Fenty's New Primer Is Here To Get You Through The Heat Wave Because Rihanna *Knows*

Unpopular opinion: I HATE the heat. This week it was my birthday on none other than the second hottest day recorded in UK history ever, so you can imagine just how un-pumped I was for that given this information. While I think I heard the words "you've lucked out on the weather for your day!" about 50 thousand times, I was secretly hating it all day long. Luckily, I discovered a few new beauty products to help survive a heatwave, which if you feel the same way as me, may just be worth investing in before the next super hot wave of weather hits us.

Included in this mini round up is products for the face, body and hair, all of which have some kind of benefit to help when it's sweltering.

There is a mattifying primer from beloved beauty brand Fenty Beauty, which will ensure makeup lasts just that tiny bit longer (SULA: sweaty upper lip alert, is definitely a thing), and a calming lip gloss (yes, really) for your face, as well as a limited edition face mist to keep things cool.

There's also a couple of fragrances chucked in there, both for the body and the hair, to make sure you are smelling fresh and just for good measure.

Keep reading to learn more about the new beauty products that will help you survive a heat wave. You can thank me later...