5 Organizations To Donate To If You Want To Help Fight The Ebola Outbreak

John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For just the fifth time in history, the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency, drawing attention to the Ebola virus outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The now year-long epidemic has infected over 2,500 people in the DRC, and has killed almost 1,700, according to The New York Times. Donating to organizations fighting the Ebola outbreak is a key way to funnel resources to those who need them most, and to support efforts to eradicate the deadly virus.

In fact, your support might be more important than you realized. Labeling the epidemic a global emergency could “help raise international support and release more resources — including finance, health care workers, enhanced logistics, security and infrastructure,” Josie Golding of the Wellcome Trust, a London research charity, told The New York Times. According to the outlet, WHO only has half the money it needs to properly address the outbreak.

Financial donations can help rescue teams respond to the epidemic as quickly and effectively as possible. If you’re concerned about the Ebola outbreak, but not sure how to help, there are many organizations working to assist those at risk in the DRC. The following five organizations are great options if you’d like to contribute.


International Rescue Committee (IRC)

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) consistently earns an A+ from CharityWatch, and is in the top one percent of charities ranked as best by Charity Navigator, according to the IRC's website. Global Ebola Response states that the IRC is a major partner responding to the Ebola crisis, and supporters can make either recurring monthly or one-time contributions.


United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

UNICEF, along with its partners, reached millions of people affected by Ebola during the 2014 outbreak, according to its website. Lifesaving educational materials, medical supplies, and support for children and families are all made possible through donor contributions. Any gift you can make will help shore up UNICEF's efforts to fight the Ebola outbreak.


The International Medical Corps

The International Medical Corps has been on the ground in response to Ebola in West Africa since 2014, and has treated more than 460 Ebola patients between 2014 and 2015. With a staff of over 1,500, the organization is committed to fighting Ebola. If you'd like, you can give monthly donations to help support their ongoing efforts.


The American Red Cross

Red Cross teams are currently mobilizing to respond to the DRC Ebola crisis. According to the organization's website, donations help keep people in the region informed as to how to protect themselves. Teams of volunteers, and American Red Cross medical responders, are also made possible through donations.


Save The Children

On the ground in West Africa since the Ebola crisis was first announced in 2014, Save the Children is committed to responding to the needs of children during widespread health emergencies. Donations are 100% tax deductible, and family tracing, reunification, and access to health care are all made possible through member support, the organization's website states.


No donation is too small, so no matter how much or how little you can give, all contributions made to reputable charities can help fight the DRC Ebola crisis. Organizations depend on donor support to fund their medical services, volunteer teams, and educational efforts on the ground. Whether you offer a one-time donation or monthly contribution, your generosity can make a difference.