48 Clever Products That Are So Popular Amazon Can Barely Keep Them In Stock

By Chloe Obach
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Finding an empty shelf at a brick-and-mortar shop is pretty easy. Retail stores only have a finite amount of space in the back where they can keep their stock, so if they sell out of a product, it's gone until the next delivery arrives. Amazon, on the other hand, has hundreds of massive, sprawling distribution centers filled with their most clever, popular products — so when Amazon has trouble keeping something in stock, you know it's an impressive buy.

In fact, I'd even argue that most of these awesome Amazon products aren't available in stores. When was the last time you saw a heated bag sealer at the mall, or perhaps some Bluetooth headphones that double as a sleep mask? And while I was scouring every store within a 10-mile radius for an outlet shelf last weekend (don't ask), I could've just kicked back on the couch and waited for Amazon's free, two-day Prime shipping to deliver it right to my doorstep. (It's almost like I enjoy making my life harder, not easier.)

But you? You know better. You know that Amazon has a massive selection of the best products available, so instead of busting out your jeans, keep your pajamas on as you browse through the things that are flying off Amazon's shelves — before they're sold out again.

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