait around for a cup of espresso to finish brewing. That's what is so great about this lightweight and portable espresso maker: it gives you all the powerful functionality of a counter espresso machine, with one crucial exception — you can literally take it anywhere. Built with an espresso cup and scoop inside, using this machine you can grind your own beans, explore different flavors, and you don't even need electricity to do it.


An Innovative Take On A Standard Power Strip

Quirky Pivot Power 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, $22, Amazon

"I got tired of not being able to use all the outlets in my power strips because of the annoying, bulky adapters, which are only slightly more annoying than having one that dangles on the cord itself," wrote one reviewer of this totally unique surge protector. And that's the problem that this strip helps to solve, in truly cool fashion. Instead of a standard flat strip, this device is flexible, so you can adjust it into circular, semi-circular, and zig-zag shapes. This also has six outlets, which you can also move around so one large power brick doesn't take up too much space.


This Fluoride-Free Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, $13 (Pack of 4), Amazon

This fluoride-free charcoal toothpaste helps brighten your teeth and freshen your breath. Activated charcoal is all the rage right now because it works as a detoxifying agent, helping polish teeth and remove surface stains, leading to whiter teeth over time. Another reason to love this? You're technically getting four 4-ounce tubes of paste, so you can stock up if you're on a budget.


This Wacky Light That's Actually Better Than An Ordinary Flashlight

Striker Light Mine Professional LED Light, $20, Amazon

At first glance, you might be wondering WTF this weird-looking ball even is. But the truth is, it's actually one of the best gifts you could give someone who spends a lot of time working on cars or being outdoors. It comes with LED lights and eleven magnets, which help to secure attachment to any metal surface. If you do a lot of work where you need extra light but need both your hands to get the job done, this can help you aim light while going totally hands-free.


An Aromatherapy Stick That Can Help Relax Your Mind

Scentered Aromatherapy Sleep Well Balm Stick, $25, Amazon

If you have trouble relaxing or falling asleep at night, this balm could help you in ways nothing else will. It comes with a calming blend of lavender, chamomile, patchouli, and other therapeutic-grade essential oils that can help put a stop to your restless nights and give you a more rejuvenating sleep.


This Escape Tool For Car Emergencies

StatGear SuperVizor XT Auto Escape Tool, $12, Amazon

You never want to be in a situation where you have to cut your seatbelt or break a window in order to escape from your car, but if you ever are, having a tool like this around can be the difference between life and death, literally. It comes with a sharp hook blade, which can cut through seatbelts, plus a stainless steel window punch. Made to attach to any sun visor, this tool comes with a velcro fastener and provide major peace of mind.


A Five-Star Rated Bedside Shelf

BedShelfie The Original Bedside Shelf, $40, Amazon

Perfect for college students or those with limited space, the BedShelfie is a terrific option if you don't have access to a standing nightstand near your bed. It comes with 2.1-inch clamp system and attaches with ease, so no extra tools are needed to install it. This special bedside shelf is also made with eco-friendly bamboo and can hold up to 15 pounds. Another perk of this five-star rated shelf is that it comes with two wire slots, which are terrific for charging devices.


This Hand-Warming Device Built For Rugged Environments

BoneView HotPocket Hand Warmer + Phone Charger + LED Flashlight, $30, Amazon

For outdoorsmen and others who spend a lot of time fishing, hunting, or working in the wilderness, this multi-functional device is a must-have. It operates as a hand warmer and battery charming pack, and can heat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for up to six hours at a time. This also comes with an LED flashlight that can help guide your way in the dark. With its tough aluminum case, this tool is built tough and can survive the elements, same as you will with this within reach.


A Harness Just For Your Cat

Juvale Cat Harness, $7, Amazon

Take your favorite furry companion out for a walk with this easy-to-use harness. Perfect for small breed dogs and cats, it snaps in place and is fully adjustable, plus it comes in either blue or pink, so you can find the hue that best matches your pet. "This is a great harness for cats. The design makes it nearly impossible to wiggle out of," wrote one reviewer.


This Electric Corkscrew That Can Make Uncorking So Much Easier

Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew, $45, Amazon

This wine opener is a great find whether you're a casual vino drinker or you want to give someone a terrific housewarming present. It works on all cork types, including plastic or synthetic options, and basically does all the work for you — all you have to do is put it on the top of the cork and it automatically ejects it upon contact. It can also open up to 30 bottles off of a single charge.


