49 Seriously Awesome Amazon Products That’ll Cut Your Problems In Half


I don't know about you, but when I look around my house and consider the various items that need to be fixed, it often feels like no money, more problems — especially when payday is a ways off. When I'm feeling that vibe, I call on the genies of the internet to help, because there's no shortage of killer Amazon products that will cut your problems in half, no matter what kind of issue you're having.

Let me just give you one example: You haven't lived until you've tried out the miracle silicone adhesive Sugru. It's just the coolest stuff, because it stays flexible while you're working with it to do everything from fix up floppy shoe soles to mount your artwork to the wall... then overnight, it hardens into a solid, complete with an air-tight, waterproof seal. My favorite use of this amazing substance is to patch my phone charger cords, since I seem to go through a cord every other day. Since the silicone doesn't conduct a current and itself serves as an insulator, it's the perfect answer to make my cords good as new, without worrying and without ordering another gross of them.

Ah, Sugru. It saves money and space in the landfill. Good, and good for you. Best of all, this list contains a bevy of products that are awesome problem-solvers just like this miracle silicone adherent. Happy shopping.

1. A Genius Organizer That Locks Down Your Keys

ThorKey Organizer Keychain, $25, Amazon

If you carry more keys than a janitor, this organizer will keep them straight while also preventing the sharp edges from making a hole in your pocket or scratching up your phone. The Italian leather sheath is equipped with a rotating bolt (it comes with three of various widths) that lock to keep your keys folded down when you're not using them. Then, simply rotate the key you wish to use around to the outside of the fob and you're ready to go.


2. These Washcloths Won't Get Mildewy Like The One You're Using Now

Lunatec Washcloths, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Don't you hate it when you go to wash your face and your washcloth has gotten stinky from mildew overnight? These washcloths eliminate this problem because almost nothing sticks to them, so they dry super-fast and remain clean throughout multiple washes. The scrubby surface on these durable cloths provide light exfoliation, too. It's ideal for backpackers and anyone who is always on-the-go — but you'll love it so much, you'll use it as your everyday washcloth at home.


3. This Brush Has A Self-Cleaning Function That You Won't Want To Miss

Ideaworks Easy Clean Hairbrush, $14, Amazon

If you have long hair or shed a ton, you know how annoying your hairbrushes can get after a while. With this hairbrush, that's no longer a problem: It features a built-in hair removal ring that you simply push up the shaft to use. Unwanted hair is long gone in one smooth motion. Plus, it's ergonomically designed, and great for anyone with hand strength issues.


4. These Plastic Strips Will Keep Your Bathroom Floor Dry

SlipX Shower Curtain Guards, $9 (2 Pack), Amazon

Keep the water from your morning shower inside the curtain — and not all over your floor — with these guards. Made of durable plastic, they attach to both ends of your curtain at the top and hold it flush against the shower walls. They're mounted inside the curtain so they're undetectable when you're not in the shower, and they install simply and easily by affixing to your existing curtain rings.


5. This Gadget Lights Your Way When You Get Up At Night

WILLED Under-Bed Light, $18, Amazon

With its easy-to-affix motion detector, this light is the ideal accomplice for those times you have to get up at night: It switches on to illuminate your path without having to turn on the blinding overhead lights. Equipped to detect motion within a 13-foot radius when it's dark, the light also features a rotary knob that allows you to adjust the brightness of the beam. Okay to roam unaided at night? Use the light for under-counter illumination or in your closet — and it installs easily without tools.


6. The One Device That Lets You Both Steam And Iron Your Clothes

Easehold Two-In-One Iron, $42, Amazon

Ideal for use both at home and on the road, this iron switches functions based on its position: Use it horizontally to press the wrinkles right out of your clothes, or hold it vertically to steam them fresh without an ironing board. Weighing in at just over 2 pounds, it's suitable for most fabrics — and with its strong jets of steam, you can even use it to work on your curtains, upholstery, and other household items.


