5 Outfits For Your First Post-Grad Job That You’ll Actually Want To Wear

When I was in my final semester of college, “adulthood” sounded more like an impending sentence than a liberating chapter in the not-so-distant future. Still, it went hand in hand with chasing my career goals from Florida to New York, and I was definitely ready for that. So I dove headfirst into a media career that combined my interests in writing, editing, and fashion.

That transition from college to my first job was exhilarating, but the reality of being a grown adult with real responsibilities was challenging. If you feel lost, there are a few things you can do to make yourself feel more confident.

For me, “dressing the part" went hand in hand with “acting the part." Little rituals as simple as putting on my watch or applying perfume help me get into the right mindset for the day. So even if I slept through my alarm or had to smell-test that blouse on the floor, I could still earn sophistication points for pulling a look together.

In an effort to step into the stylish shoes of adulthood, we’ve partnered with Drive from Citizen to bring you five looks fit for the diverse career paths millennials may follow (if yours isn't below, mix and match them to inspire your own look). It's a natural fit for workplace style, because after all, a watch elevates your adult wardrobe, and pro adulting tip, having one on your wrist ensures you're not checking your phone for the time during meetings.

Whether you’re fetching coffee for your political hero or coding the next best-selling video game, tackling adulthood becomes more manageable when you find joy in the little things, like getting dressed.

1. Game Designer

Elly is wearing: Alice + Olivia jacket; Halogen top; Aritzia pants; Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers; Drive from Citizen LTR watch; Street Level crossbody bag

Where it works: Relaxed office environments, where plenty of common areas filled with couches (or bar stools) call for comfort-focused style.

What I loved: The playful combination of sparkle (bomber jacket) and shine (watch and sneakers) keep this work-ready look whimsical without going over the top.

2. Fashion Assistant

Elly is wearing: Topshop top; Sister Jane miniskirt; ASOS jacket; Steve Madden heels; Dune bag; Drive from Citizen LTR watch

Where it works: Casual but polished spaces, where days are split between deskside appointments and shopping runs.

What I loved: The bag's ability to transform into a backpack-style satchel make it a comfy choice for commuters. Plus, it's roomy enough to fit your flats when you're on the run.

3. Teacher

Elly is wearing: & Other Stories top; Topshop skirt; BP. shoes.

Where it works: The classroom (or any business casual workplace, really, where folks appreciate a colorful palette).

What I loved: At first glance, the skirt appears to be a classic pick, but its asymmetrical cut and unexpected hue give the entire look a modern edge.

4. Production Assistant

Elly is wearing: & Other Stories top; Madewell jeans; Vans sneakers

Where it works: Offices that keep you on your feet — everywhere from air-conditioned sound stages to remote (though picturesque) outdoor locations.

What I loved: The laser-cut weave sneakers were super comfortable, and their matte leather material added a dressier element to the ensemble. Multi-paneled denim shakes up the style, too.

5. Political Aide

Elly is wearing: & Other Stories top; Beltaine pants; Topshop bag; Rebecca Minkoff scarf; ASOS shoes; Drive from Citizen LTR watch

Where it works: Professional work settings with strict dress codes, where personal style requires a little more creativity.

What I loved: The smart but simple tote was big enough to house a cardigan for chilly air conditioned chambers, which allows your scalloped shoulders to break free during a hot summer lunch run.

Sponsored by DRIVE from Citizen.

Photos: Lauren Perlstein; Photo Assistant: Maddy Talias; Hair: Mia Santiago; Makeup: Tiffany Patton; Art Direction and Styling: Jenna Wexler; Design: Dawn Foster