An Inflatable Foot Rest That's Great For Travel

Flypal Inflatable Foot Rest, $30, Amazon

When you're traveling and need added foot or leg support, this inflatable cushion pillow can be a great choice. Designed to inflate in just under two minutes, this can be adjusted to up to three different heights and sizes, and some say it works well as a travel bed, too.


This Tongue Scraper That Can Help Freshen Breath

TruthPaste Tongue Scraper, $9, Amazon

For bad breath, this naturally antibacterial tongue scraper can truly work wonders. Made from pure copper, you can use this to scrape away gunk and other debris that may be lingering on the tip of your tongue. "Never had anything that immediately felt so natural and so beneficial in my life. Bleeding gums waned, gums are pink and mouth and teeth feel smooth and less sensitive. Let the world know oral hygiene will never be the same for me again," one reviewer raved.


A Way To Keep Rugs Firmly In Place

Rug Grippers, $12 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Tired of your carpet moving and skidding all over the place? With this set of rug grippers, yours definitely won't. They come with sticky gel that helps keep these in place without ruining the hardwood underneath, and using these can help to smooth out curled edges in your carpet itself.


This Deeply Restorative Way To Massage Your Neck

Deep Recovery Neck Track for Trigger Point Massage & Myofascial Release, $36, Amazon

Whether you're trying to recover from an injury or you're just looking to relax and ease away minor aches and pains in your neck, the Neck Track can be an excellent option. It works by providing a stable base for massage balls, which in turn help to release muscle knots. This can enhance your flexibility and reduce discomfort over time. You can put any kind of balls in it, specifically tennis or baseballs work well, say reviewers.


A Hilarious New Card Game For Your Next Party

Bears vs. Babies: A Card Game From the Creators of Exploding Kittens, $24, Amazon

The Chewbacca-like case for this card game is just one of the many reasons why it's worth a closer look. But what will really make it perfect for your next gathering is what a blast you'll have creating monsters with each card. Designed for up to five players at a time, this deck contains 107 cards and comes with everything you need to unleash a whole lot of fun around your home.


This Cable Organizer So Everything Stays Neat

Desktop Cable Organizer, $13, Amazon

Sick of always losing track of your cables and having to deal with a big, jumbled mess of them once you finally do? With this desktop organizer, you don't have to stress it anymore. It comes with a weighted non-slip base, which keeps things secure, and is designed to hold multiple cables at once.


A Tool For Helping Combat Back Pain

Lo-Bak TRAX Portable, $30, Amazon

For back pain and issues with sciatica, this portable device has helped to provide incredible relief to many reviewers. It's ergonomically designed to gently distribute traction force, which in turn helps promote stretching and decompressing for the spine and discs. "I have had a sciatic problem for 3 years and have had chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy the entire time. Within 5 minutes of using this product I experienced more relief than all of those visits combined," one described.


This Lid Just For Mason Jars

eCAP Mason Jars Lid FLIP Cap, $9, Amazon

People are finding more uses for mason jars every day, but one thing mason jars don't usually come with is a flip lid. Not unless you've got one of these nifty caps, which are BPA-free and built to keep spills and other messes totally contained with every use.


A Simpler Way To Get Rid Of Makeup

The MakeUp Eraser Original Pink, $20, Amazon

Scrubbing off makeup at the end of the day is about to get a lot easier once you have The Makeup Eraser. This cool cloth cleaner actually gets rid of everything, from waterproof mascara to HD makeup and more, with just water only. Reusable and good for up to 1,000 washes, this is a great alternative to disposable products.


This Durable Tumbler That'll Never Topple Over

Mighty Mug Solo Tumbler, $20, Amazon

Mugs fall over. That's just the way it goes, usually. Not the case with the Mighty Mug however, since this double-walled, sweatproof mug is actually constructed so that it'll never topple over, period. This isn't through mysterious sorcery, either. Instead, this mug actually just comes with a Smartgrip function, which is sure to work on any smooth and flat surface.


