5 Meditations To Help You Take Advantage Of This Month’s Good Vibes

Group diverse young beautiful women sitting in lotus position meditating during session at yoga studio. Girls practising exercises visualizing calming the brain increasing awareness and attentiveness

During the summer months we spent time outside, we took in extended hours of sunlight, we were spontaneous and open-minded, and we worked on cultivating our crops, both literally and figuratively. With fall around the corner, many can probably already feel the shift of both astrological and meteorological seasons — it's more than a chill, it's something almost indescribable. Putting time aside for some self care during this transition will be exponentially beneficial for us all during this time, so you'll want to prepare yourself with some meditations for the fall 2019 equinox.

Meditation is a great way to spend time with yourself, without an agenda. It ensures that you direct positive energy, even if you don't know how or what to say to yourself. According to astrologer Kyle Thomas, the fall equinox "marks a harvesting period of time, one where we are reaping the rewards for the hard work we built during spring and summer," and while in many ways that act of harvesting is physical, it's also mental.

Meditation will help you comb through your mind and note the ways in which you've grown over the last season, the things you've realized about yourself and the world around you but not yet brought into your daily awareness, and it will help you figure out what's worth storing for the winter. Not every effort turns out to be fruitful, and during our fall equinox meditation sessions, we might realize that there are some things that we need to throw to the compost pile, and some things that we need to safely store. Now is the time to sort through it all. These are the meditations that will help you get organized and ready for fall:

Gratitude Meditation For Fall Equinox

This guided meditation will help you focus on the amazing things you have in your life right now. A little bit of gratitude is more important than you might realize as the seasons change, and keeping these positive attributes in the forefront of your consciousness will keep your head up and the light in as we move into the darker colder months.

Seasonal Cleansing Meditation

This 15 minute meditation includes optimal frequency sounds and instruments to help you get into a higher mindset. Though many of us will focus on collecting and getting ready to fill our homes and lives with comforts, it's equally as important to let go, too. Use this short meditation to think about the things on your life that might no longer be serving you, and think about how you can go about removing them in the most loving and responsible way.

Libra Season Balancing Meditation

Libras are natural balance-seekers, they know when their internal scale is off, and they have a great intuition for fixing it. During this time we could all use a little bit of that Libra energy to help us balance ourselves. This instrumental meditation track will help you to calm your mind, mute any distractions and give you the mental space to and energy to seek out imbalances and plot solutions.

Forest Meditation

If you can't get outside to be in nature and meditate, bring the sounds of the forest into your headphones, at the very least. This meditation will help create an atmosphere around your thoughts, so if you have trouble getting into a meditative space, this might be extra helpful. What's more, it will help you create some positive feelings around the turn of seasons, by the time you're done listening to it you won't be missing summer at all.

Rest Up Meditation

If you don't have time to meditate, turn your bed time routine into a meditative ritual, without taking up any more of your day. When you're getting ready for bed during the fall equinox, play this meditation (it's eight hours long) and go to bed as per usual. These relaxing sounds and frequencies will help you to drift into a deep and peaceful sleep, dulling any transitional anxieties that might threaten to keep you awake.