These Are The 5 Beauty Brands To Turn To If You Have Sensitive Since

Leandro Crespi/Stocksy

Sensitive skin can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you love beauty and more specifically, skincare. While I don't have particularly sensitive skin myself, I have battled periods of eczema and can suffer with reactive breakouts if my skin doesn't like what I am putting on it. Many of my friends also experience sensitivity, and through my own experiences and from talking to them, it is clear there is a select edit of best brands for sensitive skin, available in the UK. And refreshingly, the majority of them can be found on the high street and are in fact super affordable.

There are certain ingredients and other things that it is recommended sensitive skin should avoid, particularly when it comes to skincare. Fragrance is one of the most important, Dr Sam Bunting told Get The Gloss: "Fragrance-free is a good place to start – not only is it potentially irritant, but fragrance is the commonest allergen found in cosmetics, so avoid." Some skin types don't take well to things like essential oils, either, which can cause reactions and/or breakouts. It's therefore best to stick to brands that are specifically designed to suit sensitive skins, and have really done their research. Here are five of my favourite:

La Roche Posay

La Roche Posay's mission has always been to bring dermatologist-standard skincare to the masses at accessible price points. They are also dedicated to creating products that can be used by every skin type, including and especially sensitive complexions. Their Toleriane range is particularly good for skin that's damaged, reactive, or just a little sensitive. I have used these products during eczema breakouts and they served me really well.

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A U.S import, CeraVe launched in 2006 and caters to skin that is sensitive and is in dire need of hydration. The range comprises over 70 products now, with the bestsellers available in the UK high street at stores such as Boots and Superdrug. Impressively, the brand has received more Seal of Acceptance awards from the National Eczema Association than any other brand, so you know you can trust it.

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Cetaphil is famed for its Gentle Skin Cleanser, which is a favourite among even the biggest of celebrities. The product is so gentle, it can be used on any and all skin types. Their lotions and moisturisers are also impressive, and everything is sold at drug store prices.

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The Inkey List

Believe it or not, The Inkey List has only just turned one, despite its incredible immediate success. The brand keeps skincare simple, meaning sensitive skins can cater to their complexions easily by picking specific ingredients and formulas they know they can use. The hydrating formulas such as the Hyaluronic Acid and Snow Mushroom moisturiser are especially effective for those on the sensitive side.

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Psychotherapist Charlotte Ferguson created Disciple in order to aid stressed out skin as well as stressed out souls. Her adaptogen-rich formulas help to ease inner anxiety in order to keep things looking clear and healthy on the outside. And her formulas are also sensitive skin-friendly, from the bestselling luxurious oil cleanser to the dreamy face oil.

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