The Hot Link Between GoT And Your Sex Life

Courtesy of HBO

Blending passion and betrayal with otherworldly intrigue, Game of Thrones keeps millions waiting with baited breath each week to watch the drama unfold. And since the show has historically included a heavy dose of carnal engagements, sex and Game of Thrones make perfect bedfellows — whether that means using the show for sensual inspo or indulging in sexy GoT-inspired products.

Throughout the past seven seasons of GoT, the writers have offered us a bevy of intimate encounters, ranging from the cruel and cringe-worthy (Jaime and Cersei anyone?) to the dangerous and delicious (too many to mention). Although some folks have tried to rank the best Game of Thrones sex scenes, your fave really depends on which team you're on. Like, say, if winter makes you come, then Jon Snow and Ygritte's steamy cave romp might top your list, while those who favor redemption narratives and smashing gender roles might prefer Missandei and Grey Worm's most recent coupling.

But whatever makes you want to bend the knee to worship at the throne of desire, the fact remains: Game of Thrones is forever stitched into the fabric of our sexual imaginations, and that's definitely not a bad thing.

Here are five hot links between sex and GoT:


GoT Fans Have More Wild Sex Than Non-Fans

According to a recent Singles In America survey by Match, GoT fans are definitely wildlings in the sack. 29 percent of folks who are entranced by the battle for the seven kingdoms are more likely to have had a friends with benefits relationship, and 26 percent are more likely to have filmed themselves having sex (which is definitely something Tyrion Lannister would have done in his life, if only he had the technology.)


GoT Dildos Are A Thing, Finally

Thanks to the fine craftspeople at Geeky Sex Toys, you can now pleasure yourself with a dildo inspired by none other than Jon Snow's Valyrian steel sword. The Game of Moans dildo is hand made to perfection (like Snow's signature weapon), but unlike Jon's sword, it only causes deaths of the little kind.


GoT Porn Is Plentiful

Like all great media, Game of Thrones has not one but multiple porn parodies. There's Storm of Kings, Queen of Thrones, Game of Bones, the list goes on (and yes, Queen Cersei's name is "Queen Sexcei" in one of them). Although, admittedly, GoT has plenty of action on its own, there's something fun about seeing characters who don't normally tangle tongues getting hot and bothered.


Who Needs The Iron Throne When There's A Dildo Throne?

Everyone is fighting for the iron throne, but what about the just-as-sexy (if not sexier) dildo throne? Sex toy purveyor Bondara gifted one lucky stiff a life size replica of the royal seat made with beauteous, black dildos — but if you're handy enough, who says you can't fashion your own makeshift one at home?


GoT Roleplaying Games Are Everywhere

GoT LARPing is incredibly popular with dozens of sites offering inspo on how to properly take on a character from George R.R. Martin's series and run with it. Add that to the proliferation of porn parodies, and it's easy to upgrade your roleplaying for a bedroom setting.

So if you're looking to add some fire to the ice that is your love life and don't already watch GoT? Season 8 is coming, and soon you will be, too.