I Used A Crystal Set Designed For My Zodiac Sign & I’ve Never Felt Better

The only thing I love talking about more than crystal healing is probably astrology (just ask all of my friends, who are all probably lowkey sick of hearing about it), so it's no surprise that I often combine crystals and astrology in my personal spiritual practice, as well as in my daily life. Needless to say, I was pumped when I realized that you could buy zodiac crystal sets that contain crystals chosen specifically to support each zodiac sign's energy.

If you're new to crystal healing, getting a set that's tailored to your astrological sign is actually an awesome way to dip your toes into the crystal pool, so to speak. The collection of zodiac crystal sets curated by Love By Luna are perfect go-to starter packs. "While any sign can benefit from the properties of various crystals, starting off with a tailored selection offers the 'crystal curious' a more guided and less daunting approach to diving into beginning crystal usage and practices," explains Love By Luna. Choosing crystals intuitively is great, as is doing a bunch of research on your own — but if you'd like a little extra guidance, these sets are a solid bet.

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Anyway, I had to get my hands on one — and when I did, I was surely happy my ever-indecisive Libra self had gone for it. The set arrived in an adorable and highly-aesthetic dream package (a touch that was deeply appreciated by a Libra like me). Fluffy pink tissue paper unfolded to reveal a super cute, tiny, marble-printed canvas drawstring pouch, emblazoned with my the name of my sun sign — which is perfect if you want to carry your lil' crystals with you wherever you go (that way they don't get knocked around in your purse!).

Inside the pouch were four crystals — amethyst, green aventurine, black tourmaline, and rose quartz — and each is tailored perfectly to support the stereotypical traits and qualities of a Libra (just as the other kits' crystal combinations are tailored to support each sign). There's also a small card enclosed that describes the properties of each crystal as it applies to your sign, which is super handy. I kicked off this new crystalline adventure by cleansing my new rock babies (always cleanse your crystals before working with them!) and getting them all energetically fresh n' clean.

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It just so happened that the package arrived just before the recent full moon in Libra, so I was able to kick things off by incorporating the set in a moon ritual. I was working with candle magic during the last full moon, and I placed the crystals on my altar around the base of the candle so they could charge up and help enhance my intentions. Before going to bed, I set the crystals out on my windowsill to "charge" under the light of the Libra full moon, too. It was the perfect way to incorporate these new babies into my practice — and given that this selection was tailor-made for Libra vibes, they were perfect to use under the energy of a Libra moon.

Post-cleansing, moon ritual, and Libran lunar charge, I decided to try working with each crystal individually to take advantage of the energies they offered my sign. I chatted with Love By Luna to find out why they included each crystal in this particular set, and got their advice on what to do with each crystal to max out on its good vibes. Whether or not you're a Libra, you can try any of these tips and tricks at home with crystals of your own — or try a kit tailored to your own zodiac sign!

Crystal #1: Amethyst To Calm Racing Thoughts

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I adore the feminine, creative, and soothing energy of amethyst crystals. "As an Air sign, you’re very mentally active," explains Love By Luna about Libras. Ain't that the truth. "[U]se Amethyst to quiet any superficial thoughts or distractions and focus on expanding your mind on a higher level." It's so true — sometimes, I'm so caught up in conceptualizing everything and worrying about what other people think that I literally don't even know what's happening in the present moment.

At the suggestion of Love By Luna, I decided to meditate with the amethyst before bed and sleep with it under my pillow. I didn't expect too much, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was legitimately able to fall asleep more peacefully. I often have anxieties running through my mind when I lay down at the end of the day, and just generally can't turn off my brain because I'm lost in the la-la land of being a people-pleasing Libra — re-thinking each minuscule social interaction of my day and falling into a downward spiral of anxiety over the texts from friends that I've yet to reply to. You know the drill. But meditating with the amethyst for a few minutes before hitting the hay and then going to sleep with it under my pillow was like a very subtle yet effective mind-soother. I highly recommend it to anyone — Libra or not — who wants a little sprinkle of spiritual calm added to their nightly routine

Crystal #2: Green Aventurine To Balance Communication

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Next up: Green aventurine, one of the luckiest stones around. "Libra may need guidance in maintaining their individualism throughout relationships by boosting will power and establishing a clear sense of purpose," explained Love By Luna in a blog post. Represented by the sign of the scales, Libra for sure strives for balance in all things — especially when it comes to relationships, as they are the most partnerships-oriented sign of the zodiac.

