These 5 Crystals Will Help You Find Your Balance During Virgo Season

by Brittany Bennett
Happy woman jumping and enjoying life in field at sunset in mountains

Leo season was a fiery month of socializing and soaking in the spotlight. It's an astrological confidence boost. But it could have also been a bit overwhelming which is where Virgo season comes in. Virgo season graces us with reliability and simplicity. It's exactly the "morning after" season we need as the Sun transits out of Leo. To make the most of this energy, there are crystals for Virgo season that will help you find your balance after a whirlwind summer.

Every year the Sun transits through Virgo from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22. After a whirlwind summer, Virgo season infuses us with the energy to settle down and get back to work. Which, coincidentally, is what' we're all expected to do according to the calendar year. We're hanging up our bikinis and going back to school and back to work. Virgo season supports this return to the grind — and even makes it exciting.

"The 2019 Virgo Season is a muted one — it’s not glittering and showy, but it is a period where life can become less cluttered and a time where we can put roots down and get into a better routine," according to Numerology Sign. Virgo is all about organization. An Earth sign, whose ruling house is the one of routines, we will all feel the urge to get back into something that's familiar. And we'll feel an urge to make the familiar tidy. In true Virgo fashion, 'tis the season for organizing.

To help get back into the groove of routines there are crystals to inspire the grounding, calming energy Virgo so loves.

Green Jade


Virgo is the hard, efficient worker of the zodiac. When Virgo has a goal, they see it — and all the minuscule details — through. During Virgo season we'll all get a whiff of this relentless drive. Make this surge of get-to-work energy last by holding onto Green Jade. According to Energy Muse, "It’s that crystal that reminds you to stay wise, remain consistent and keep working towards your prosperity goals." Which is precisely what Virgo season can teach the entire zodiac.

Black Tourmaline


There is no time for negative energy during Virgo season! There's work to do. No thank you, bad vibes. Black Tourmaline works to protect the environment around you. According to Energy Muse it cleanses "stagnant or negative energy." I repeat, there is no time for negative energy. Virgo season is a time to refuel and forge ahead!



Leo season can be fun, but also overwhelming. Aquamarine is the surest way to calm down from all that fiery excitement. "Restore balance and tranquility into your energy fields with Aquamarine," Energy Muse recommends. It's exactly what you'll need to kick off a season that's full of rearranging and finding peace at home as well as in routines.

Red Jasper


After a jam packed summer and a Leo season of lounging in the sun, Virgo energy asks us to snap back into action. Red Jasper encourages it. "Red jasper inspires a positive attitude and encourages you to take action in life," Energy Muse shared. Around this time of the year we all feel like we want to jump back into the textbooks. Red Jasper will help us keep a positive attitude towards that back to school spirit.

Clear Quartz


Now is the time to refocus on not just our work routines but also our wellness routines. What can you do that's beneficial for yourself? That keeps your mind energized and positive? Self care Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are all relevant during Virgo season. Clear Quartz is a healing crystal that can help level up your wellness routine. Dust off your old ways. "Clear quartz makes it crystal clear that health is your focus. By cleansing the mind of self-doubt, clear quartz makes sure you stayed charged up," Energy Muse wrote on its site. Leave any self-doubt or anything that doesn't serve the self behind. Virgo season is all about reenergizing and cleaning up shop so you can proceed into a more positive future.

Virgo season is the perfect time to elect for a night in. You've made your appearances during Leo season. Build an altar of crystals to inspire the most out of the season ahead. Once you regain your balance, and ground yourself to the powerful Earth energy, you'll be an organized force to reckon with.