This Adele Eyeliner Tutorial Has 9 Important Tips For Taking Your Cat Eye To The Next Level — VIDEO

You know that winged eyeliner tutorial that Adele fans have been dreaming about for years? Well, it's finally here. Adele's makeup artist filmed a makeup tutorial with YouTuber Lisa Eldridge, and it's every bit as fabulous as you would imagine. The 23-minute long video doesn't just show how to get the perfect cat eye either. It gives tips all along the way for a fabulous full face of makeup. Time to get out some paper and a pen, because you're going to want to take some notes.

When Adele's latest album, 25, came out, people were not only in complete awe of her singing, but the gorgeous photo on the front. With minimal makeup and the most perfect winged liner you've ever seen, the cover look instantly became her signature. Since then, people have been completely obsessed with how to get such flawless liner, and now the secrets are out.

Although she didn't star in the YouTube video herself, the man behind the perfect liner filmed the holy-grail of all makeup tutorials for Eldridge's channel. In the video, he explains everything from how to get perfectly adhered lashes to long-lasting liner. Even if you're totally over the winged liner look, there are tons of other makeup tips jam packed in the 23-minute tutorials.

According to the video, Michael Aston has been doing Adele's makeup for nine years now. "This is a really lovely example of a performer working with a makeup artist to collaborate on a signature look," Eldridge says in the video. It doesn't get much better than this, people! When I first heard the tutorial was out, I expected it to be your typical step-by-step look, but this is way more than I imagined. Aston goes slowly through all the steps and give little tips along the way, which is why the video is so long. Here's some of the best tips that he gives throughout the tutorial.

1. Prime With A Darker Color For Depth

Ashton doesn't prime with your typical clear primer. Instead he uses a MAC Paint Pot to get a little more depth.

2. Prime Underneath Your Eye

This is so simple that I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. Using a small brush, Ashton primes underneath the eye so liner sticks better.

3. Apply Liner To The Back Of Your Hand

To get a more controlled application, the artist suggests wiping the liner on the back of the hand before applying with the brush. This dries it out a bit, so it's easier to work with.

4. Stretch The Eye To Avoid Creasing

Starting at the middle of the eye, Ashton stretches the eye as he applies the liner to get a straight line with no creasing.

5. It's All About The Pressure

The most complicated part of any liner is getting the end to be pointed just right. To get an Adele level wing, don't press as hard when you get to the end. Just let your brush do the work.

6. Clean Up The Line With A Cotton Swab

Ashton uses a little bit of Bioderma Makeup Remover on a cotton swab to clean up the wing with ease.

7. Use Black Lash Glue

The makeup pro suggests using black lash glue so that you get a completely seamless makeup look. It goes on like a white paste, but dries black to match the liner.

8. Apply Mascara To Bottom Lashes With A Fan Brush

To keep bottom lashes looking as natural as possible, Ashton uses a fan brush to apply the mascara. No clumping here!

9. Add Another Layer Of Liner

The last step in the Adele eye is to apply another layer of liner. This time, instead of putting it on the back of the hand, Ashton uses a wet liner to give it more intensity.

Ashton makes it look so easy!

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