5 Meditations To Try During The Summer Solstice

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Scott Barbour/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice falls on June 21, 2019. This special day is the longest day of year with the most amount of sunlight, followed by the shortest night of the year. As you might imagine, astrologically speaking, this event is an ~enlightening~ one. To make the most of this date that marks our foray into the summer season, you'll want to familiarize yourself with some mediations for the summer solstice.

There's no better way to lean into this astrologically rich event than by taking some quiet time to yourself to reflect on the season behind and set intentions for the season ahead. And perhaps most importantly, live in the moment, too. If there's any day that's ripe with opportunity for us to be present and connected to our inner most selves, it's June 21. I mean literally, we might as well make use of that extra sunlight.

Bustle talked to astrologer Lisa Stardust about what unique influences the summer solstice has in store for this year. Stardust explains that Cancer is going to be running the show. The sun shifts into Cancer when the summer solstice commences and according to Stardust, when Cancer season begins, our emotions take flight. "The moon rules our sentiments and causes us to shift perspectives every two and a half days, when the moon changes signs." The subtext: brace for emotional chaos, post-solstice.

Sarah Potter, Tarot Reader, and Color Magic Practitioner also tells Bustle that the moody summer solstice is a good time to meditate on our passions and place focus and intentions there — as passion is most definitely a mood. "Think about where your passion lays and focus your intentions there," Potter suggests.

Here are some mediations that will help you get there.

Chakra-Tuning Summer Solstice Meditation

This beautiful, hour-long soundtrack will get you in the right mind space for a peaceful meditation, or help you set a positive and empowering mood for the day. Alternatively, you can use this meditation to close out the day and fall asleep, as it will encourage reflective thinking which is most valuable on this day.

Let The Light In Meditation

This meditation not only guides you through an informational summer solstice story time, but it also brings you into a light-welcoming meditational space. In the spirit of the lightest day of the year, this meditation encourages you to let the spiritual and physical light into your life.

Meditation For Emotional Stability

This meditation is recorded at a frequency that encourages emotional stability, which under the influence of Cancer, you'll need. If you start to feel like your moods are all over the place and you're having trouble finding a balance, let this meditation guide you to the line between extremes.

Activate Your Passion Meditation

Cancer's influence on the summer solstice will have you feeling all kinds of ways. This meditation will help you refine your passion and give you focus so that you can actually do something productive with it. And if you're having trouble unearthing what your true passion is, this guided meditation might help you sort through the fog to find it.

Healing Balance Meditation

If you find yourself feeling really introspective during the summer solstice, you might dig up some thoughts that aren't so pleasant to think about. Instead of pushing them down and ignoring them, listen to this meditation and face them, so that you can start the healing process. Now is the time to let the light in and face what's weighing on your heart.