48 Quirky But Amazing Things On Amazon Prime Under $23

by BDG Commerce

If life is like a box of chocolates, Amazon is truly the giant-sized Whitman's sampler — the retail behemoth plays host to not just a little bit, but a lot of everything. Overwhelmed, and looking for a gift that's a little "off the beaten path," but still fabulous? How about one of these quirky but amazing things on Amazon Prime that also come in under $23? I've gone through the metaphorical box and selected the best of the best just for you.

For example, here are just a few favorites I'd like to point out: Any DIYer will love getting a package of Sugru, and if you haven't heard of this stuff yet, you need to get a package for yourself, too. It's part moldable glue, part Silly Putty, part modeling clay, and 100 percent fun. Then there's the hands-free leash that brings dogs and their people together in a very unique manner: literally. And, of course, the hottest thing going in the pint-sized set at the moment, slime — only this formulation goes by the name of Unicorn Tears, and you'll be glad to know it's ethically-harvested and cruelty-free.

Best of all, these items and many more can be at your door in just days thanks to Prime shipping. So run, Forrest, run, to check out these novel items and get your gift on.


The Award-Winning Smartphone Speaker That's Shaped Like A Horn

Crafted from soft-touch silicone, this speaker fits on the bottom of a smartphone and is designed to amplify its sound up to 13 decibels without using any external power or electricity. Suitable for use in either portrait or landscape mode, it also serves as a stand for convenient hands-free use at a comfortable viewing angle. The award-winning design of this unit is lightweight and portable, ideal for use on the go.


This Oven Mitt Only Appears To Be Made From Bubble Wrap

From the uber-fun designers at Fred comes this oven mitt that looks like bubble wrap but is actually crafted from heavy-duty silicone. With the reinforcement of the silicone, these bubbles can't be popped, but they do provide cushioning while using the glove — heat-resistant to over 400 degrees — to remove hot items from the oven or stove. Fun and functional.


A Genius Kitchen Tool That Looks Like A Crab Pincer But Cuts And Strips Herbs And Greens

Featuring built-in stainless steel shears as well as different holes — so that greens with varying sizes of stems can be stripped quickly and effortlessly — this tool is a versatile asset in the kitchen. The ergonomic design makes it easy for even folks with hand strength deficiencies to operate for quick preparation of fresh herbs as well as everything from leafy salads to homemade kale chips.


This Cool Little Device Makes It Possible To Flip Bottle Caps Off With One Hand

Pocket-sized and equipped with a magnet so it can hang out on the fridge when it's not in use, this bottle opener is unique because it enables one-handed opening with either the left or the right hand, and it also opens the bottle without bending the cap. Not only does it make taking off bottle caps quick and easy, but the unusual design means it's a great conversation piece, too.


The Balance Board With A Relaxing Twist — This One Has Reflexology Nubs

A wonderful asset in any physical therapy or exercise program, this balance board has a key difference: Built-in acupressure reflexology pressure points stimulate the soles of your feet, improving circulation and easing leg, foot, and ankle tension and pain. While balancing, users can improve posture and gain core stability while receiving a treatment that's at once relaxing and energizing. Heavy-duty craftsmanship aside, it's lightweight and small enough to travel with, too, at only 3 pounds and just over 2 feet long.


A Phone Holder That's Always Ready To Give You A Hand

This friendly little guy with a hook for a head is actually a versatile smartphone holder for the car, designed to hang from the rearview mirror and permit hands-free usage and accommodate even the new larger phone designs. Made from high-quality silicone, the arms and legs of this flexible dude bend around the edges of any device to securely hold it and keep it in view. It's also useful at the gym, when showering, or at the pool or beach.


The Odd-Looking But Effective Massage Tool

With three trigger points to relax and calm tense and sore muscles — two capped with massage balls and one with a firmer tip to administer more precise pressure — this massage tool delivers a treatment that's both effective and easy to administer. Designed specifically to assist in relieving pain in the neck, back, and shoulders, this versatile tool is lightweight and compact, and suitable for everyone from performance athletes to seniors.


