5 Easy & Healthy Ways to Snack for Every Day of The Week


Busy people are always on the hunt for healthier ways to snack. But for many of us, a handful of almonds isn't the most mouth-watering of treats. If you want to snack healthier every day of the week, but don't want to sacrifice tastiness, you might need to ramp things up a notch.

If you do crave eating plain baby carrots, that’s great! But for many of us flavor fiends, reaching for the crudités instead of the potato chips doesn't come naturally. Especially with the convenience of a snack room full of fast, salty snacks at work, staving off hunger with healthy things takes a lot.

If your tastebuds need more oomph, there are plenty of easy, ways to snack healthy. From making healthier versions of your favorite indulgences, to keeping condiments at the ready, we’re here to rescue you from blandness. Eating healthy snacks is a joy when you know what exactly to work with.

To help you out in your healthy snacking journey, we’ve teamed up with Hidden Valley Simply Ranch Dressing to compile a few suggestions for fun ways to make healthy happier, any day of the week. Happy eating! Make sure to try all the Simply Ranch Flavors in your snacking journey without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colorings.

Monday - Try A Veggie Bento Box


There’s no shame in jumping on the meal prepping bandwagon. You can assemble yourself a little celery, carrot, and cracker bento box on Sunday, and all you need to do is grab it from your fridge on Monday morning to start off the week right! A couple celery sticks, some crackers, carrots, and ranch, and you're in business. And with the variety of Hidden Valley Simply Ranch flavors (including Cucumber Basil, Chili Lime, and Classic Ranch) you can mix it up any day of the week. (What's more, the Ranch flavors have no artificial flavors or colors!)

Tuesday - Bake Up Some Fries


Everyone loves a good french fry, but have you ever tried baking these lovable spuds? If not, you’re missing out. Making tasty, relatively healthy baked fries is as simple as cutting up some potatoes in stick shapes, drizzling them in oil, seasoning them with some salt, and baking them in your oven. Throw ‘em in some plastic wear and pack along some Hidden Valley Simply Ranch for some extra zing.

Wednesday - Crisp Up Some Brussels Sprouts


Even if brussels sprouts don’t necessarily sound like the most exciting snack, the hearty vegetable is disarmingly delectable when you roast it up in a pan with some garlic and herbs. What’s more, when you bake these lovely little buds in the oven, the leaves fall off and make the perfect chip for dunking in what ever sauce you please.

Thursday - Spiralized Cucumber Salad


If you haven’t yet heard the gospel of a spiralizer, get thee to a kitchen supply store stat! To make a nutritious, tasty cucumber salad with nearly no mess nor effort, all you need to do is spiralize a cucumber, pop it in tupperware, and mix with your favorite dressing. Dice an onion for extra crunch and bite, and you’ve found your favorite new snack.

Friday - Put A Veggie Spin On Buffalo Wings


Buffalo wings are slightly complicated to make, and though tasty, aren’t necessarily the healthiest option on the menu. If you’re trying to snack healthy, opt for cauliflower hot wings instead! Just like with traditional chicken wings, it also goes great with some Hidden Valley Simply Ranch.

This article is sponsored by Hidden Valley Simply Ranch.