These 5 Zodiac Signs May Actually Have Luck Looking For A Job During This Mercury Retrograde

by Brittany Bennett
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If you haven't noticed, Mercury is once again in retrograde. This time, it's from Jul. 7, 2019 to Jul. 31, 2019. Ahead of the entire zodiac are three glorious weeks of travel delays and technological woes thanks to the communication planet's "backspin." These woes can also extend to jobs, and during Mercury retrograde, astrologers typically caution against a career change. However, there are five zodiac signs that should look for a new job during Mercury Retrograde in July 2019, because despite the planet's backspin, luck may be on their site. Besides, it doesn't hurt to check Indeed every five minutes for that dream job. If you're one of these zodiac signs, after you spruce up your resume and edit it — at least five times — this could be the perfect astrological time to look for a new job.

Generally, it's advised to reflect during Mercury retrograde instead of take action on the future. But this reflection could also mean returning to something. Like, a certain career path. Celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Bustle, "Mercury Retrograde is all about the past — returning to old projects, old coworkers, old companies, old bosses. If you're "returning" in any way, you're in luck. This could also be if you're returning to an older industry or career path that you haven't focused as much in recent times upon." Plus, summer 2019's retrograde is uniquely lined up with July's eclipse season meaning ~change is in the office air~.

Seeking a new job could actually deliver you to your best career self during mercury retrograde summer 2019. "Eclipses bring change, whereas Mercury Retrograde wants us to pause before making a change, and this will be a welcomed pause which we can all use to ensure we are stepping forward into a more authentic future, rather than one that is old, overdone, and not for our highest growth," astrology site Forever Conscious wrote. Once Mercury turns direct, you could find yourself in a satisfying new position.


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You might not have to spend all your free time on job boards, Gemini. "You're contemplating ways to bring more money into your wallet, and why shouldn't you? However, some missed checks or hiccups could come up in your business life when Mercury is shivering in this income sector. Revisit an income stream you used to have or find ways you can show your boss how valuable you have been over time," Thomas suggests. A new job could possibly just mean asking for more responsibility, and a raise, in the company you already work for.


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It might not just be a new job you're after but a whole new career. "You have a ton of career energy in the next year, but right now you're considering if you're on the exact right path. Consider ways you can shift that for your highest good and maximum potential. You may even be reconsidering going back to a direction you previously had planned," Thomas tells Bustle. Reflect on what dreams or plans you left behind and determine if it's worth pursuing again.


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Dust off that vision board, Scorpio. It might be time to get back to work. "You're thinking about past projects and career ambitions, have you reached the crown? Consider ways you can go back to people you were building an empire with and catch that spark again," Thomas encourages. Set up a coffee meeting with old co-workers and fellow brainstormers. Don't forget your idea notebook!


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Looking for a new job during Mercury retrograde could mean making sure it works with your lifestyle. "You've been grinding a lot because your mind has been on matters of your work-life balance. With Mercury shaking things up, you're going to be thinking about ways you can bend it more to your will. Find the right flow," Thomas says.


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If you're feeling stuck in a rut, it could be time to seek opportunities to encourage your natural creativity. "When Mercury stirs up your work zone, you'll be feeling the urge to be creative in how you go about your work flow. Spice it up, but do so with inspiration from the past," Thomas suggests. Connect with old friends and co-workers for any leads!