5 Meditations To Help You Sift Through Scorpio Season's Drama

Woman meditating on table in office during break, closeup with space for text. Zen yoga

If there's any zodiac season that's going to have us rooting around in our self-care arsenals, it's Scorpio season. No offense to the... passionate sign, but you'll want some meditations for Scorpio season on hand, because a zen state of mind will take some serious effort to achieve during this time. While Scorpio energy can be intensely healing, it won't come without a mixed bag of other effects.

Scorpio energy definitely gets a bad rap for being extreme, and while in some cases their energy can have negative effects on others, it's no different than any other sign's influential power. Scorpios are all or nothing creatures. When they're into something, they're giving it their all. Their passion knows no bounds. If you're on the right side of a Scorpio, you'll be overwhelmed with how deep their love flows. But if you're not in sync with the Scorpio energy, you might feel out of sync with yourself.

To ensure that you're on the right side of the Scorpio energy flow, you'll want to try out a few guided meditations. According to astrologer Linda Furiate, if you take time alone to be with your thoughts during this time and tap into your higher self, Scorpio's influence can be transformative, helping you find faster or more efficient routes to get to where you want to go in life.

Kundalini Meditation for Scorpio Season

These breathing techniques that you can learn from this guided meditation are good to have in your arsenal year-round, but particularly in Scorpio season. While you're overwhelmed with impassioned Scorpio-flavored feelings, it'll be good to have a relaxation technique that you can take with you.

Scorpio Frequency Sounds

This music is composed with Scorpio-friendly sounds and frequencies that help you to connect with your highest self. If you're not into spoken guided meditations, this score will help you get into a zen state. If all of that intense Scorpio energy is making you feel anxious on-the-go, you can listen to it and it should help mellow you out.

Sleep Healing Meditation

If you don't have time to stop and meditate during the day, play this guided sleep meditation at bed time. You might fall asleep and remember very little of it or you might drift into a reflective state before falling asleep. Either way, you'll find that you wake up feeling more aligned than you felt before you went to bed. During Scorpio season, your energy might feel like it's going in every direction, and that might make it hard to settle down at the end of the day. If you think about nothing at all when you listen to this guided sleep-inducing meditation, it will still be beneficial.

Positive Energy Transformation Mediation

According to Furiate, Scorpio energy can be really healing if you lean into it. Scorpios might not share their feelings often, but that doesn't mean they're not self aware — in reality, they're incredibly emotionally intelligent and know themselves far better than they let on. To transform negative energy in your life into positive, more useful energy, follow this guided meditation and let the Scorpio season transform you.

Channel Your Passion

Scorpio's energy is deeply passionate and during Scorpio season, we'll all get a boost in passion, too. To ensure that you're channeling your passion in the right direction, take some time to meditate and visualize what you want for yourself and where your passion is best spent.