5 Times You Need A Little Extra Stretch From Your Jeans

There are plenty of times in life when we could all use a little more flexibility (and we aren't just referring to work deadlines). We're talking about situations that call for actual, bendable motion. Whether sprinting out of a coffee shop door, full drink order in tow, or bending down to greet a friendly pup on the sidewalk, making moves is way easier if your outfit can roll with the punches. And while it may be tempting to reach for that elastic pair of yoga pants in situations like these, we're here to give a shout-out to real pants that work just as well on the couch as they do in the office.

That’s where stretch denim comes in. We’ve partnered with DENIZEN from Levi's jeans to bring you five everyday moments where you could use a little more flexibility — and the squat-, sit-, and stand-able looks that go along with each. Because these jeans move with you, there's no annoying pinching, bagging, or stretching out by lunchtime. So although we can’t do much for extending the due date on that big pitch you have to give your boss, we can help ensure your outfit has as much style — and wiggle room — as possible.

1. Your Hands Are Full

Jasmine is wearing Modern Skinny Jeans in Sabrina by DENIZEN.

You're the master of multitasking, and it starts bright and early with the morning coffee pickup. Your jeans should be on your level, too, by keeping up (and keeping shape), moving with you throughout the work day (whirlwind morning commute included), and a offering a comfy mid-rise high enough to prevent shirts from untucking themselves. That's pretty much an office essential, right?

2. You Want To Lounge In Style

Kylie is wearing High Rise Ankle Straight Jeans in Sunny by DENIZEN.

If you didn't fully stretch out — starfish style — on the carpet before bending and twisting into your comfiest reading position, were you even really lounging? To make those nights in feel sweatpants-level cozy, lay it all out in soft, high-rise jeans that ensure there'll be no tugging or rearranging as you dive into your next chapter.

3. You're Tending To Your Greenspace

Jasmine is wearing Modern Slim Cuffed Jeans in Illusion by DENIZEN.

Keeping plants alive is a full-time job, especially if you've graduated from succulents. One green-thumb technique to embrace is the "ceiling stretch" (aka reaching to water that fern hanging way up there). When you're on your tippy toes, your jeans should reach with you, which makes stretchy denim an absolute must. Add a cuffed hem and a slouchy sweater, and you can easily transition from watching your garden grow to watching the next docuseries in no time.

4. You're "Five Minutes Away!"

Kylie is wearing Modern Slim Jeans in Georgina by DENIZEN.

Ah, the just-have-to-put-my-shoes-on leg hike. It usually follows an "I swear I'm five minutes away!" text and precedes a mad dash out the door. Whether you're lunging on an ottoman to get that heel on or buckling a strap through sheer willpower, this is another stylish moment that calls for flexibility from your jeans. If acrobatics typically factor into your shoe fastening, find yourself some denim that gives a little without losing its form-fitting shape before you even leave the house.

5. You Spot Your Neighbor's Dog

Jasmine is wearing Modern Boot Cut Jeans in Marissa by DENIZEN.

We can't think of a more important moment to be prepared for than bumping into your neighbor's adorable sidekick. Be ready for impromptu doggie-nose boops in super stretchy denim with a mid-rise fit that doesn't dip when you do. A dark wash makes the pair even more versatile, so you can dress them up or down for any weekend look you're feeling.

This post is sponsored by DENIZEN from Levi’s jeans.

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