Glossier's New Zit Stick Is Here To Solve All Your Skincare Emergencies


There's something that kind of sucks about when you see a beauty product launch over in places like the U.S., and you know you can't get your hands on it over here yet. This much can definitely be said for the Glossier Zit Stick, which launched last year over with our American friends, and we had yet to have access to our version. Finally this week saw the introduction of the product to the UK Glossier line, and I couldn't be more excited. This, along with these over new beauty products out this week, have got me saving up my pennies.

Glossier's Zit Stick is the ultimate product for the worst of skincare emergencies. Picture this: you wake up to a surprise spot, which has arisen the day of an important meeting, party, or other occasion. Having a product to reach for like this new addition is invaluable, particularly if it costs less than £15.

As well as Glossier's new skincare marvel, there are several other new additions I have been getting excited for. For one, Lush's newly reformulated eyeliners are an example of how beauty can really be fun. The pigmented formulas are housed in little glass bottles, and need to be painted on with a brush, making the whole process feel a bit like an art project.

Next up is two new skincare bits: an exfoliator for people who don't like exfoliating from Murad, and a wow-worthy new eye cream from affordable brand The Inkey List, which will save your dark under eye circles.

Last but not least is a brand new pillow mist, which actually has me wishing the cold winter nights would come sooner so I can get real cosy!

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