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6 Gifts Under $25 You'll Want For Yourself

Each year when the holidays roll around, gift-givers everywhere get ready to spend their cash on presents. Shiny displays and beautiful packaging make it very easy to spend a month's rent on products, but there are plenty of incredible gifts that don…
By Lexi Novak

7 Gifts Ideas For The Unofficial Beauty Blogger

We all have those friends. You know the ones — they're the unofficial beauty bloggers of your group. They have more beauty products in their medicine cabinets than actual medicine. Their shoe organizers are stuffed with nail polishes and makeup spong…
By Lexi Novak

7 Gifts For The Workout-Obsessed Friend

Do you have a friend who starts their day with a morning cardio session and ends it with Pilates? Do they prefer weekend cycling classes to boozy brunch? If so, they're your sporty friend, and they're rarely spotted without a gym bag in hand or runni…
By Lexi Novak

How To Pull Off 5 Tricky Fall Style Trends

Here at Bustle, we firmly believe that the phrase "I can’t pull that off" is actual nonsense. Prints, patterns, fabrics, necklines, silhouettes—there’s no reason to consider any element off-limits. Have you ever told yourself: "That style would never…
By Lexi Novak

Stylists Share Their Most Surprising Fashion Tips

How many times have you wished you could have gone clothing shopping with a stylist? How many times have you imagined texting a fashion editor a last-minute SOS! from a dressing room, because you could have used a pro’s sartorial opinion at that exac…
By Lexi Novak

How To Take Your Smoky Eyes From Day To Night

Smoky eyes are known for being a lot of things: classic, sultry, dramatic. What they aren’t known for is being particularly subtle…or versatile. But there’s way more to the look than just kohl liner and charcoal shadow. In fact, smoky eyes can be nud…
By Lexi Novak