A Super-Cute Bamboo Bath Mat That Won't Get Moldy

Bamboo Shower Mat, $26, Amazon

Standard bath mats start to show their wear quickly, but one of the great things about this shower mat is that it actually won't. Built to be waterproof and resistant to mold, this bamboo bath mat can hold up to 225 pounds and can add extra elegance to your bathroom. Another reason to try this out is that it absolutely won't skid, either.


This Serum That Can Help You Get Clearer Skin

TruSkin Naturals Tea Tree Serum, $25, Amazon

This powerful serum can help to soothe blemishes and fade away the appearance of dark spots, hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, and more. Formulated with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and most importantly tea tree oil, this serum can help reveal clearer skin with regular use. One reviewer raved: "After about 3 months of using this stuff 2-3 times a week, my face is 90% clear [of acne scars] and I'm enjoying wearing ZERO makeup EVER for the first time in my adult life!"


A Mini Keyboard For Your Tablet

Brydge 7.9 Bluetooth iPad Mini 4 Keyboard, $50, Amazon

Add more functionality to your iPad with this fully backlit keyboard. Equipped with iOS keys, this is a perfect match for Apple products and offers the natural feel of a keyboard, which can help to make larger projects easier to do on a tablet.


This Electronic Foot File For Smoother Feet

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, $18, Amazon

With more than 9,000 positive reviews on Amazon, this battery-operated foot file is one of the most popular options for foot care on the site. It works by gently buffing away thick, hardened skin and removing dead skin cells. What's left behind is smooth, soft, and unbelievably touchable skin.


A Pain-Free Way To Get Rid Of Any Unwanted Hair

Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair Remover, $20, Amazon

If you choose to groom your body hair, it can lead you down all kinds of painful avenues. Whether it's plucking, waxing, or threading, the popular methods for removing peach fuzz and other unwanted strands can be expensive and uncomfortable. This 18-karat rose gold-plated hair remover is the exact opposite though, since it's inexpensive, reusable, and designed to remove hair from the lip, chin, and cheeks painlessly.


This Rose Gold Serum For Dewy, Soft Skin

Cosmedica Skincare Rose Gold Serum, $15, Amazon

Dewy soft skin is obtainable at last with this rose gold serum, which is formulated with hyaluronic acid and aloe to give your complexion a radiant shine. Ideal for blemish-prone and oily skin, this serum won't clog up your pores. Instead, it helps leave it feeling more refreshed than before.


A Salad Container That Keeps Ingredients Fresh And Separated

OXO Good Grips Leakproof On-The-Go Salad Container, $16, Amazon

This two-level container for salads is a great selection when you want to keep certain ingredients crisp and delicious. It comes with three leakproof compartments, plus a removable 2-ounce container just for dressing. You can combine and take this with you on-the-go as a better solution to ordinary containers.


This Eco-Friendly String Bag That's A Better Alternative To Paper And Plastic

EuroSac Natural Cotton String Bag, $8, Amazon

Ditch the plastic and paper bags once and for all with this stylish cotton string bag. Made from completely reusable cotton, this resilient bag can hold up to 40 pounds but still feels lightweight to grip. It's also machine washable, which ensures it's easy to maintain over time.


A Skincare Mask That Won't Turn Your Skin Into A Horror Movie

Hanacure Skin1004 Zombie Pack, $20 (Pack of 4), Amazon

Zombies can make your skin crawl, but there's literally nothing gross about the incredible results you'll get using this skincare mask. It's great hydrating it and clearing away small breakouts and acne. True, your skin might look a little scary during the 15 or so minutes it'll take for this mask to work its magic, but you're in for quite a happy ending once you remove it.


These Air Purifying Bags That Can Make Odors Vanish

Girasol-Home Bamboo Charcoal Air Fresheners, $18 (pack of 4), Amazon

These air freshener bags work to neutralize unwanted and stubborn odors. Because they're so easy to hang, you can set them up virtually anywhere around your home, from your bedside to the corner of a car, to a fridge and more. Made with carbon-activated bamboo charcoal, these air purifying bags naturally get rid of odors and help make your space more welcoming in the process.


