5 Signs Of An Eye Callus You Should Be Aware Of


You probably know what the signs you're developing calluses on your hands or feet are. For instance, the rough skin is a dead giveaway. But hands and feet aren't the only places you can get calluses. Eye calluses are also a thing — and there are some telltale signs you have an eye callus that everyone with eyes should know. I'm talking things like blurred vision, redness, and eye pain.

Eye calluses and ulcers can develop as a result of extended wear contact lenses, air pollution, too much direct sunlight, smoking, or bad hygiene, i.e. not washing your hands and then touching your eyeball. Eye health is not something most people spend a lot of time thinking about until a problem develops, and even then it seems pretty low priority. I mean, who hasn't had a little eye irritation from time to time? I live in Los Angeles, and every year when the Santa Ana winds blow, the dust and debris swirling through the air makes me rub my eyes so much that they almost swell shut. Despite this, I never once considered that this could lead to something as horrifying as an eye callus. Same? Here are signs you have an eye callus but don't know it.