5 Tips For Making Your Summer Picnic Last 'Til Sunset

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If you're currently eating most of your meals inside, you're simply doing it wrong. Whether you're taking your food out to your friend's roof, setting up shop at a music festival, or carting it to a park, summer was made for picnics.

During the warm months, there's simply no bad time to load up a bag, unfurl a blanket, and sit cross-cross applesauce while eating a sumptuous spread with your best friends. On your lunch break? Perfect time for a picnic! Running to the beach with your buds? Also a great time for a picnic! Is it your birthday and also just a very nice day? Girl, go out and get your picnic life!

But when it comes to having a truly next-level picnic that can last all day, there are certain cardinal rules you'll want to follow. First off, you want to provide yourself with a bit of variety — food wise and location-wise. Also, you'll want to be smart about your setup. And when in doubt, bringing a game is always a good idea.

If you needed any picnic inspiration, we've teamed up with Barefoot Spritzer Cans to advise you on how to have the most ~refreshing~ and long-lasting summer picnic this season. Can you make your picnic last the whole day? #YeahYouCan with these helpful tips.

Don't Forget Your Blanket

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This one might sound a little obvious, but let the first who's ever committed the cardinal picnic sin of "forgetting a blanket" cast the first stone. In any event, the first rule of picnicking is insulating your food from the ground. You can opt for a cute checkerboard design as I did, or literally just find any thick-ish sheet to lay down underneath you.

Compile A Balanced Spread

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It can be tempting to throw seven types of chips into a bag and call it a picnic. But if you're gonna be out in the sun all day talking and making merry, you'll want to hit the 5 food groups and keep your energy up. Hit protein, give yourself a starch, and finish off with some fruit to nibble on at the end. Your full stomach will thank you.

Find Your Shade

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You obviously need a healthy dose of Vitamin D for summer, but you don't want to overdo it with sun. The longevity of your picnic depends on finding some shade, so keep that in mind when you're setting up camp. Bring along a hat or umbrella to protect yourself. Or, when in doubt, just curl up underneath a tree!

Bring A Game Along

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Obviously, the sparkling conversation of your friends is enough to keep you going for hours. But who doesn't love to supplement the entertainment of your besties with a nostalgic game you used to play as a kid? Checkers, Chess, or Scrabble will really fire the gang up. But when in doubt, throwing a simple deck of cards in your purse is enough to keep the gang out on a lawn 'til the sun goes down.

Ditch The Corkscrew

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No sit-down smorgasboard is complete without an adult beverage to wash it down. But if you can leave the corkscrew and the heavy bottles at home, you have the advantage. Consider switching to canned beverages, which are light and require absolutely no tools to open! Barefoot Spritzer Cans are a great option, and come in 4 tasty flavors.

Now, get out there and toast to summer! And definitely feel free to share photos of you and your friends enjoying your summer with Barefoot Spritzer Cans on social media with the hashtag #YeahYouCan!

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