A Totally Bizarre Looking Pillow That Covers Up Your Hand

OSTRICH PILLOW MINI Travel Pillow, $30, Amazon

Some travel pillows (like the one mentioned earlier here) can help reduce discomfort by keeping you in an upright position. The Ostrich pillow is a bit different though, since it's actually immersive. That means you can put the pillow over your hand, forearm, or elbow, so you stay comfier even when you're propped in an awkward position.


This Pack Of Facial Masks That Has Something For Everyone

Happy Skin Facial Masks, $15 (Pack of 5), Amazon

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or you're just looking for a little pick-me-up, this pack of five facial masks has something for you. Available in green tea, aloe, charcoal, and more, these masks are supposed to leave your skin feeling happy, and they definitely will. "I have used all but the charcoal mask (I’m currently battling dry skin) and all have left my face feeling very refreshed and smooth," described one reviewer.


A Way To Have Stiff Collars

Wurkin Stiffs Metal Magnetic Collar Stays, $20 (Pack of 2), Amazon

When you've gotta look sharp, these 2.5-inch magnetic collar stays are the sneaky secret weapon you'll be grateful that you had. They help to tame messy, flapping collars and give you that business look you want. They're also corrosion resistant and are TSA-friendly, so you can travel with them too.


This Scalp Massaging Brush That Reduces Flakes

HEETA Hair Scalp Massager, $8, Amazon

If you have dry, thick, or curly hair, this scalp massager can really make a difference. This silicone brush head can help you get a deep, thorough scrub and works especially well by boosting blood circulation, which in turn can help ease itchiness on your scalp. "I’ve suffered from dry scalp for a while. I’ve tried multiple products with no success ... This product changed all that the first day I used it. No more dry scalp and I can go days without putting anything in my hair now," wrote one reviewer.


A Way To Stretch And Separate Your Toes

YogaToes GEMS, $30, Amazon

YogaToes GEMS help you to strengthen and improve weak, tired toes, especially if you struggle with bunions, hammer toes, chronic foot pain, or plantar fasciitis. Reviewers say by wearing these just 15 minutes a day to start, you can help your feet tremendously and give them a good stretch.


This Pour-Over Coffee Maker That Will Replace Your K-Cup Machine

Chemex Glass Handle Pour-over 3-Cup Coffeemaker, $37, Amazon

Want a better cup of coffee in the morning? The Chemex Glass Coffee Maker is your solution. It works without electricity, and all you need to do is just add a filter, your favorite brew, and then boiling water. Another perk of this pour-over method is that you can refrigerate it for reheating without losing any flavor.


A Cup Holder For Your Luggage

Freehand Luggage Travel Cup Holder, $25, Amazon

Navigating endless tracks while you're traveling with luggage is stressful enough. Balancing a cup of coffee in your hand while you try just adds to the frustrating. Fortunately, this travel cup holder fits most standard luggage and can be a great addition to your favorite suitcase, since you can use this to keep your coffee or drink in reach while also using both hands for better things.


This Bath Soak That'll Help You Channel Your Inner Mermaid

The Seaweed Bath Co. Hydrating Seaweed Bath, Eucalyptus & Peppermint, $19, Amazon

Plunge into pleasant waters and get the feel of seaweed all around you with this hydrating seaweed bath, which is vegan-friendly and totally paraben-free. It hydrates while also detoxifying skin, all while using some of the most powerful nutrients the ocean has to offer. It's made with sustainably-harvested bladderwrack seaweed, which can help to restore and calm sensitive skin. One reviewer couldn't get enough, noting: "It really changes dry skin to healthy skin! I use this two to three times a week and you can tell the difference in my skin!"


A Soft Serve Maker For Healthier, Yummier Snacks

Yonanas Soft Serve Maker, $40, Amazon

Looking for a way to make healthier snacks? This soft serve maker is just the thing. Use it to combine your favorite fruits into one yummy, completely mouthwatering dessert in no time, without additional fat, sugar or preservatives you usually find in ice cream or yogurt. It's also easy to clean and have more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon.


This Stool That Can Help You Poop

Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool, $25, Amazon

The Original Squatty Potty is basically a life-changer. It puts you in a squat position, which can actually help relieve muscle pressure and give your colon the chance to empty out faster and easier than before. Recommended by Shark Tank and The Howard Stern Show, this little stool can improve your colon health and supports up to 350 pounds.

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