These Beauty Easter Eggs Are The Perf Stand In When You've Had Enough Of Chocolate


Chocolate Easter eggs may have been your favourite childhood treat, but, as you venture further into adulthood, you may be falling out of love with the sickly stuff. Brands are responding appropriately, releasing cheese eggs, Marmite-flavoured formulas, and even one complete with a bottle of pink gin. But beauty Easter eggs are my pick of the bunch.

Whether you're an avid user of skincare, makeup, or hair products, you're in for a treat. Some have opted to stick solely to one category (think a chick-coloured compact full of eyeshadows) while others are trying to entice you with several products that combine all three categories.

Lookfantastic's giant selection has to be one of the best. Filled with seven separate products, you can gift an egg to each of the loved ones in your life, hold an adult-friendly Easter egg hunt, or just save them all for yourself. Glossybox's mega design is also worth mentioning. With revitalising skincare products, essential makeup, and hair stylers, it's got everything you need for a fresh-faced summer look.

For those on a budget, look to Superdrug. Its fragrance-filled egg definitely doesn't smell cheap, but will only set you back £5. The same goes for I Heart Revolution's makeup extravaganza.

Here's the best beauty eggs on the market.


Choosing just one will be rather difficult.