5 Secrets To Eating Well On Mornings When You Have Literally No Time


Hitting the snooze button in the morning can feel great in the moment — but there’s literally nothing worse than starting your day off behind schedule. Not only do you need to shower, get dressed, and prep for a full workday, but you need to do it *all* in record time. And when I’m feeling frazzled and rushed first thing in the morning, I tend to forget about the most simple, essential details that ensure I have a successful day ahead — like grabbing a cup of coffee, packing the sneakers I need for my post-work run, and the *most* important thing: eating a well-rounded breakfast.

Heading into a jam-packed day without coffee is a scary thought, but skipping breakfast entirely can be an even bigger headache, both figuratively and literally.

So, what’s worse? Passing on breakfast or gobbling up a greasy, nutritionally-void fast food meal? Well, here's the good news — you don't have to choose!

We’ve partnered with Panera to prove that you don't have to compromise on breakfast, even when you're pressed for time. Here are five better-for-you solutions to eating well on those mornings when you have literally no time.

1. Turn your team meeting into a breakfast meeting

Team meetings first thing in the morning always seem like a good idea — that is, until you’re rushing to make it to the boardroom in time. Next time you find yourself racing the clock as a room full of employees waits on your arrival, do yourself a favor and turn your meeting into a breakfast one.

Panera makes it easy to order delicious and balanced eats like breakfast wraps, smoothies, and steel-cut oatmeal directly to your office so you can have your breakfast (meeting) and eat it, too.

2. Optimize your work commute

Let’s be real — commutes test your patience, time management skills, and your ability to keep cool under pressure. To ensure you eat well on rushed mornings, find a local breakfast spot en route to your workplace — like a Panera with Rapid Pick-Up — so you can grab a hearty meal without losing any precious time.

3. Keep an emergency stash at work

It always pays to have a backup plan. Whether that means stashing oatmeal packets in your desk drawer, stockpiling frozen food in your office fridge, or keeping a collection of granola bars in your bag at all times, having some snacks stowed away is a great solution for holding you over until you can find enough time to grab food.

4. Order breakfast straight to your desk

At the height of a stressful morning, leaving the task at hand in search of food just isn’t an option. Ditch those thoughts of ordering from fast food eateries — you don’t need to feel bloated and sluggish for the rest of the day. Instead, choose a better-for-you venue that delivers, so you’ll be able to fuel up and power through your morning without skipping a beat

5. Switch up the setting for your next one-on-one

Got a one-on-one first thing in the morning you can’t miss? Why not take it outside the office and invite your colleague out for breakfast or coffee? Not only will it give you a change of scenery from the office, but it could also inspire a more open and collaborative conversation. And whether you’re looking to bond with a supervisor or a subordinate, you can’t go wrong by sharing a meal. Just make sure you respect the time constraints of your discussion and choose a place that will serve you quickly without compromising quality.

This post is sponsored by Panera