5 Funny St. Patrick’s Day Memes To Help You Celebrate This Year

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While parades, pubs, and green-clad celebrations are definitely the obvious way to spend St. Patrick's Day, some might argue that spending time on the internet sharing funny St. Patrick's Day 2019 memes with your friends is equally as festive. As you might have noticed, the internet is a treasure trove of nostalgic, relatable, and clever amusements, and when it comes to a boozy and ~extra~ holiday like St. Patty's Day, there are no shortage of memes.

For your viewing pleasure, I've rounded up a collection of St. Patty's Day memes that range from uncomfortably relatable to absolutely ridiculous — a range you might expect from such a holiday. Whether the green spirit and the luck of Irish brings you a social and festive holiday celebration out on the town, or has you at home, on your phone, cackling in sweatpants, I wish you a supremely enjoyable March 17. Aka, one of the rare times you get to escape the grim grip of the Sunday scaries in lieu of a very tolerable Monday morning hangover.

Bookmark these memes to share with those friends that you already have a low-key meme-exchange agreement with, or, use these as millennial greeting cards and send them to friends you don't usually meme with.

Hello Monday, Is That You?

Let's all just collectively agree that Monday will suck and be extra nice to each other.

Talk About ~Extra~

Though we may not have a good idea of the term "authentic" we do have a lot of fun. That counts for something, right?

Keep Your Fingers To Yourself

Can we all just agree to stop the pinching this year? No one likes it. No one.

Let's Be Real

Let's just be honest with ourselves.

When You Don't Know What You're Celebrating

Cheers to the folks who are still not really sure what St. Patrick's Day is about and could easily be convinced there is some correlation here.