7. These Pins Eliminate A Common Bedtime Irritant

PinionPins Magnetic Duvet Clips, $15 (Set of 8), Amazon

Equipped with magnets that hold even under up to 10 pounds of force, these magnets are based on the devices that are attached to clothes to prevent shoplifting — so you know they're strong. Designed to prevent your down comforter from slipping around inside your duvet cover, they're also useful for many other household tasks, like securing slipcovers to your furniture and hanging decorations. The set comes with a magnetic key that releases the hold when you're ready — and not a minute before.


8. This Dual-Purpose Band Should Be Part Of Your Headache Relief Kit

Carex Headache Band, $8, Amazon

Designed for use both as an ice pack and for soothing sore spots with heat therapy, this band is a must-have for anyone who suffers from headaches of any kind — especially painful migraines. Chilled, this flexible pack is also great to relieve toothache pain or ice down a sore joint, while heated gently in the microwave, it's excellent at soothing period pain or even used just to keep your feet warm at night.


9. This Clip That Will Be Your Best Friend At The Stove

LaWei Spoon Holder Pot Bracket, $10, Amazon

Crafted from food-grade silicone and stainless steel, this clip perches on the side of your pots, pans, and serving dishes to keep your utensils handy. Simply attach it to the edge of whatever container you're working on — that way, your stirring spoon is always within reach and your counters will stay clean and drip-free. It's even dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.


10. An Organizer Hanger To Store Your Strappy Clothes Neatly

Axis International Organizer Hangers, $8 (2 Pack), Amazon

Tired of your tank tops and strappy dresses slipping off of your hangers and onto the closet floor? These hangers solve that problem with their built-in hooks to ensure that your clothes stay where they're supposed to. Made from steel that's coated to resist rust, one hanger will hold up to eight garments at a time, saving space in your closet, too.


11. These Washcloths Help You Remove Your Makeup With Just Water

Flawless Face Art Magic Cloths, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Crafted from polyester microfiber, these cloths enable you to get the cleanest face of your life using only water — all in one pass, too. Made to gently massage and exfoliate your skin, they give you a deep pore cleaning, leaving it smooth and glowing. A great alternative to disposable facial wipes, they're machine-washable, and each can be used up to 1,000 times — meaning they're great for the environment, too.


12. A Bathroom Accessory That Helps You Eliminate Waste — Literally

Squatty Potty, $20, Amazon

You've probably seen this stool on TV, where it's pitched by a campy prince and a unicorn that poops soft serve. Although the commercial is a little silly, the stool serves a serious and scientifically-proven purpose: Helping you poop better by putting your body in the ideal position for elimination. Squatting leaves your colon clear for take-off, while sitting on the potty can actually obstruct your poop. This patented, doctor-endorsed device is made from durable polyurethane and is great for the whole family.


13. This Jewelry Roll Keeps Your Bling In-Bounds

WODISON Velvet Jewelry Roll, $19, Amazon

If you like to take your jewelry with you on-the-go, this jewelry roll is a great solution. Thread your necklaces through the snap-down straps, and they'll stay straight and ready to wear at all times without tangling — and you can store rings inside, too. Once you're all packed, roll it up like a burrito with the soft velvet on the inside to protect your pieces: it closes with Velcro to keep everything safe.


14. A Wallet-Sized Gadget That Incorporates A Remarkable 37 Tools

smartRSQ 37-in-1 Multitool, $18, Amazon

Sized to fit your wallet just like a standard credit card, this multi-tool is truly the one thing you shouldn't leave home without. Made with an alloy finish so that it's durable and has some heft to it, you'll get all the functionality of a knife edge, saw blade, can opener, bottle opener, two rulers, a right triangle, a stand for your cell phone, and so much more. It comes with additional accessories, too: A flint, an emergency whistle, a money clip, and a carabiner.


15. These Gadgets Save Your Hands When You're Carrying A Heavy Load

Hardy Helpers, $11 (Set of 3), Amazon

Made from heavy-duty silicone, these helping handles save your hands when you're carrying anything heavy — a load of groceries, trash bags that you're taking to the curb, or a heavy mop bucket full of suds, for example. Simply insert the handles on your burden into the channel on the underside of the device, and your hand will be safe from chafing and pain — and the finger grooves give you a good grip.