A Mask Made For Iron Man — Or Woman

Mask connoisseurs must not miss this mask: It's formulated from Dead Sea vitamins and minerals infused with iron particles that, when used with the included magnet, create a micro-current in the skin to boost circulation and increase collagen production. The cool quotient is off the charts on this one, and reviewers give it high marks for leaving behind a soft, smooth complexion and skin that's deeply moisturized.


These Are Little Sleeves For The Little Toes

Narrow high heels can wreak all kinds of havoc on the feet — including tailor's bunions, painful, bony lumps that form on the outside of little toes. These soft gel pads make those heels comfy again, serving as low-profile, stretchy shields that relieve pressure and prevent callus formation. Created by a physician, they distribute pressure and are washable, reusable, and biodegradable.


The Nail Accessories That Make At-Home Manicures Quicker And More Professional

Delight the at-home nail enthusiast with these nail clips that enable a salon-style polish removing experience that's both fast and easy. Either cotton or paper towels can be used for soaking in nail polish remover — then wrap the remover-soaked substance around polished nails. These clips go on top, allowing the remover to soak into gel or traditional polish for quick and easy removal in just minutes.


A Rainbow Of Earth-Friendly Straws For Sippin' Pretty

Suitable for sippin' pretty even out of everyone's favorite oversized insulated tumblers, these silicone straws provide a vibrant pop of color for both hot and cold beverages — and make simple strides toward saving the planet at the same time. Made from premium food-grade, BPA-free silicone, they're thick enough to work for milkshakes and even bubble tea, and while they're dishwasher-safe, this set comes with two specialized cleaning brushes in the event they need a deep scrub after a thick drink. Reusable straws were recently named the gift of the year and this pack is a bright, cheery, and affordable choice.


The 3-D Printed Cordless Lamp That's An Accurate Representation Of The Moon

Printed using 3-D modeling based on the most accurate lunar topographical modeling available, this lamp offers both white and warm yellow lights and adjustable brightness settings. The included ceramic hand-shaped base provides a stable resting place for it when being used as an accent piece or night light, and since it's cordless it can be carried around, used in decorations for parties, or taken outside — the options are endless.


This Kitchen Accessory Looks Like A Stapler, But It Actually Keeps Food Fresh

With the appearance of an everyday stapler, this heat sealer looks innocuous enough: but it could actually save a household hundreds of dollars a year in foregone food waste by keeping foods from going bad. It plugs into any USB outlet and seals bags airtight in seconds, great for dry goods like cereal, rice, pasta, and snacks — as well as produce, meats, and cheeses. Use it for buys from the big box store like cosmetics and toiletries, as well as clothes going to storage for the change of seasons, too. A handy magnet allows it to adhere to the refrigerator to keep it convenient.


The Adorable Dino That Brews A Delicious Cup Of Tea

Crafted from BPA-free food-grade silicone, this tea infuser shaped like a baby dinosaur is certainly a conversation piece, but it's practical, too. His long neck enables him to hang from cups, mugs, and pitchers of all sizes, and it's stable to accommodate cups. Meanwhile, his feet give him a stable base while he's being filled with tea and when he's standing around infusing. The dino's capacious body leaves plenty of room for flavors to bloom, and he's dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


These Clips Give Pants A Clean Line Under Boots

Thin but durable elastic and sturdy fasteners combine in these clips that provide a comfortable way to get a streamlined look when wearing pants and knee-high or above-the-knee boots. Designed for comfortable wear and an all-day hold, these clips can also be used as mitten holders or waistband extenders. They're also available in two lengths to accommodate pants of varying lengths.


A Pair Of Gloves That's Touchscreen-Enabled

Made from warm, soft fleece, and with an elegant three-button cuff design, these gloves are also equipped with a smartphone-compliant tip on each thumb and index finger. Fully lined, they're available in five colors, and are suitable for most hand sizes. One reviewer noted they "kept [her] hands warm in Iceland" and gave them five stars.


