5 Couples Share Their Honest Thoughts About Pubic Hair


"What do you do?" "Where are you from?" "How do you prefer your pubic hair?" If you're breaking the ice with a near-stranger, some questions are considered more appropriate than others. But in the pursuit of journalism (and also because I'm an incredibly nosy person), I may have asked the latter on more than one occasion and received several varied opinions in response. Some have been fairly laid-back and vague; others have gotten downright exact about everything from seasonality to method. And that's just regarding people's own personal situations. Add partners into the mix, who get up close and personal, and there can be even more nuances.

There's what you like on you. There's what they like on them. There's what you like on them, and vice versa. And to be clear, everyone — regardless of single- or coupledom status — has the right to their own preferences and beauty standards. But whether you've been with someone for one week or one decade, the topic of pubic hair is bound to come up. So to continue the trend of asking people incredibly personal grooming questions, we've partnered with Venus Bikini Precision Trimmer (click here to buy) to find out the actual opinions of five real couples.

The responses below are honest, assorted, and not always entirely identical between partners — there's trimming (lots of trimming), shaping, full-off shaving, or some combination of techniques. And the beauty of the Venus Bikini Trimmer is that it can accommodate all those preferences and more. So even though everyone has their own look, you only need one device. But regardless of how full or bare you keep things, when it comes to navigating this personal subject in the context of a romantic relationship (trends aside), one thing seems clear: Mutual respect, communication, and compromise are the most important.


Maddie & Tom, dating 5 years

Maddie: "Generally it's a bit laissez-faire, but we keep things tidy and trimmed, with more grooming in the summer for sure. I've never gotten on the full, Brazilian-wax train, and neither has he. Not really our vibe."

Recommended trimmer setting: 5mm comb

Devin & Lara, married 1 year (together 6)

Devin: "I'd say we're pretty much on the same page. On my own body, I always groom. The cleaner look is a must for me. Plus, it makes everything more pleasurable for my partner not having to navigate through too much hair. Trimming once a week is sufficient. As for my wife, whatever she feels comfortable with, really. The growing-in phase from smooth can be abrasive, so it's nice to avoid that. Hair is attractive — as long as it's kept neat."

Lara: "Yeah, I agree. I like to keep things trimmed fairly tightly on myself mostly for comfort reasons. I actually find it to be itchy otherwise (I have very sensitive skin). Lately, I've been using the Venus Precision Trimmer and loving how non-irritating it is. I keep the sides smooth with the bare razor, and then the detachable combs let me adjust how long or short I leave the rest. It's so easy to have it all in one device — and if I ever change my mind on my personal style, it's got it covered. And on him, I'm cool with whatever he's been doing since I met him. It's neat enough so I don't really have to deal with any unfortunate hairball scenarios. Again, comfort is really my main thing."

Recommended trimmer setting: bare trimmer + 5mm comb


Dave & Jackson, married 4 months (together 5.5 years)

Dave: "My husband and I have completely opposite preferences when it comes to body hair. While I prefer a more groomed-but-natural approach, he prefers to completely remove his. It doesn't bother me either way, so if it makes him happy, I'm all for it."

Recommended trimmer setting: bare trimmer

Tiffany & Mark, dating 2.5 years

Tiffany: "I shave completely most of the time. I like the way I look and feel when I'm getting ready every day."

Mark: "I don't really mind either way, but I like seeing you shaved, because I think it accentuates your body, and I know you feel more comfortable that way. [On me], I don't shave everything, but I keep it trimmed and neat. I can shave the side parts if you want, but I think how I keep it [now] is good. I feel good."

Tiffany: "I actually love the way you upkeep yourself. I think it adds a level of respect for us both. You keep it maintained, so it's not crazy or 'in the way' at times."

Recommended trimmer setting: bare trimmer + 5mm comb


Steph & Alex, dating 3 years

Steph: "I'm personally not a fan [of body hair]. I used to be a swimmer, so ever since I even started growing pubic hair, I've been trying to get rid of it. Turns out, my partner is the same way: 'It's like facial hair. If it's well-groomed, great! If not, it's not the best.' Thanks, bae."

Recommended trimmer setting: bare trimmer

*All names have been changed.

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