Here's Why It's Definitely Asher In The Snow On 'HTGAWM'

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Another week, another clue about the big Season 5 death on How to Get Away with Murder. There has been a ton of fans musing about whether it is Connor or Nate and both of them are likely victims. After all, Connor is playing with fire by watching Frank watch Gabriel, who carries a flip-phone and breaks people’s faces. And, Nate has angered Bonnie after he lied about the files and snooped around in her personal business for no known reasons besides being super nosy. But, if you look closely, there are several clues that Asher dies in HTGAWM Season 5 that you probably missed because you, like the rest of the fandom, could care less about his fate.

This season, Asher has taken his mediocre talents to the D.A.’s office so he can feel less useless after he lost a spot in Annalise’s class to Gabriel. It didn’t take him long to start throwing wrenches in Annalise’s cases and wreaking havoc on poor Bonnie’s life by airing out their previous relationship with his boss. Now, he’s on Bonnie’s work couch professing his feelings for her and saying he feels lonely. Oh Asher, this is why Annalise and others drag you all the time.

Unfortunately, being annoying isn’t reason enough to kill this character off, but these four other clues might hint at Asher’s impending demise.

He Hasn’t Been Marked Safe

There are several characters who have been spotted (and therefore marked safe) at Coliver’s wedding reception. But, Asher is NOT one of them even though he is the best man. In Episode 4, he popped over to Connor, Oliver, Michaela, and Laurel’s house to offer the grooms some wedding location options.

This confirmed that he would be in the wedding, so he is supposed to be at the reception too, right? The wedding party would presumably be small and stick close to the newly married couple, but he is def MIA. Of course, he could always be revealed in a future episode, but right now it is not looking too good for him.

Asher Is Still Salty

Asher really despises Annalise. Asher sort of hates Michaela. Asher tried to wiggle his way back into Murder Bonnie’s life but she shoved him right back in the friend zone. None of this adds up to anything good for him because he is back on the outskirts of this inner circle once again.

Based on his past, it wouldn’t be surprising if he slowly becomes an antagonist this season because of his salty feels. What if he does something suspicious that leads to Bonnie putting him out of his misery in the snow? Would Annalise really have such a strong reaction to Asher’s death? It’s not likely, but maybe she feels some guilt for tragically losing another student.

What Is His Purpose?

Why is Asher still a thing on this show? He has experienced little to no character growth since the beginning and is the least interesting person at this moment. Annalise is living her best life with a job that keeps her booked and busy and gained her a new ally with the equally awesome Tegan. Connor is being an entitled jerk right now but he can stay because everyone loves Oliver. Michaela is slowing lowering her number on Tegan’s hate scale by acting like someone who actually wants to do law work. And, Frank's suspect operations are always fun.

Gabriel is still a mystery, but each week opens up a little more about his past. There’s the ongoing Nate Lahey, Sr. case, the upcoming wedding, Bonnie’s baby mystery, and so much more that can all be awesome without Asher. The show is making even more progressive strides with Annalise's groundbreaking win and new diverse cast members, so the privileged White dude character feels so out of place. Yeah, the show killed Wes just a couple of seasons ago, but it would not be a bad move to shed this dead weight.

He’s One of the Least Obvious Options

Oliver and Nate seem a little too obvious, which is not how HTGAWM operates. Killing someone like Asher would be a shocking twist to the story. Perhaps it is not Asher in the snow and he dies in some other way that night. Imagine a double death with Asher and someone like Tegan or Emmett.

It’s not likely that Asher is the person who dies this season because who would really care? (Sorry, but it's true.) But, there is some resentment brewing in Asher’s mind that makes him a complete wild card this season. Will he team up with Gabriel for something sinister? Is he one some kind of mission to expose some dirty laundry, even if it brings him down in the process? The answers to these questions lie in the remaining Season 5 episodes.