The Patches That Heal And Protect Acne

Made from ultra-thin, biodegradable hydrocolloid that's both water- and sun-proof, these patches absorb oil and discharge from pimples and reduce their redness and irritation to help heal them, while also protecting them from further infection as well as scratching and prodding. Transparent and suitable for wear even under makeup, these natural, FDA-approved patches create the perfect environment for healing while staying camouflaged.


This Gadget Holds Keys In A Compact, Organized Manner

With space to organize 18 keys in a compact manner that could make even the janitor's key ring look tidy and organized, this key holder is a genius way to straighten up a daily must-have. Made from high-quality carbon fiber, it's both strong and lightweight, and can pack in up to 18 keys at a time. This system comes with spacers and washers to ensure long-lasting durability, and is accompanied by several bonus gifts as well.


The Gummies That Make It All Better

Don't let bad vibes get you down. Instead, give yourself a chance to unwind and embrace inner calm with these incredible gummies. Flavored strawberry and lemon verbena, these supplements are made with a blend of vitamins and minerals that are specifically selected to help reduce stress. Reviewers say these work especially well if you struggle with sleeplessness or other forms of insomnia, and that they're more powerful than you might think. As always, consult your doctor before adding any daily supplements to your routine.


A Wall Shelf That'll Keep Your Devices Off The Counter

This small shelf serves an incredible purpose — especially if you're trying to get rid of clutter and keep your electronic devices still within plain sight. Built to hold items up to 15 pounds, it's easy to mount over exposed outlets and can be the perfect spot to stash gadgets, including smartphones, speakers, and tablets while they charge.


This Resistance Band That Can Help You Get In A Good Stretch

Whether you're looking to stretch or tone muscles, these resilient exercise bands can give you the all-over workout you've been craving. Portable and easy to transport, this band can target different areas depending on how you use it — everywhere from your hands and arms to your legs and stomach. These bands are also great for improving flexibility and come with three different resistance levels, so you get the exercise you want.


A Funky Pillow That's Actually Great For Airline Travel

Traveling long distances can be tough if you're trying to sleep, but this sleep-aid headband is a game-changer. It comes with an adjustable strap — and when used with a headrest, it can actually give you the perfect, cushiony spot to take a snooze. Made with soft fleece, this band can help eliminate neck pain and discomfort during flights.


This Moldable Glue That's Innovative AF

Think you know glue? Get ready to have your mind blown, because this moldable glue from Sugru is unlike anything else out there. Using advanced silicone technology, this glue actually bonds to virtually anything and then sets strongly in place, forming a lasting fit overnight. You have 30 minutes to adjust and shape it, to make anything from hooks for your chargers or a waterproof seal on the base of your shoes.


A Way To Make Salad On-The-Go

Fresh salad is about to get a lot more fun to make with this super-handy spiralizer, which comes with an ultra-sharp German blade, BPA-free container, and everything you need to make spirals out of your veggies. Reviewers have likened it to having a Swiss Army Knife just for salads, and since it's easy to clean and transport, it can help make lunch more fun, too. "The Spiralizer is easy to use and makes boring veggies fun! It will be great to pack in a lunch," wrote one reviewer.


This Quick-Thinking Card Game That'll Get Everyone Laughing

This children's card game can be fun for the whole family, especially if you're interested in sparking up everyone's creative streaks. This box contains 400 category cards (like dangerous jobs, for instance), and all you have to do is follow the prompt, then quickly write down two answers that you think other players might also write. There are literally limitless opportunities with this versatile game.


A Meat Tenderizer For The Perfect Meal

Tenderize choice cuts of your favorite meat with this incredibly tough and functional tenderizer. Designed to reduce cooking time by up to 40 percent, this tenderizer can help you lock in flavor and taste. Made with 48 stainless steel blades that are sharpened on both sides, this will make you feel like you've got Wolverine claws digging into a fresh slab of meat — but that's also part of the fun.


