5 Reasons To Watch Harry Potter With Your Family On Christmas Day

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone has their holiday movie standbys: Elf, A Christmas Story, one of those bizarre claymation shorts from the 1970s. But for a good portion of our generation, the film adaptations of Harry Potter hold a special place in their holiday celebrations. Curious as to why you should watch the Harry Potter movies with your family this Christmas?

I'm rarely a fan of comparing movie adaptations of books, and vice versa (though, now that I'm thinking about it, has that ever happened?). Film and literature are such inherently different artistic mediums that yes, of course a story told through a completely new lens is bound to be different. But Harry Potter, since the release of Sorcerer's Stone, has been breaking boundaries and rules and records. Harry Potter wasn't just any old series; J.K. Rowling created a world within which millions of children came of age.

With its magnetic descriptive passages, the Harry Potter series was a natural choice for a big-time film franchise, but at the time, I remember a distinct worry that, regardless of how shiny they were, the movies would never live up to the books. I mean, like, they did, duh, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this article.

They gave us Emma Watson and Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe. They proved as reassuring of the good things in the world as the books did. They are great. They're wonderful. They're special year-round, but they're especially comforting during the holiday season. Here's why:

They remind you of your biological family's importance


The Harry Potter legend is born on a wave of his mother's love. Though the Potter's are not physically there for the series, their memory has a profound impact on their son.

And then there's the Weasley's. Big, loud, loving, very ginger-y - everything I hope to accomplish one day with my own fam.

And the value of your chosen one


Not everyone is born into a kind or good or present family. Some people don't have any biological connections, and that empty spot can prove particularly difficult to deal with during the holidays.

But in his relationship with Ron and Hermione, with Hagrid and Neville and the Weasley's and Sirius Black and Dumbledore, we see an illustration of what a chosen family is and how strong the ties can become.

In fact, one of the main lessons that Harry Potter teaches is the strength we gain from our relationships


We help each other stand up! What are the holidays for if not to celebrate and support one another and the lives we've built? Even if we drive each other crazy most of the time?

And although there's a lot more action and violence then your average "holiday" movie, the good guys win


Even if it seems hopeless. Fierce kindness always wins out.

Plus, wizards and witches KILL the holiday decoration game


IDK, maybe it has to do with, like, magic? Or something? Whatever the reason, they're festive AF.