5 New Trader Joe's Items That Aren't Food, But Are Still Huge Hits

Trader Joe's

I'm always so busy salivating over Trader Joe's roasted plantain chips (I make no apologies) that I almost forget Joe carries many other things to obsess over. If you're wondering what's cooking in 2019, I've rounded up a list of five products Trader Joe's has launched in 2019 that aren't food. And like everything else in the store, you're going to want to buy all of it with the money you don't have.

Something happens when you step inside your local Trader Joe's. It's like an invisible force takes over, and you lose any semblance of self-control. The angel on your one shoulder mysteriously disappears. Meanwhile, the devil on the other shoulder is all, "Do it. Buy the falafel wrap. DO IT!" You spend a solid 20 minutes in the skincare section and can hear your mother's voice in your head: "You don't need tea tree oil face wash. You don't even wash your face!" You buy it anyway, because what does your mom know about skincare?

And Joe certainly knows how to tempt you with those plants when you first walk in the store. You don't cook with basil. You don't even like the taste of basil. But yes you need a basil plant. It's 2019! How can you not have a basil plant? This is going to photograph beautifully for your Instagram page.


If you want to wave bye-bye to a little more of your paycheck but don't really need more bags of roasted plantain chips (JK, because you always need more bags of roasted plantain chips), here five other items you can buy from Joe that launched this year that you can't eat... although you might want to anyway.