These Silicone Facial Cleansing Brushes That Can Exfoliate Skin

Give your skin a rejuvenating and gentle scrub with this cleansing brush. Because it's actually made with silicone, it's soft enough to for sensitive skin. To use this scrubber, just wet your face and add your favorite cleanser, and rub the brush in a circular motion. You can get a good cleansing sensation without aggravating dry skin, rosacea, or other skin issues, which is what reviewers love about it.


A Pizza Cutter That'll Slice Through Even The Toughest Crust

This five-star rated pizza wheel makes a great gift, either for yourself or for the gourmand in your life. The reason? It makes it unbelievably easy to slice through homemade or frozen pizza at home without getting cheese everywhere. The dishwasher-safe wheel comes with a super-sharp stainless steel blade and a protective cover, so you can cut through virtually anything (even burnt crust).


This Multi-Functional Utensil That Can Make Food Prep Easier

You can get a ridiculous amount of use out of this spatula and tong combo, which is why it's got nearly five stars on Amazon. Heat-resistant and sure not to scratch pots or pans, this is great for squeezing, scooping, and so much more. Made from soft silicone, it's also really resilient and can be great for camping trips.


A Popcorn Popper For A Quick, Healthy Snack

Great things can sometimes start out as kernels. With this popcorn popper though, get ready to enjoy what becomes of those kernels after they go through a quick and easy process. Just use this microwavable container, which includes a silicone handle and lid, and get ready for the snack you've been craving.


This Glittery Slime That'll Bring Out Your Inner Child

What could be more fun than a bit of squishy putty? Well, if you love glitter and you're trying to tap into your inner child, here's the answer: unicorn slime. Glittery and shimmering AF, this slime makes for the perfect gooey, bouncy stress ball, and can help you have a few laughs along the way.


A Tiny Bluetooth Speaker That Packs A Lot Of Volume

This little speaker might not look like much, but it packs a real wallop of sound. You can also use this for calls, which makes these Bluetooth-enabled speakers even more of a must-have. One five-star reviewer writes: "It holds a good charge, lasting me all day and even hanging out of my pocket the mic can pick me up during a phone call. "


This Detangling Brush That's Great For Untangling Hair

Featured on QVC, The Power Styler is one of those beauty items that has a cult-like following among users because it really works. It helps get rid of knots and tangles, especially if you've got really difficult hair. The bristles are strong yet flexible, and designed to glide through knots without causing added pain from detangling. Strands are left feeling soft and shiny with this dual-level brush, which is just one of the many reasons to love it.


A Hamper That You Can Hang Right From A Door

Lightweight, water-resistant, and double-stitched for added durability, this hanging laundry hamper can be a convenient option to store dirty laundry that won't take up added space in an already cluttered bedroom or closet. It comes with two adjustable handles and two strong stainless steel hooks. Plus, because it's made with nylon, this bag won't tear easily at all — and it comes with a special front pocket for underwear or other delicates.


This Cute Little Guy That'll Keep Your Spoons From Slipping

When you're cooking, the last thing you want is for your spoon to slip and slide into the pot. Fortunately with this spoon saver, your utensil will always stay completely upright. Fashioned to look like a little guy holding on for dear life, this spoon saver adds adorable character to any stovetop.


An Odor-Eliminating Cube That's Great To Use In The Fridge

Using activated charcoal — like what you'll find in each of the three cubes included here — can be an essential way to get rid of fridge odors for up to six months at a time, without any chemicals or fragrances. More effective than baking soda, these highly absorbent cubes neutralize tough odors and are great to use in other places too, like lockers, closets, cars, and elsewhere.


This Door Stopper That Can Help Save Energy

A draft stopper like this might not seem like much, but it can actually save you a huge amount of money during the colder months of the year. It's equipped to fit most doors, helps keep cold air out, and clips in place — so it won't be flopping around once you try to put it in place. One reviewer raved: "Suuuper happy with this purchase and now I don't have to continue to fix the towel every time I open and close the door. Recommend!!"