16. This Pasta Pot Has A Built-In Strainer

Bulbhead Better Pasta Pot, $20, Amazon

Cooking up and serving a big mess of spaghetti has never been easier with this pasta pot. Its 5-quart capacity means you can serve up the whole neighborhood if you so choose, but this pot keeps its most unique feature under its lid: There's a built-in strainer that, when turned to match up with the lip on the pot, enables you to pour the water off of foods inside without losing your noodles. The handles not only stay cool but also lock in place.


17. A Device That Uses Physics To Keep Your Beverages From Spilling

The Incredible Spill Not, $25, Amazon

Prove your mastery of the concepts of Newtonian physics with this genius device that keeps your beverages from spilling thanks to centripetal force. This hanging saucer works to preserve your coffee in its cup due to the flexible handle that is incapable of delivering side-to-side acceleration — thus, the liquid doesn't spill and doesn't even slosh around. Use it to carry an open container worry-free across long distances, or simply to amaze your friends.


18. These Hanging Shelves Make Packing — And Unpacking — A Breeze

Stow N' Go Hanging Luggage System, $30, Amazon

Frequent travelers will love this hanging shelf system that makes packing and unpacking incredibly simple. Hang them up in your closet to pack your clothes, then collapse it into your suitcase — and it fits any standard carryon. Once you're at your destination, simply pull it out of your suitcase and hang it up in your hotel closet, et voilà — you're instantly unpacked. Designed to last, the sturdy polyester construction of this accessory is augmented by high-strength steel hooks.


19. These Shelves Let You See What You're Working With

YouCopia SpiceStack, $40, Amazon

Arrange your spices neatly and grab what you need quickly and easily with these stacking shelves. With space for 30 bottles of any size and shape, these shelves feature drawers that pull not only out but also down so it's easy to get a look at the ingredients you have to work with. They're stackable for easy expansion, and don't require installation or mounting.


20. These Clear Rings Hold Your Hair Without Kinks Or Snags

invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

Made from super-smooth artificial resin, these hair rings will contain your mane without leaving telltale ponytail-holder marks, and they won't snag or tangle your hair when you remove them, either. Water-repellent and great for all hair types, it's perfect for workouts, because it won't absorb sweat and has an extra-strong spiral design to hold tight through lots of activity. It's also excellent for use in your 'do anytime you want them to just see your hair and not what's holding it up.


21. This Flexible Cup Makes It Easy To Both Measure And Pour

OXO Squeeze & Pour Measuring Cup, $9, Amazon

When you're dealing with heavy batters and sticky liquids, this cup really comes in handy: It makes it so much easier to both measure and pour them. Crafted from flexible, heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone, it's safe for use in the microwave, too — yet the honeycomb-patterned hand guards on the side will ensure it's not too hot for you to handle. This version with the 2-cup capacity is perfect for mixing up a batch of pancakes then dispensing the batter on the grill, and it comes in three other sizes, too.


22. This Clever Smartphone Accessory Stores Your Must-Have Cards

Sinjimoru Phone Grip Card Holder, $11, Amazon

The unique design of this smartphone pocket means it can serve three functions in one. First and foremost, the durable fabric of the wallet is just the right size to store your license and your credit cards, plus maybe even a folded bill or two. The pocket — which adheres securely to the back of your phone with high-strength adhesive — even has enough space for a RFID-blocking card to keep your personal information safe. Finally, the strong-yet-stretchy strap on the exterior of the pocket will give you a good hold on your device. It comes in four colors, too.


23. This Food Chopper Really Means Business

ZYLISS Zick-Zick Classic Food Chopper, $12, Amazon

The sharp, stainless steel blades and cordless design of this food chopper make it a real MVP in the kitchen for all your food prep needs. It operates simply by pushing the top down repeatedly — so it's also great for those with hand strength deficiencies — and the blade cover protects your fingers while it's in operation. The handle locks down for safe storage, also.