Love By Luna suggests keeping green aventurine with you during conversations with others to help support you in defining your own purpose and truth (rather than swallowing down your own opinions in order to keep the peace). I've had some rough moments in the relationship department recently, and I made a point to keep this green aventurine piece with me during a difficult conversation that came up last week. I usually have trouble speaking my truth in the midst of a heated confrontation because I'm so conflict-averse, but having a small crystal that I could hold in my hand and draw energy from as we talked was a helpful reminder of the fact that I need to be true to myself and state my needs and boundaries, even if it results in some moments of discomfort.

Crystal #3: Black Tourmaline For Grounding & Protection

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Black Tourmaline is one of the most protective crystals around, IMO. I keep a large chunk right next to the front door of my apartment as a way to help protect my physical and energetic space — so I was stoked to see this included in the Libra crystal set. "[Black tourmaline] anchors Libra in their decisions and perspectives," explains Love By Luna, "[and] helps them not to be swayed by negative or dominating forces." As a highly social, diplomatic, and justice-oriented sign, Libras have a tendency to take on the emotions, worries, and energies of other people — and while having empathy and being accommodating is certainly a strength, it's important to set boundaries and not carry other people's negative energy around with you.

Since I already have a black tourmaline that I keep in my house, I decided to level up and use the newest addition to my black tourmaline collection as a protective amulet for my car. Given that Mercury was still retrograde when I started using this crystal kit, it was super helpful to have an extra bit of grounding, protective energy on my side while I was on the go. As you may know, Mercury rules transportation — and I was def running late and dealing with technical issues practically on the daily during this last retrograde run. I feel like having the black tourmaline in my car helped keep me chill and alleviate some stress vibes when it came to dealing with unforeseen issues — like mad traffic, GPS malfunctions, or you know, your back window suddenly rolling down on its own over and over again. True story.

Rose Quartz For Gaining Clarity In Love

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Save the cutest for last: Our darling rose quartz. As the quintessential stone of love, forgiveness, and compassion, this crystal is perfect for Libra, who is ruled by romance-planet Venus. "Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal to help attune Libra’s true feelings in regards to love, while curbing any superficial distractions of confusion that might keep them riding the fence," explains Love By Luna. It's easy to get blinded by a love-high (especially when you're a Libra, who absolutely loves being in love), but in order to maintain balance, you need to consider things from your own perspective, too.

To get the max energy out of my rose quartz, I decided to use it in a super cute and romantic love ritual for the person I treasure the most: MYSELF. Surprise! I placed the crystal on my altar, surrounded it with fragrant dried rose petals as an offering, and lit some rose-scented incense. I then pulled a card from my Sacred Self-Care Rituals Oracle Deck, as well as my Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck (I love pulling oracle cards for a quick bit of advice and guidance on any matter!), and proceeded to say aloud some positive affirmations about myself. One of my favorites is "I love and respect myself no matter what," which my former therapist shared with me. It's simple, but the message of unconditional love toward one's self is really powerful. Practicing this ritual is a major confidence-booster, and the sweet, gentle energy of the rose quartz is perfect for stimulating self-love.

There are so many creative ways to experiment with crystals. Whether you're wearing them, carrying them in your pocket, using them as part of a meditation practice, or incorporating them into spiritual ritual work, it's worth it to try different things in order to see how to best connect with crystal energy. Zodiac crystal sets can be a super helpful tool for those of you new to the crystal healing scene, so check out a crystal set made for your sign and start having some fun.