A Hands-Free Leash So Dogs Can Join On Runs

Lead an active life? You need a leash for your dog that can fit your busy and hectic lifestyle. Ideal for small- to medium-sized dogs, this leash helps to absorb shocks and gives pups plenty of security. Another benefit to this leash is that you can wear it around your midsection, and it comes with security clips that also help you stay comfortable and maintain control. You can also transform this into a traditional leash in just a few minutes, which means there's even more reason to invest in this.


This Toilet Stool That'll Make You Poop Like A Champ

Pop a squat and get ready to drop the kind of deuces that make your body feel great afterward with The Original Squatty Potty — it aligns your colon in a way that makes things go much smoother in the bathroom. Featured on Shark Tank, it can support weight up to 350 pounds, and is made from hard, durable plastic.


A Stand For Tablets And Smartphones

If your wrist is always aching from holding onto a heavy smartphone or tablet, this stand could save you so much energy down the line. Adjustable and designed to fit most devices, this is equipped with a 360-degree rotating center. "Whats not to love? Leaves your hands free while watching anything, in any position, so that I can do work (pay bills) or play (needlepoint) simultaneously," wrote one reviewer.


This Mug That Snack Lovers Need To Try

Keep cookies and other nibbly delights within reach with this totally unique dunk mug. Great for tea or milk, this mug is ceramic and made with a special hole at the bottom, which you can fill with a few snacks. Reviewers say it is on the smaller side, but it's totally worth trying for the ingenious factor.


A Vibrantly Colored Night Light That Can Make Your Air Quality Better

This night light is made from Himalayan salt, which means not only does it look exquisite, but it can also help purify the air quality in your home and make your room look more beautiful. It'll fit most outlets, and casts a warm yet unmistakably gorgeous glow.


43. This LED Light Strip That'll Make Your TV A Real Focal Point

This LED light strip kit is an affordable but really stunning way to make your television stand out and reduce eye strain. The lights attach directly to the back of your television — and they come in a variety of sizes — so they brighten up your living space while also creating terrific ambient lighting. "This is an amazing piece of technology. I recommend this no matter what TV you have a no matter how far you sit from it. It makes your TV so much of a focal point," one reviewer raved.


A Rocker That Can Help With Foot Pain

If you struggle with discomfort or pain in your feet, this rocker could help to relieve that and increase flexibility in your aching feet. Designed as one size fits all, using this and doing 30-second stretches can make a world of difference — and plenty of reviewers agree.


This Innovative Cord Management System That You'll Love If You're Type A

Cords can quickly make a huge mess, especially if you don't have any kind of system in place for keeping them organized. Luckily, this wooden cable clip organizer can be put to great use for exactly this purpose. Elegant and made from high-quality wood, this has five slots and can be good for USB cords, earbuds, and other cables.


A Way To Make Lashes Fuller Than Ever

More than 5,000 reviewers on Amazon say that this mascara can truly deliver the results. It helps provide longer, fuller lashes, and can volumize lashes so you get a bolder, more dramatic look than before. This is especially great for thin or sparse lashes, but helps build them up without using heavy falsies. It's a three-step system: Apply the gel, then the fibers that add the volume, and seal with the gel for all-day wear.


This Cube Strip That Can Make Charging At Your Desk Super Convenient

Working from a laptop means you need ready, easy access to outlets. This cube can really be a lifesaver, taking some of the stress out of work because it has three outlets and four USB ports, plus it has a mountable and detachable base. "Great at cable management depending where you mount it. I needed to free up some space, and this product helped out a lot," wrote one reviewer.


This Light Bulb That Helps You Fall Asleep

Struggle to get a good night's sleep? This special LED light supports your body's natural melatonin production, which in turn can help you fall asleep naturally and more soundly. By boosting melatonin, this light also helps jumpstart your circadian rhythm in a healthy way, and reviewers say they've seen effects quickly.

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