24. This Two-In-One Hair Tool Both Curls And Straightens

Huachi 2-In-1 Curling Flat Iron, $30, Amazon

Why have two tools when this curling and flat iron can do the work of both? Featuring a ceramic-coated barrel to leave your hair smooth, and variable temperature settings that you can adjust to customize to your hair type, this tool switches from flat iron to curling iron with just the switch of a button. It's easy to use, too, thanks to its 360-degree swivel cord and anti-scalding tip, plus it incorporates dual voltage so it's terrific for travel.


25. This Vacuum Cleaner Is Light Yet Powerful

BESTEK 2-in-1 Vacuum, $40, Amazon

Featuring high-performance suction and a washable HEPA filtration system, this vacuum will compete with any full-sized model, yet it weighs in at under 4 pounds so it's easy to carry around for use anywhere in the house. The handle detaches to serve as a hand vacuum to enable you to get into corners or tight spaces, and the unit comes with a crevice tool so you can get right down to the spot. It also features a 170-degree swivel head and a cord that's nearly 17 feet long for easy maneuvering.


26. A Device That May Look Like A Frisbee, But It's Made To Stop Spills In The Kitchen

AUANDYU Spill Stopper, $12, Amazon

With heat-resistant silicone construction that resembles that of a floppy Frisbee, this gadget is actually a kitchen magician — it keeps your unwatched pots and pans from boiling over and spilling onto your stove and countertop. Flexible yet sturdy and BPA-free, it's suitable for any pot or pan with an opening that's 6 to 10 inches in diameter. It's great for use in the microwave, too, to keep it clean from spattering foods.


27. An Organizer That Stores All Your Cords And Peripherals To Take Along

BUBM Electronics Organizer, $20, Amazon

Featuring two separate compartments that are each outfitted with pockets and chambers for your devices and their accessories, this case will marshal all of your electronics into one convenient tote for travel. Made of heavy-duty, waterproof fabric, it's padded to keep everything safe while you're traveling, and it's large enough to accommodate even your iPad Mini or a similarly-sized tablet while still fitting into your briefcase, tote, or backpack.


28. A Wonder Substance That Lets You Fix, Seal, Bond, Mount And Create Just About Anything

Sugru Moldable Glue, $20 (8 Pack), Amazon

This ingenious silicone adhesive has so many uses you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Crafted using advanced technology that allows the silicone to stay super-flexible for molding to any surface, this adherent then solidifies overnight to form a strong, durable seal. Hang things without drilling, fix your floppy shoe soles and unraveling phone chargers, or even sculpt shapes that will then dry solid: Sugru does it all and is waterproof, temperature-resistant, shock-resistant, and electrically insulating.


29. These Sheets Will Keep You From Having To Clean The Oven Ever Again

Chef's Choice USA Oven Liner Sheets, $13 (Set of 2), Amazon

Made from FDA-approved, BPA-free materials coated with the safe kind of Teflon (it's PFOA-free), these liners will protect your oven from splatters and spills so that you never have to scrub it again. Simply slide one onto the bottom shelf to catch everything, then rinse with warm water to get rid of spills and stains. They're highly durable, so they'll last you a good long while, and are impervious to heat up to 500 degrees.


30. This Cordless Device Will Make Your Clothes Look As Good As New

Just-f-Care Rechargeable Electric Lint Remover, $22, Amazon

Keep your clothes looking fresh as new with this lint remover that's handheld and cordless for ease of use — and it makes a terrific travel companion. The model features rotary blades that are safe on most kinds of fabric, and eliminate the fuzz on your garments without pulling their threads or damaging their seams. Plus, its oversized head will enable you to cover more ground quickly to get the job done fast.


31. This Tray Makes Prepping For Your At-Home Manicure A Snap

Makartt Nail Base, $18, Amazon

Complete with an ergonomically-designed hand rest and an integrated pump container for polish remover, this nail station has everything you need to make you feel like a pro when you're doing manicures at home. An adjustable arm clips on to the handrest to keep your polish close at hand, while the accessory tray provides storage space for tools and accessories — as well as alternate colors and even nail art supplies.


