5 Independent UK Plus Size Brands That Are Changing The Fatshion Game

When it comes to the world of plus-size fashion in Britain, it's often independent UK plus-size brands and size-inclusive designers that make the most waves. Where bigger names may be weary of taking certain risks, be it experimenting with silhouettes, hemlines, sleeve lengths, prints, or colours, smaller businesses seem to stay more in-tune with what their actual consumers want to see. For years, countless people of size have been making it known that we want more boldness, more trends, more eclectic and esoteric gems, better price ranges, better size ranges, and simply more of the variety that has long been a staple of the straight-size market. More often than not, it's the indies that listen.

It's the indies that tend to take into account the simple fact that plus-size bodies do not cease to exist at a size 24. It's the indies that realise there are plenty of fat individuals who dream of rocking the hell out of rainbow designs that demand attention. It's the indies that work to expand cultural horizons regarding what "is" or "isn't" acceptable to put on a plus-size figure. It's the indies that often hire the most diverse cast of models, in terms of size, race, gender identity, or abilities. And it's the indies that show legitimate commitment to working with, and for, fat people.

The below brands, all based in the UK, demonstrate a deep understanding not only of the need for more plus-size clothing with which to dress our bodies, but of the value and capacity for empowerment that clothing made specifically for those bodies might have.