5 Balancing Crystals For Virgo Season 2019 To Help You Find Your Zen


Leo season was a fiery month of socializing and soaking in the spotlight. It's an astrological confidence boost. But it could have also been a bit overwhelming which is where Virgo season comes in. Virgo season graces us with reliability and simplicity. It's exactly the "morning after" season we need as the Sun transits out of Leo. To make the most of this energy, there are crystals for Virgo season that will help you find your balance after a whirlwind summer.

Every year the Sun transits through Virgo from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22. After a whirlwind summer, Virgo season infuses us with the energy to settle down and get back to work. Which, coincidentally, is what' we're all expected to do according to the calendar year. We're hanging up our bikinis and going back to school and back to work. Virgo season supports this return to the grind — and even makes it exciting.

"The 2019 Virgo Season is a muted one — it’s not glittering and showy, but it is a period where life can become less cluttered and a time where we can put roots down and get into a better routine," according to Numerology Sign. Virgo is all about organization. An Earth sign, whose ruling house is the one of routines, we will all feel the urge to get back into something that's familiar. And we'll feel an urge to make the familiar tidy. In true Virgo fashion, 'tis the season for organizing.

To help get back into the groove of routines there are crystals to inspire the grounding, calming energy Virgo so loves.