32. A Brush That Will Get Rid Of The Screen Schmutz On Your Computer

PANDA CASH BACK Laptop Cleaner Brush, $10, Amazon

With soft bristles that gently whisk away the dirt and smudges, this laptop brush will help keep your computer and any other electronics — including your smartphone — clean and smudge-free. Double-sided and with a case to cover the bristles, it's a helpful accessory to keep in your desk drawer or throw in your bag for travel.


33. These Simple Gadgets Make Keeping Food Fresh Easy

GiftKoncepts Bag Caps, $13 (Set of 3), Amazon

Tired of your chips going stale after you open the bag? Fret no more — just try these silicone seals and keep all your foods fresh in a flash. Just attach the cap to your open bag (the edges are inserted between the two pieces of the cap) and the top flips down and snaps closed. Need another handful? Simply flip the top back up and pour right through the mouth. This set of three includes a small, medium, and large version to accommodate all of your packaged foods.


34. A Rack That Will Eliminate The Mess In Your Overcrowded Cabinets

YouCopia Bakeware Rack, $18, Amazon

Instead of all your bakeware tumbling out of your cabinet every time you open the doors — or laying unused and jumbled up in the drawer under your stove — put this rack with its seven heavy-duty, adjustable dividers to eliminate the clutter. With soft, non-slip feet, it stays put where you place it, and the coating on the dividers ensures they won't scratch your cookie sheets or jelly roll pans.


35. These Smart Plugs Put Your Home's Controls Right At Your Fingertips

Teckin Smart Plug Outlets, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

Equipped with WiFi so they can talk to an app on your smartphone, these Smart Plugs will enable you to get ahold of your energy usage and much, much more. Plug in some lights and keep your home illuminated when you're traveling, or sync them up to turn off after you've left or before you arrive — you'll have all the power over your power. Plus, the free app lets you monitor your energy usage from anywhere you are.


36. This Bowl Makes Chopped Salads In Just Four Slices

The Original EZ Salad Cutting Bowl, $16, Amazon

This two-piece bowl cuts out a lot of knife work: All you do is put the ingredients in the slotted basket to rinse and strain, then place it down on the base. Slide your knife through each of the slots, rotate 90 degrees, and repeat, and your chopped salad is ready to go the moment you flip the bowl back over.


37. These Shoe Accessories Rid Your Sneakers Of Any Odors

Marsheepy Odor Removing Bags, $15 (12 Pack), Amazon

Stuff one of these bags wherever odor lurks, and the 100 percent natural charcoal filling will absorb the particles, whisking them away and leaving nothing but clean air behind. They're great for removing foot odor from shoes without potentially harmful chemical sprays, or used in your wardrobe, closet, or drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh during storage or every day.


38. This Handy Accessory Charges All Your Devices At Once

Unitek Charging Station, $23, Amazon

It seems like my electronics communicate with each other to sync up when they're going to run out of juice, and that's why this charging station is so handy: With four ports, it's equipped to get everything back up and running all at the same time. Charge four iPhones or 3 iPads at once — and quickly — with these high-speed ports, and rest assured that this durable unit will protect your electronics from harm with its integrated current regulation.


39. This Device Will Keep Everything In Your Fridge Smelling Like It Should

Innofresh Fridge-It, $7, Amazon

Weird fridge odors penetrating your food and making it taste funny? Just try out Fridge-It. Filled with naturally activated charcoal, this device will soak up the odors to trap and neutralize them the natural way. Keep your refrigerator, freezer, or any other closed space smelling the way you expect it to for six months with just one of these molded, durable units. Fragrance- and chemical-free, it's the safe way to banish nasty scents.


40. These Genius Pads Keep Your Stuff From Disappearing Into Your Car

Drop Stop, $20 (Set of 2), Amazon

So genius that they attracted the attention of the high rollers on Shark Tank, these neoprene inserts go between your car seats and the center console to stop all your stuff from disappearing under your car. They mold right around the seatbelt catch and move with your seats — so there's no need to fiddle with them when you move the seat, and never again will you find fossilized fries on your floorboard when you give your car a thorough cleaning.


