49 Seriously Awesome Amazon Products That’ll Cut Your Problems In Half

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I don't know about you, but when I look around my house and consider the various items that need to be fixed, it often feels like no money, more problems — especially when payday is a ways off. When I'm feeling that vibe, I call on the genies of the internet to help, because there's no shortage of killer Amazon products that will cut your problems in half, no matter what kind of issue you're having.

Let me just give you one example: You haven't lived until you've tried out the miracle silicone adhesive Sugru. It's just the coolest stuff, because it stays flexible while you're working with it to do everything from fix up floppy shoe soles to mount your artwork to the wall... then overnight, it hardens into a solid, complete with an air-tight, waterproof seal. My favorite use of this amazing substance is to patch my phone charger cords, since I seem to go through a cord every other day. Since the silicone doesn't conduct a current and itself serves as an insulator, it's the perfect answer to make my cords good as new, without worrying and without ordering another gross of them.

Ah, Sugru. It saves money and space in the landfill. Good, and good for you. Best of all, this list contains a bevy of products that are awesome problem-solvers just like this miracle silicone adherent. Happy shopping.

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