3 Crystals For The June Full Moon That’ll Help Make Some Summer Magic

It's time to embark on your summer dreams, we've got a full moon coming up on June 17 that's going to help you make some magic happen. The June 2019 full moon is a particularly powerful one — in fact, Astrology King calls this luminary "the most important moon phase so far this year" due to its relation to some major planetary aspects that we're all bound to feel the energy of. It also heralds in the week of the summer solstice, making the energy even more potent and ripe with possibility.

And don't you worry — all of this lunar intensity is a decidedly good thing. "The June 2019 full moon is also important because it is the last moon phase of the current eclipse cycle which began with the January 5 solar eclipse," explained Astrology King. "So for many reasons, this is a full moon to make your longterm dreams come true." This moon will rise in the fiery, philosophical sign of Sagittarius, and its energy is helping us to revisit the goals and intentions we set at the very beginning of 2019. June's full moon is offering us a renewed burst of energy and zeal to accomplish our dreams, and motivating us to get ourselves back on track.

Working with crystals is a divine way to harness the full moon's energy and make your intentions even more potent in their power. Many crystals are believed to have healing properties and spiritual essences that we can actually align our own energy with — and working with natural tools can help us to feel more connected to mother Earth and her cycles.

Check out a few crystals for the June 2019 full moon in Sagittarius that are perfect to work with when it comes to setting intentions, connecting with the lunar energy, and making some summer magic happen.

Black Banded Agate

Black Banded Agate Pyramid, $24.99, Nature's Treasures.

Black banded agate is a majorly grounding force — and with this full moon, the surrounding planetary aspects, and the upcoming solstice energy, grounding is going to feel extra important. It's very useful for naturally clearing negativity from your thoughts and aura, so it can help to dismantle some of the frustrations and feelings of anger that can come up through Mercury and Mars opposing Saturn during this luminary.

How to use it: The energy of agate (and the lovely black banded variety, especially) is very introspective, and can help ground you in your truest feelings and desires. Using the crystal in a journaling activity can help you sort through the sometimes-chaotic full moon energy and stimulation in order to find some clarity with which you can embark on your goals. Try holding your black banded agate in one of your hands or in your lap as you free-write and do a total dump of your thoughts and feelings. Simply letting them out can help you untangle any messes or confusion you might feel that are blocking you from taking steps forward. When you're finished writing, refrain from reading the page and instead burn it to release the clutter and set yourself free.


Raw Sapphire, $17.51+, Etsy.

Sapphire is known a precious stone - but it's not just for fancy jewelry. This crystal has powerful metaphysical properties just like any other. Known for its deep blue hue, sapphire's energy is majestic and celestial. "Associated with the planet Saturn, Blue Sapphire embraces order, structure, and self-discipline, and is ideal for accomplishing goals and manifesting ideas into form," wrote Crystal Vaults. This is super relevant to June's moon, as Saturn is going to be very active during this full moon, as it's opposing both Mercury and Mars (which can make for some frustrating temper tantrums and communication issues), but will also be in positive aspect to dreamy Neptune, which will help you focus on long-term goals.

How to use it: With it's blue hue, sapphire is associated with the throat chakra, so it's helpful to use in a ritual where your voice is a conduit for manifestation. While it may sound cheesy, try coming up with a simple motivating chant for the full moon. Focus on the intentions you set with the eclipse in early January, and incorporate the same themes here. Hold the sapphire in your hand as you repeat the mantra aloud, programming it with your power and intention through your words.


Labradorite Touchstone, $9.95, Energy Muse.

Labradorite is pure magic, and it's easy to tell simply by looking at it. The polished, iridescent surface shimmers and flashes with shades of brilliant blues and golds. It's a crystal often associated with metaphysical work and magic rituals, and is a powerful manifestation stone. With the moon conjunct to lucky planet Jupiter, and both Mercury and Mars in positive aspect to dreamy Neptune, we'll be seeing good vibes, love, and spiritual elevation override the more difficult aspects of this powerful luminary — and labradorite is the perfect companion to that energy.

How to use it: "Labradorite's energy allows one to penetrate the veils of the Void, where all knowledge and possibility are held," wrote Crystal Vaults on its site. Use this stone's other-worldly power to help launch your dreams into reality. Think of the longer-term intentions you set for 2019, and make a list of clear, succinct steps you plan to take to accomplish the goals you set at the start of the year. Then, place the list in a visible place on your altar or in your home and set a piece of labradorite on or near the piece of paper to infuse the steps with its magic.