41. These Durable Cubes Are A Traveler's Best Friend

Chameleon Packing Cubes, $24 (Set of 5), Amazon

Lightweight yet built to last from strong honeycomb polyester and non-rip mesh, these packing cubes keep your luggage organized when you travel. The set includes four mesh organizers plus a shoe bag, and they're designed together to keep your bag under the weight limit. Premium zippers ensure that everything stays inside until you need it, plus they come in four colors to coordinate with your luggage.


42. This Portable Accessory Will Increase Your Productivity And Prevent Neck And Eye Strain

Kavalan Portable Laptop Stand, $18, Amazon

I defy you to find a device that delivers more value for the money than this portable laptop stand. Lightweight enough to carry with you at less than a pound, but with durable strengthened nylon fiber construction, it's designed to elevate your laptop and hold it at an angle for easy access as well as heat dispersion. With your screen closer to eye level, you'll avoid eye and neck strain, too.


43. An Organizer That Keeps Your Purse Or Briefcase Neat And Tidy

ETTP Bag Insert Organizer, $10, Amazon

With sturdy nylon construction, this purse organizer is all you need to keep your handbag tidy — no matter how often you switch it out. You'll find a place for everything among its 13 pockets, including one large chamber, four small padded pockets for your electronics, two zipper pockets for valuables, and six mesh pockets for all your pens, chargers, and other accessories. Ready to change bags? Simply lift it out with the nylon handles and make the transfer.


44. A Genius Little Accessory For Your Earbuds

MAIRUI Earbud Holder, $10, Amazon

Keep your earbuds neatly wrapped inside this case and avoid the fraying, tangling, and breakage — not to mention the outright frustration — that you run the risk of when you just chuck them into a purse or a pocket. Available in a dozen colors, the winder is made of sturdy solid silicone with a chic, unique petal design that keeps them in place. They're perfect for travel and make a great gift, too.


45. These Sweat Pads Will Ensure You're Dry Even When You're Feeling Under Water

Kleinert's Underarm Pads, $13 (Box of 24), Amazon

Protect yourself from wet stains that show through clothes with these underarm pads. Hypoallergenic and outfitted with extra-strong adhesive, these pads are made from non-woven, super-absorbent materials, and won't show through clothes. Simply peel off and dispose of them when done.


46. This Sleek Tumbler Is Actually A French Press, Too

Espro Travel Coffee Press, $34, Amazon

Seriously, how chic is this uber-functional travel tumbler with the integrated French press? I can't imagine a coffee lover on the face of the planet who wouldn't fall in love with its clean lines and insulated, double-walled stainless steel design. The hidden secret is a patented, double micro-filter that exudes delicious, rich flavor with zero grit in your cup. Once you've pressed the coffee, no more flavor leaches out, so every sip will be as perfect as the first.


47. This Disposable Lint Roller Retracts Like A Lipstick

Flint Retractable Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

Roughly the same size as your average smartphone backup battery, this is a lint roller with a difference: It retracts just like a lipstick to keep its long-lasting adhesive sheets sticky and ready for use, so it's awesome to stick in your purse. This stylish little number keeps you freshened up with 30 multi-use sheets, and once you've exhausted its supply, you can order a 100 percent recycled paper refill.


48. These Clips Will Keep Your Workplace Free From Cable Tangle

Bukey Cable Clips, $8 (10 Pack), Amazon

Clean up your workspace or anywhere you have electronic devices with these clips that straighten up any tangled mess of cables. Backed with strong adhesive, they adhere to practically any surface and enable you to snap in your cables to keep them tidy and in one place. This set includes two clips that will accommodate five cables each, two three-cable clips, and two two-cable clips — plus two clips capable of accommodating two oversized cables each, and two single-cable clips.


49. These Hangers Attach To Your Car Headrest And Give You A Place For Your Stuff

OfsPower Car Headrest Hooks, $7 (Set of 4), Amazon

Capable of keeping up to 44 pounds per hook suspended up and off of your vehicle's floor, these hooks are great ways to keep your car clean. Hang even your heaviest tote or briefcase off the back of a seat, and use two hooks together for even heavier burdens. Great for keeping a trash bag in place so you can clean on-the-go, they're durable and install in seconds.

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