5 Vegan Recipe Books By Black Cooks You Should Be Reading, Because Food Inspiration Awaits

Stocksy / Bonninstudio

For black people considering going vegan or simply trying to eat more plant-based dishes, it might seem like there's little choice for flavoursome recipes from our cultures. But there are so many incredible black vegan cookbooks you should be reading, all of which prove why diversity in the vegan culinary world is so necessary and show how vegan food can be for everyone.

Vegan food might be a bit overwhelming at first, it's difficult to know where to start, what ingredients to use, and the best recipes to cook, especially if you're used to a certain style of food. But plant-based cooking can be enjoyable, fun, and jam packed with flavour. And for those of us who struggle to get inspiration on our own, these cookbooks really will switch up your cooking game.

Simple-to-follow vegan cookbooks by black cooks like these are proving that plant-based food can still be delicious and there is no need to miss out on the home comforts and culinary classics from our cultures. In fact, these cookbooks are illustrating how loads of dishes from Afro-Caribbean cuisines are already vegan-friendly. From musicians to Youtube sensations, these cookbooks are a great place to start your plant-based journey.