5 Vegan Meals For Weekly Lunch Prep That'll Get You Through From Monday To Friday

You haven't made lunch for the week ahead again, so you go out and grab a fancy salad, but what might be the occasional treat can easily turn into a bad habit. Learning how to get to grips with vegan weekly lunch prep will save you so much money and means you'll actually have something you want to eat for lunch.

Eating out for lunch every day can get pretty expensive pretty quickly. It starts out as fun and all, but soon you realise that the options for plant-based eaters are super limited still. Before you know it you're eating a pot of hummus and bread for the fourth time that week. But, also, bringing in the same boring lunch every day can become tedious especially for vegans.

Yes food prep does take a bit of forward planning, you're going to have to bulk buy ingredients, make sure you have enough containers for the week ahead, and plan your shopping list strategically — but it will be totally worth it! Not only will weekly vegan lunch prep save you time and money in the long run, but you know exactly what's in your food. Here are five delicious, cheap, and simple dishes to make for the week ahead: