5 Ways To Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month has finally arrived, and the most chill of holidays definitely calls for an equally cool celebration. After all, what other frozen treat can really compare to the iconic dessert? It’s so classic, it deserves a full 31 days of recognition. And with the summer season in full swing, appreciation for the icy snack is at an all-time high. It's the perfect time to swap your usual afternoon coffee run for a refreshing soft serve break.

Whether you're a foodie, a social media maven, a style trendsetter, or simply a dessert devotee, there's a celebration method for you. With that in mind, Bustle worked with McDonald's® to bring you our five favorite ways to show love for summer's most delicious frozen treat. Sidle up to your variety of choice (be it a vanilla soft serve, McCafé shake, or McFlurry dessert), and find the coolest ways to have fun during the best month of the year. These ideas are so sweet, you'll be wishing this month could last all year — regardless of the soaring temps outside.

1. Educate Yourself On The Finest Dessert Pairings

Gregory Reid

The next time you’re on a dessert run, take your chilly treat to the next level with an unexpected food pairing. (Fries and shakes, anyone?) Once you’ve discovered your new flavor duo, you’ll have twice the delicious ways to enjoy your favorite snack.

2. Ring In Ice Cream Month With A Dessert-Decked Phone

Gregory Reid

Texting, calling, social-feed scrolling — improve all your favorite phone activities with a case that’s decorated in your go-to dessert. Because your device is always an arm’s length away, a reminder of your fave frozen treat will be, too... and that means soft serve breaks won’t be far behind.

3. Outfit Your Closet In Soft Serve

Gregory Reid

Whether you’re toting your laptop to work or sliding on a pair of comfy kicks, there’s a dessert-themed piece that’s got your back. Share your love for soft serve by wearing it right on your sleeve. And don’t be surprised if your new wardrobe is sprinkled with compliments all month long.

4. Match Your Nails To Your Fave Treat

Gregory Reid

Half the fun of diving into a vanilla cone is the shareable pic you get to snap beforehand. Make sure the frame looks as great as the dessert tastes by pumping up your nail art game — a sugary design will keep the good vibes going long after the soft serve is gone.

5. Add A Little More Flavor To Everyday Items

Gregory Reid

If National Ice Cream Month can enhance dessert time, then why can’t it have the same effect on your day-to-day life? Upgrade all your everyday items, from a simple necklace to a fun bubble wand, with a touch of soft serve. You might find the added flavor makes everything just a little bit sweeter.

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Photos: Gregory Reid; Art Direction: Jenna Wexler/Bustle; Nail Artist: Alicia Torello; Hair and Makeup: Mike Fernandez; Senior Editor: Lexi Novak.