5 Books By The Author Of 'Sex And The City' That You Probably Haven't Read Yet


Sex And The City is a cultural marker all on its own. For years, these four women — Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda — graced my screen and taught me valuable lessons about all things love, heartbreak, work, and being an adult in the big city. Plot twist: It's way harder than it looks. No matter which character you and your friends believed yourself to be, all four women probably held a special place in your heart. (And honestly, depending on what was going on in their storylines, you probably switched favorites multiple times.) Plus, who could forget all the dating drama and incredible fashion?

Although SATC will always be near and dear to me, sometimes I find myself itching for a fresh set of characters or new storylines. If you, too on the hunt for new stories, you have plenty of options: author Candace Bushnell has written a handful of other books with the same spirit and liveliness as the book for which she's most famous: Sex and the City.

Whether you're looking for your new summer beach read or just simply looking for a fun, light-hearted story, here are five other Bushnell books you can pick up this summer:

'One Fifth Avenue'

One Fifth Avenue is packed with juicy insight about New York City's elite — and it's all things witty, smart, and sophisticated. One Fifth Avenue is a tribute to all things New York, and it will make you fall in love with Bushnell's sharp writing all over again. Beware, though: It’s super-quick read, so have your next Bushnell book on standby.

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'Four Blondes'

Bushnell’s signature commentary is front and center yet again in this collection of short stories about four women in NYC. Despite their different careers and love lives, the ladies all learn to prioritize their own happiness and emotional needs over what society thinks they should do in these charming short reads.

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'Lipstick Jungle'

Like SATC, Lipstick Jungle also received the television treatment and aired on NBC for two seasons back in 2008-2009. The book chronicles the tales of three women who will do just about anything for the sake of their career. While all three women are hustling in their respective industries, they all face their fair share of troubles and find themselves yearning for more in life.

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'Killing Monica'

In Killing Monica, an author named Pansy finds success when her mega-popular books are adapted into Hollywood blockbusters. However, Pandy decides she wants to take a break from her previous projects in order to pursue another literature endeavor — much to her husband's and publisher's dismay.

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'Trading Up'

Trading Up is all about the ups and downs of fame and fortune. From the glamorous apartments, fancy cars, and sexy men, the life of a famous NYC model seems perfect from the outside. On the inside, however, things are a bit more complex. Protagonist Janey is left to balance her own values and morals with her new high-profile lifestyle, and learns to make some difficult choices in order to live her best life.

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