Futuredew From Glossier Is An Oil/Serum Hybrid That Promises A 12 Hour Glow

Glossier Futuredew Product

In terms of the beauty bits I'm currently picking up, everything definitely has a early Christmas feel. Usually, it takes a while for me to get in the festive mood, but this year I am feeling it almost a little too early. And I think a part of that is down to all the amazing Christmas beauty sets I've been eyeing lately. This week, there's one set in particular that has my seal of approval, as well as four other new beauty products that have launched recently.

These include a new skin barrier protecting formula by Deciem's slightly more sophisticated brand NIOD, and a new addition to the Olaplex line to keep hair looking shiny and feeling nourished. I'm also particularly excited about an entire new skincare range that just dropped in the UK, direct from Japan. I am a huge J-beauty fan, so this affordable brand, which is sold in none other than your local Boots, has me really excited.

Then there's the launch of the week: Glossier Futuredew. Every product that Glossier launches is hyped up, but with this one, the hype is oh so real. The best product I've tried from them in a long time, this formula is the most glowy, radiant thing you will ever lay eyes on, and your skin will look brighter and more reflective than ever before (trust me, that's a good thing).

So without further adieu, here are the best new beauty launches out thi week: