5 Royal Wedding Traditions Meghan Markle Is Breaking That Are Totally Outdated

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's not every year that an American marries into a royal family. Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry is a modern-day Grace Kelly situation, which I am totally living for. (Kelly, if you don't recall, was an American actress who was married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco from 1956 until her death in 1982.) Speaking of ~modern~, there are a handful of royal wedding traditions Meghan Markle is breaking as she plans her nuptials to Prince Harry. She's not wreaking havoc on tradition by any means, but she's staying true to her personality, and, it seems, ensuring her wedding does too. Finding authenticity in a wedding where traditions are rigid (and sometimes outdated) while also paying respect where respect is due is a balancing act. And some things these days might not hurt from a little updating.

Markle is not your everyday, fairytale-imagined princess. For starters, have you seen her rock a pantsuit? Have you watched her impassioned speeches at the United Nations? The soon-to-be royal is changing the game and making royal life seem approachable, in a good way. Above all, you have to respect that fact that even with strict protocols to follow and a literal Queen to impress, the woman sticks to her true self. It's worth bowing down for.

What will we see when the world tunes in for this grand wedding? Probably a perfect production of bliss mixed in with modern touches that really show Markle's personality. For instance, you might see some different variations of flowers in the bouquet. That doesn't seem like a rebellious move — and breaking these traditions is surely not with the intention to rebel — but if a color other than white finds it way into the bridal bouquet, that will certainly be different and totally original.