5 Tricky Fall Style Trends That Are Surprisingly Easy To Wear

Here at Bustle, we firmly believe that the phrase "I can’t pull that off" is actual nonsense. Prints, patterns, fabrics, necklines, silhouettes—there’s no reason to consider any element off-limits. Have you ever told yourself: "That style would never work on me" or "I’d 100 percent look ridiculous in those sleeves"? Well we say toss those self-doubts in the garbage. OK, maybe you love yourself in certain colors (ahem…black) over others. We all have our personal style comfort zones, and that is perfectly fine. But when it comes to experimenting with new trends, you might surprise yourself with how easy even the trickiest ones are to wear.

We’ve partnered with Marshalls to bring you five looks — all styled to highlight some of our favorite fall trends that you can snag at their nearest store — that prove fashion risks are definitely meant to be taken. Whether you’ve been eyeing some denim jackets or wondering how to incorporate more velvet into your life, we’ve got all the style inspo needed to embolden you on your next shopping trip. Not only will you be surprised by all the variety and great deals you’ll have to choose from, but you may also find "I can’t pull that off" never makes it into your thoughts again.

Trends: oversize denim and bright red

When it comes to denim, you've got the trend (oversized) and the classic (jacket). Sometimes the easiest way to wear one is by combining it with the other, like eating carrots with ranch. The "oversize denim [jacket] is always fun to wear out with friends or on a date, because you can pull it off your shoulders, and it's cute but still warm," says stylist Annebet Duvall, who styled the one above with a shoulder bag wrapped around the waist as a fanny pack. As for those bright red pants? They key to this trendy color is keeping the overall look minimal: vibrant bottoms with a simple white tee on top, says stylist Sophie DuBow.

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Trends: menswear-inspired; denim-on-denim

You might as well spell fall F-L-A-N-N-E-L. What's cozier or fall-ier than a plaid flannel button-up over faux leather pants? "As a plus size, tall gal, I have always searched the men's department for everything from belts to jeans for myself and for female models for photoshoots," says stylist Rachel Gilman. "When I wear a flannel shirt, I will buy it a size up and tie it at the waist. The key to wearing men's clothing is playing with proportions and not using it to hide all of your curves." Although the look above isn't actually from the men's department, the oversize flannel and military bomber do nod to that inspiration — while belting the top and keeping the bottoms fitted and snug keep the proportions in check.

Denim-on-denim is also in full swing, but the look isn't as tricky as you might have thought. In fact, it's pretty versatile. "It's a base for anything," says Duvall. "You can switch your whole look up if you just do denim-on-denim. Make sure they're different enough so it doesn't look like you’re wearing a jumpsuit — dark on the bottom is usually better. And then layering on a tailored sportcoat or cool bag or shiny shoe — you can pull off anything, as long as that’s your base."

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Trend: metallic

Wearing something metallic gets all the shiny-trend points, and it's definitely a look that isn't shy. So "if you're going to commit to a metallic piece, make sure it’s an important piece, like a jacket or a blazer or a pant," says Duvall. Just keep everything else, well, not shiny. "If you’re going to wear a shiny bomber, wear a cool black denim or a pretty dark denim," says Duvall. "And if you’re going to wear a shiny pant, wear it with a white or gray T-shirt so it's balanced."

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Trend: bold florals

Florals are a perennial (see what we did there?) favorite in the world of fashion trends. This season, the bolder they are, the better. Before you think there's no way you could wear giant flowers on your clothes, though, hear us out. "I absolutely love florals," says DuBrow. "The best way to pull them off is to make sure the rest of your outfit is not too overwhelming. Florals definitely add some drama to a look, so the key is to make sure the other colors you wear with it complement the pattern."

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Trend: velvet

Maybe it's the way it brings up nostalgia for spaghetti strap dresses, or maybe it's just how freaking comfy it is, but we are all about velvet. Wear on the top. Wear it on the bottom. Wear it on your shoes. It's really not that tricky at all. Just keep the silhouette sleek, like a slim-fitting cardigan. And wherever you wear it, Duvall recommends sticking with one velvet piece per look. Wear it with denim because that always makes it more causal.

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Images: Grace Huang. Hair: Roland Brummer; Makeup: Clelia Bergonzoli; Stylist: Annebet Duvall; Art Direction: Dana Leonetti/Bustle. Editor: Elly Ayres/Bustle; Senior Editor: Lexi Novak/Bustle.