5 Astrology Apps That Will Help You Read Your Zodiac Birth Chart

Sure, reading your horoscope is fun — but reading your entire birth chart? So much better. If you love astrology and all of its cosmic insights but haven't yet had the pleasure of figuring out how to calculate your birth chart, well, let me tell you: Your astrology obsession has only just begun. Everyday horoscopes are generally based on sun signs alone, which is only the very tip of the massive astrology iceberg. But everyone has a sign for every other planet in the astrology solar system, too (think moon and rising signs, Venus and Mars signs, etc.) — and they're all hella important. Plus, a birth chart will also show you things like the relationship between your planets' placements and what signs your 12 houses of the zodiac fall in, all of which will give you a much clearer picture of how astrology influences your life. You'll gain a more well-rounded view of your ~true self~ from an astro perspective, but fair warning: Prepare for a multitude of astrology-themed Google search binges to take over your life for the coming months as you explore every nook and cranny of your chart — cause there's a lot to unpack, and it's so much fun.

Hitting up a professional astrologer for a birth chart reading is going to give you the real-deal insights that would be hard to figure out on your own (it's like the enlightenment-equivalent of at least a few months worth of therapy, IMO!!!!). That said, if you're looking for a Millennial-age quick-fix and want to start exploring your astrology solo, there are lots of apps for reading your birth chart that you can start surfing riiiiiight now, from the palm of your hand and the comfort of your couch. It sure is good to be a 21st century witch.

So, first thing's first: Make sure you have your exact birth date, time, and place (text your parents and request they check your birth certificate pronto, if necessary!). It all counts, so no guesstimating if you can help it. Once you're armed with your birth info (as well as a deep desire to jump down the astrology K-hole), download a few of these birth chart-providing apps so you can start surfing your chart and learning alllllllll about the astrological ins n' outs of you. Enjoy the cosmic therapy!

Co-Star Personalized Astrology

I'm pretty obsessed with Co-Star. The app's interface is sleek and modern-looking compared with other clunkier apps, so it feels way more fresh and trendy. The app provides you with all your birth chart info for free, plus you can compare your compatibility with your friends, as it's an interactive, social app. Download Co-Star for iOS, or get on the waiting list for the Co-Star Android app launch.


The TimePassages app has been my personal go-to for astrology and natal chart info for ages. It's strikes a good balance between being overly detailed (we're not all professional astrologers, after all) and overly vague (cause like, my Virgo is in Venus and I need the deep dish when I'm passionate about something). Unfortunately, it recently started charging 99 cents to calculate charts (that used to be a free feature), but the low cost is totally worth it, as this app is literally bursting with information and allows you to draw up birth charts for friends, too. Download TimePassages for iOS.

Astromatrix Horoscopes

The whole aim of the Astromatrix app is to help you understand your birth chart, so it's perfect for anyone who's ready to dive right in. The app is super user-friendly and lets you easily draw up your chart, offering up insightful summaries about the various signs and placements that are unique to you. In addition to the charts, the app offers horoscopes, tons of compatibility info, free Tarot readings, and more. Download Astromatrix for iOS.

Time Nomad

Described as an "astrologer's pro toolkit," Time Nomad allows you to not only calculate natal charts for yourself and other people, but also draw up charts for any place and time so you can really dive deep into the astrology of all parts of life. You can create unlimited personal profiles, to get to it and download Time Nomad for iOS today.

AstroSage Kundli

While the above apps are all created based on Western astrology, AstroSage is the ideal option for anyone looking to expand their practice into Vedic astrology and explore their birth chart within that realm. The app offers an incredibly thorough and vast amount of personalized information based on your chart, and it's totally free. Download AstroSage for iOS and explore.