5 Tools That Make Styling Your Hair Easier & Faster

On a scale of one to achieving the perfect cat eye, a DIY blowout ranks pretty high up there in terms of difficulty. What seems like a simple and snappy feat at the salon is almost never easily replicated in real life. We're all constantly on the search for tools that make styling your hair faster.

You know how it goes... Either you weren’t awake enough to properly condition first thing in the morning, or a giant knot required intricate (and time consuming) unraveling. Maybe you were still battling with your round brush five minutes before you needed to leave for work. Bottom line: a LOT can go wrong in the pursuit of perfectly blow-dried locks. The possibilities are endless.

When all is said and done, far more goes into a good blowout than just the simple act of drying. We’ve teamed up with Conair to bring you 5 essential items that will make your blow-dry speedier and the end result extra Insta-worthy.

A Really Great Brush


Let’s start with both the most obvious and most essential tool: the hairbrush. The Conair® Ultimate Root Booster Medium Round Brush lifts your hair right at the roots, making that celebrity hair-level of volume more attainable than you could ever guess.

A Dedicated Hair Towel


Cut out frizz from the get-go. Ditch the shower towels that’ve been pulling double duty and invest in a hair towel. Simply wrap and tuck wet hair and let the ultra gentle wicking material do the work for you. Your hair will dry quickly, cutting down on styling time. Plus it’ll help you avoid split ends and breaking. Pro tip: use the extra hands-free time to put on your makeup or whip up a breakfast smoothie.

A Heat Protectant


Since a blowout involves... well, actual heat, it’s important to prep your strands beforehand. Michaella Blissett, CEO of Brooklyn-based [salon]718, recommends using a heat-protecting serum like Sérum Thérapiste by Kerastase that will protect your hair and bind split ends before you get down to business.

Sturdy Hair Clips

Salon Guys

To get a smooth and even blowout, you need to divide your hair into sections. That means hair clips! Make sure your hair clips can hold a lot of hair and won’t crimp your style. I'm talking literally. You don't want a clamp leaving a dent in your otherwise sleek strands.

Make It Last


Your blowout looks amazing — now what? Aside from sending that oh-so-casual Snapchat to your ex (we support it), the final thing to do is extend the life of your blowout. Blissett recommends working a heat lotion into your routine that will maintain the memory of your blowout, making sure it lasts far into that midweek happy hour.

This post is sponsored by Conair.

Images: Pexels (1); Designs: Mary Blount/Bustle