5 Reasons Why Breakfast Dates Are Super Underrated

Asier Romero/Shutterstock

We're all familiar with The Dinner Date — crisp white tablecloths, wine lists as unpronounceable as they are unaffordable, stilted conversation that you're praying gets truncated by a well-meaning server. In our experience, dinner dates can leave a lot to be desired. That's why we've decided it's high time to *officially* usher in the era of The Breakfast Date.

We know, we know — breakfast is admittedly the least glamorous of the three core meals, and therefore isn't most people's first choice for a potentially ~romantic~ occasion.

Well, get ready to have your mind blown, because we've teamed up with Panera — whose new items on their epic breakfast menu make it our fave spot to rendezvous in the morning — to prove once and for all that breakfast dates are the best dates.

Here's why:

1. You'll be well-rested and fresh-faced

Who wants to go on a date after a long day of working and stressing? Not us.

Meeting a potential boo for breakfast ensures that you'll be straight off a solid night of sleep, looking dewy, and energized enough to wow your date with some very clever conversation.

2. You can wear what you want

One of the biggest stressors before a dinner date is figuring out what to wear. We've torn apart our closets in a fit of panic more times than we'd care to admit.

But here's the thing about breakfast date fashion — it doesn't exist. Anything goes, and we mean anything. Want to wear your work clothes so you can go straight to the office afterward? Perfectly appropriate. Feel like keeping it comfy with leggings and a big sweater? Totally cute.

3. Caffeine makes the heart grow fonder

If we had to pick our favorite thing about the first meal of the day, we'd choose the promise of rich, strong coffee.

So we can't think of any better way to start a day (or a relationship, for that matter) than sipping this nectar of the gods across from a potential flame. Plus, it's basically impossible not to fall head over heels for anyone who buys you a cold brew.

4. Breakfast food > all other food

The thing about breakfast is that it takes all of our favorite elements from lunch and dinner — like eggs, freshly baked bread, creamy avocado — and puts them together in a magical way that no other meal can replicate.

And speaking of magical, between the new breakfast wraps (Chipotle Chicken, anyone?), sandwiches, pastries, and soufflés, choosing Panera for the first meal of the day provides familiar comfort and unmatched deliciousness, which is exactly what we're looking for on a date.

5. It's easy to cut short if you're not having fun

One of the (many) problems with dinner dates is that they have a tendency to drag on. One course leads to another, there's the dessert discussion, and then your date asks if you want to grab a nightcap. Extending a date is great...unless you're totally not vibing with the person.

Breakfast dates, in comparison, can be easily ended with a simple "gotta run!" and no awkwardness or hurt feelings. The sheer convenience of being able to have a date at your pace — whether that means meeting for a quick coffee on the go or sitting down and settling in — makes *all* the difference.

And if you are feeling the person across the table from you? Well, in that case, there's always another coffee refill waiting for you.

This post is sponsored by Panera.