5 New Books Out This Month Promising LOLs, Life Skills, & Everything In Between

I always like to finish the book I am reading throughout December before New Year's Eve. Like new pjs, deleting your exes number, and waking up a little bit worse for wear it seems like the right way to start the New Year. This means that I left Michelle Obama’s Becoming in 2018 which, if you haven’t read it already will pretty much change your life. Whilst I am mourning finishing Becoming there are, luckily, an abundance of cool books being published this month. So, here are 5 new books out in January 2019 which you have to get your hands on.

Whilst all of the Christmas festivities may have passed and the New Year has been and gone, it is still mid-winter which means dark afternoons, cold winds, and cosy evenings with a blanket by the fire. Books get me through this time of year. I don’t even feel a little bit bad about turning down nights out if I know I have a good read and purifying face mask waiting for me at home. It is self-care after all. If you are in need of a little book inspiration to kick start 2019 here are the five books to keep your eye out for.


'Just Eat It' by Laura Thomas

No matter how strong you are, it is difficult to get away from toxic, unrealistic New Year's resolutions at this time of the year. Enter Laura Thomas and Just Eat It. Described as the anti-diet book, Just Eat It aims to give readers the tools to eat intuitively and develop a positive relationship with meal times. She also looks into exercise addiction and the way people use restriction as punishment, and Thomas also talks about focusing on other aspects of life in the way that we fixate over diet. Whatever your relationship with exercise and food, Thomas is such a breath of fresh air.

Just Eat It by Laura Thomas will be available from Jan. 10


'Dry Hard' by Nick Spalding

Nick Spalding gave us the sheer delights that were Checking Out, Mad Love, and Bricking It and he is about to publish another book, Dry Hard. Have you heard of Dry January? Well this story follows a couple who like a tipple. Their daughter films some of their drunk exploits, uploads them online, and to everyone’s horror, the video goes viral. In a last ditch attempt to save face, Scott and Kate attempt to give up booze completely. As the family follow their progress, #dryhard becomes a phenomenon. Whilst the novel is hilarious, it also explores what it is like to be part of a marriage where you feel you don’t know the other person sober anymore. The perfect page turner to get you through a winter evening.

Dry Hard by Nick Spalding will be available from Jan. 8


'An Edited Life' by Anna Newton

Do you ever feel like you need to gather up all of the unworn clothes and clutter in your bedroom and finally take them to the charity shop, but you aren’t really sure how to go about it? Because same. However, YouTuber and influencer extraordinaire Anna Newton has your back. Making quite the name for herself as being the queen of all things organisation, you only have to watch one of her capsule wardrobe videos to want to have her come over to your house and sort your life out. She shares all of her secrets, tips, and tricks to overhauling your life in her new book and all in time for the New Year. I have been hooked on Newton's YouTube channel for years and I have no doubt that An Edited Life is going to be amazing. Also, look at that cover — serious coffee table book goals.

An Edited Life by Anna Newton will be available from Jan. 10


'The Winter Of The Witch' by Katherine Arden

The third instalment of the Winternight Trilogy will be released in Jan 2019 and if you like all things mystical then this is definitely for you. The tales follow Vasya and Morozko as they go on a perilous adventure to save the world from evil. The Winter Of The Witch is the third and last instalment in the trilogy and sees the pair travel to Russia to save the land from demons and a tyrannical ruler. If you fancy sinking your teeth into this novel, you will definitely want to read The Bear and the Nightingale and The Girl in the Tower first. That’s the whole of January's reading sorted, then.

The Winter Of The Witch by Katherine Arden will be available from Jan. 10


'The Radical Sabbatical' by Emma Rosen

This time of year is all about change. Even if you don’t subscribe to the tradition of making resolutions, it is hard not to think about what happened in 2018 and where 2019 might take you. If you are a fan of a yearly “oh dear god what am I doing with my life?” melt down, as I am, then Emma Rosen’s The Radical Sabbatical: The Millennial Handbook to the Quarter Life Crisis was written for you. At 24 years old, Rosen decided to do what scares a lot of us the most — she quit her job with the aim of experiencing 25 different careers before the age of 25. This book is like getting the best career advice you could ever get but written in a way that it sounds like you’re talking to a friend. Witty, massively knowledgeable, and straight talking, The Radical Sabbatical is a must read.

The Radical Sabbatical by Emma Rosen will be available from Jan. 3

So, here are five books to get you through the cold January months and give you a fresh feel to 2019. Whilst I am all for considering proactive change in the New Year, I am also a massive advocate for a bit of self-love, and if that comes in the form of snuggling in your duvet with a good read then these books should have you covered.