Rock These Iconic David & Victoria Looks This Halloween, Because The '90s Are ALIVE

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Some celebrities don't have a distinctive look, making dressing up as them for Halloween pretty pointless. But some are totally identifiable. The Beckhams are one A-list couple with an easily recognisable wardrobe. Well, not so much in recent years but in the '90s and early '00s they were known for their outlandish matching ensembles, love of baggy denim (David), massive sunglasses (Victoria) and bling (both). If you're looking for a few David and Victoria Beckham couples costume ideas this Halloween, step right this way.

When the British couple married in 1999, Posh was into anything skintight and Becks alternated between matchy-matchy looks with his wife, questionable tracksuits, even more questionable haircuts, and oversized denim. Even their wedding day outfits will forever be seared into my brain.

Now, the former footballer is firmly suave and sophisticated while the ex-Spice Girl has swapped her ankle-breaking stilettos for trainers and chic trouser-and-shirt combos.

This Halloween, it's the retro looks you'll really want to emulate. Luckily, you don't have to spend a fortune as you can either pick up a readymade costume from a fancy dress store or throw a few high street items together. Whichever route you go down, remember Victoria Beckham never smiles but she has a great sense of humour. That's not too hard to mimic, is it?

The Ultimate Throwback

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Classic Football Shirts

2002-04 England Away Shirt, Classic Football Shirts, £69.99

Plus Structured Bodycon Dress, Boohoo, £8

If you want people to know who you're dressed up as on Halloween, opt for this look. The football shirt may be pretty expensive but it's a legitimate replica of one of Beckham's uniforms (and will make for a great present for a mega football fan afterwards). Before VB was VB, she was in the Spice Girls which meant a little black dress or a little black dress. Simple.

That Wedding

Victoria Beckham/Instagram

Purple Suit, Escapade, £33.49

HWAN Floral One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress, Amazon, £39.90

Obviously, David and Victoria's wedding ceremony outfits were great but have you seen their evening reception looks? When party time came, the couple whipped off their white ensembles and swapped them for these striking purple outfits by designer Antonio Berardi. Technically, the purple suit is a Joker fancy dress costume but unfortunately David's particular shade of choice went out of fashion almost as soon as 2000 hit, so there aren't many high street alternatives. And yes, the gown is a bridesmaid dress. But it's still a pretty good match.

Leather Overload

Nikos Vinieratos/Shutterstock

Biker Men's Fancy Dress, £32.49, Amazon

Wet Look Catsuit Costume, Escapade, £32.99

It's pretty hard to replicate this stand-out Versace leather look without the help of fancy dress retailers. Luckily, Victoria's look is quite similar to a Halloween-appropriate catsuit. As for David? Well, Amazon have provided the ultimate biker look by way of the Village People.

The Red Carpet Ensemble

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Halloween Costumes

Men's White Suit Costume, Halloween Costumes, £35.99

White Plunge Maxi Dress, Missguided, £25

This is what I think of when I think of the Beckham family. Over the top, glamorous, and not afraid to wear pure white. This particular look was worn to the 2003 MTV Movie Awards (15 years ago, would you believe?) and cemented their status as a power couple. It's easy to find Beckham's white tux but versions of Victoria's corseted dress don't seem to be around anymore. But you should be able to get away by adding a few diamantes to a white gown.

The WAG Era

La Redoute
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Black Wide Frame Square Sunglasses, PrettyLittleThing, £8

Bootcut Jeans, La Redoute, £14.50

SilverTab Baggy Jeans, Levi's, £85

I hate the word WAG as much as the next woman but it's certainly a phrase that conjures visions of ridiculously big sunglasses, the highest of all high heels, and super skinny jeans. Recreating David's look is simple. Just find some baggy denim in the back of your partner's wardrobe or from somewhere like Levi's, chuck on an equally baggy T-shirt, and you're good to go.

Wear one of these looks and you'll be all set for the ultimate throwback Halloween.