Lush Created 5 Hair Treatments For Fall & They're 'Yuge'

by Kali Borovic

When Lush said that they had a bunch of new products coming, they weren't lying. The brand might be getting rid of some fan favorites for 2017, but there's plenty to take their place. According to their Instagram post, Lush create five new hair treatments for fall. If you're looking for hair rescue this fall, the brand has you covered in a Yuge way.

The changing of seasons has brought some change to Lush as well. The brand brought back one of their iconic Hair Treatments and have four more new arrivals along for the ride. There's Hair Doctor for cleansing, Damaged for, well, you know, Marilyn for blonds, and New for scalp repair.

Oh, and they also have one called Yuge that, you guessed it, increases volume. Because the best things in life are pun-related.

Although they originally debuted in the UK, all of the new products are currently available on the Lush website right now. They range between $10.95 and $12.95, which is right in-between the highest and lowest hair items already available. It's a small price to pay for getting your hair ready for fall. There are also seven other Hair Treatments on the website, including Tangled, which will soon be gone for good, according to the brand.

Each of the Hair Treatments comes on a popsicle stick with a solid oil on the end. According to the website, you boil water, pour it slowly over the oil into a bowl, and stir. After that, you leave it on for 20 minutes and then shampoo it out.

Not only is this idea genius, but the packaging is also waste free. Everything from the bag it comes in to the stick it's held on can be recycled. So you can save the planet and get good hair all at the same time.

The Hair Treatments aren't the only newness coming your way, either. The brand currently released Jelly Face Masks as well. They have the same all-natural, cleansing power of their previous masks, but in a new formula. Basically, it's a Shower Jelly for your face.

You have plenty of time to save up for all the new and exciting items at the shop. All of the new launches will be available throughout the year. Of course, that doesn't mean that they'll always be in stock. I'd get to shopping your favorites now, while you still can.