5 Meditations To Keep You Zen During The May New Moon

Ethan Miller/Getty Images News/Getty Images

May the force be with you for this month's new moon, falling perfectly into place on Saturday, May 4. May's new moon will provide a much needed respite after the stop-and-go nature of the early spring; first it's warm, then it's cold, first it's fruitful, then it's discouraging. With the moon in Taurus, we're all trying to renew ourselves and make big changes, but those changes won't necessarily be linear and the new moon is a good time to remind ourselves that it's OK. To ensure we keep our productive bull-like mojo going throughout the rest of the season, it's important to stop and reevaluate by practicing mediations for the May new moon.

While the Taurus season influence in the air might make us want to keep powering through the ruts of productivity, we're actually more likely to meet our goals this spring if we schedule time to stop and think. According to astrologer extraordinaire Kyle Thomas, Taurus isn't the only zodiac giant in play during this new moon, "Venus rules this new moon and it is in fiery Aries at this time, making us be bolder in our pursuit of pleasure, love, romance, or luxury." Meaning, we're going to be stretched pretty thin with our Taurus desires to work like crazy and our Aries desire to live it up. A little meditation will help us find the balance that keeps life interesting and productive at the same time.

May's new moon is the perfect opportunity to enforce some inward thinking. According to Thomas, "it's one of the best new moons of 2019, as we have been in a rocky period before. This is all about abundance and creating tangible results in our lives," and I think we can all agree we're here for results.

The new moons invisible but powerful energy will make it easy to turn inward and see things in ourselves and our personal lives that are harder to see during other parts of the month. The moonless sky will allow us to focus without distraction on what's really going on. Moving forward, well be refreshed and reinvigorated when we didn't even realize we needed this kind of quiet evaluation. Here are some meditations that will be most helpful during May's new moon, creating lasting change that will carry fourth through the rest of the lunar cycle:

Change Is Possible Meditation

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that change is possible and that it's not always linear. Often, when we take side steps, we convince ourselves that we're not on a forward moving path, when really, we are. This meditation will help you see the bigger picture and realize that so long as you're envisioning change, you're making it.

Work Life Affirmation Meditation

It's easy to get overwhelmed by work, especially when there's a lot of of it and you can't see the end in sight. This meditation will help you to reduce your anxiety and see more clearly. Likely you're making more progress than you realize. Taurus energy is incredibly productive and you're going to make big strides this month, it just might take some time to see it.

New Moon Meditation

This May 2019 new moon meditation will help you turn inward even when your attention feels powerfully outward. It can be hard to quiet the mind and slow things down to a speed in which you can be reflective and this meditation will help you get there faster.

Dream Manifestation Meditation

If you're feeling really tempted during this new moon to lose sight of the hard work you were previously invested in you're not alone. And while it's totally OK to indulge in a little bit of hedonism this new moon, you have to keep a finger on your your work goals, too. You've worked too hard to blow it all off for some fun with friends, so to keep focused, follow along with this dream manifestation meditation.

Taurus Relief Meditation

If all of that Taurus energy is stressing you out, listen to this relaxing meditative music to balance it out. This frequency will help your mind to slow down to a functioning speed that will allow you to meditate peacefully, or work with less stress on your shoulders. Alternatively this is a great piece to listen to if you want to take a mid-day nap.